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A Whole Lot’s Happening with Wholefoods


The healthy convenience trend has seen wholefoods enter the mainstream spotlight. No longer are they only used by health fanatics or found in the dark and dusty corner of your local supermarket. Find them everywhere; used in cooking shows, indorsed by celebrities, posted all over social media, in magazines…everywhere!

The increase in exposure, education and awareness that’s behind the trend has improved consumers understanding on what products will help them gain greater health. Wholefoods are marketed to appeal to consumers seeking foods that offer a high level of nutrients, contain nothing artificial, are not genetically modified and are typically organic.

Synthetic supplements are being swapped
for superfoods and wholefood diets,
such as paleo and sugar-free.

Consumers are now looking to replace what may have been offered ten years ago in a synthetic pill, with a chia pudding.

High demand for such foods is only increasing, so more brands continue to enter the wholefood category. With an exploding category, it can be daunting for a retailer to know where to start and which of these brands to stock.

With over 15 years’ experience in consistently producing high quality, top selling wholefood products,  Power Super Foods are recognised as the trusted pioneers of the wholefood category in Australia. Their drive to lead the industry in introducing unique wholefoods to the Australian market has seen them build a trusted name amongst health conscious consumers nationwide.

Since 2001 the 100% Australian owned company have been sourcing the finest and largest variety of organic, vegan, raw, low GI, fair trade, gluten free and dairy free functional wholefoods. These include ever-increasingly popular pantry staples such as chia seeds, cacao, goji berries and maca powder.

Having travelled the globe (over 30 countries), Power Super Foods owners, Paul and Lisa Jordan, were able to search high and low to discover unique, wholefoods that provide energy, enhance wellbeing and reflect the tradition of each
product’s origin.

Their premium quality products are all free of artificial preservatives and colours, synthetic flavourings and additives. All products are packed here in Australia in award winning packaging beautifully designed by artist Jim Tsinganos and art director Karen Klaich. The brand is also well known for their sustainability.

Power Super Foods source their premium products through partnerships with farming communities around the world (Central & South America to Polynesian countries) and strongly follow fair trade practices.

Paying a fair price to farmers to create economic opportunities among indigenous people in developing countries supports the traditions of native agriculture and expands good organic farming practices.

Power Super Foods Blog Posts - Sustainability

Power Super Foods social and environmental responsibility has also seen them carbon offset 1 million kilograms in 2011, in 2012 and again in 2014.

Furthermore, part proceeds are donated annually to many different organisations around the world that are passionate about maintaining a healthy planet including, Sea Shepherd and Thin Green Line. Find out more about their planetary
promise here.

Power Super Foods already offer over 60 high-quality products, but they’re not slowing down. Paul and Lisa Jordan are passionate about sourcing new products,

“We will continue to introduce more and more intriguing functional foods and products as they come to our attention”.

The trusted pioneers put in their all to bring to the market the latest products that help meet consumer’s nutritional needs deliciously, naturally, and simply… all at affordable and accessible prices.

Check out the full range of Power Super Foods’ products and find their new wholesale and recommended retail pricing on our online shop.