Juicing has been huge in the wellness world for years. Purported to cleanse, detox and help reduce inflammation in the body. Juicing has often been seen as a quick way to boost your health.

Today, the demand for food to offer more specific functional benefits paired with our busy on-the-go lifestyles is driving innovation in this space. Consumers not only want health-promoting snacks and drinks, but they want them quickly and easily.

Right on target with this trend, nutrient-rich juice shots provide a natural boost of nutrition in quick grab n’ go bottles.

According to Mintel data, the share of juice shots in total juice launches in Europe has increased sixfold over the past four years.

“These tiny juice shots promise to deliver a quick dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in tasty liquid form. Many of the shots have the new “superfood”, turmeric in them. This relative of ginger has been used for hundreds of years in India, both for flavouring and medicinal purposes and is credited with easing headaches, joint pain, menstrual cramps and boosting the metabolism.”

Functional juice shots were seen everywhere at the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event, Expo West, this month!

Made with pure, concentrated doses of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients, juice shots are promoted as a preventative measure to boost consumers’ overall wellbeing or as a quick way to address specific health issues.

Most commonly, the blends are designed to help boost energy levels, support the immune system, aid digestive health, and help relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Ginger has by far been the leading ingredient when it comes to juice shot innovation. It’s often combined with lemon juice and dubbed as a ‘wonder plant’ for it’s reported benefits in relieving pain and muscle soreness, immune support and lowering blood pressure.

Actress Selena Gomez swears by her daily ginger shot every morning!


So how can you make the most of this craze, even if you don’t have cold storage?

The Ginger People have launched their innovative Ginger Shot with Wild Turmeric in a 60ml shelf-stable bottle. Packed with goodness and tucked neatly into an attractive self-ready CDU, these little gems retail at $4.95 and are loaded with grab n’ go goodness!Ginger Shot with ginger_500x500px

These nutritious shots are appearing in various places in stores, including on shelf next to full-sized grab-and-go juices, in the produce aisle, and in pharmacies either at the counter or as part of a larger natural health and wellness display. Place them front and centre for an enticing upsell that appeals to a wide range of consumers.

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Nutrient-rich organic fermented papaya is the core of all P’URE Papayacare products. They have combined papaya with nourishing skin healthy ingredients including high quantities of 100% natural shea butter, macadamia & essential oils making the entire range effective for many skin conditions.



Why is Papaya so Good for Skin?

Papaya or Paw Paw is one of the best fruits for skin care. Papaya is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes including papain which acts as a gentle exfoliator helping to clear away dry & damaged skin and stimulate skin renewal.

It contains rejuvenating enzymes that gently exfoliate and help restore, moisturise and renew skin making it a traditional, effective remedy for wounds, soothing bites and dry skin.

P’URE Papayacare uses whole Australian papaya fruit which is organically grown in tropical parts of Queensland.  The skin, fruit and seeds of the papaya are fermented to concentrate the ingredients and ensure this skin-loving ingredient is rich in nutrients and gentle on skin, without waste.


What Makes P’URE Papayacare Different to Other Papaya Product Lines?

The P’URE Papayacare range was formulated by naturopaths to find a real alternative to skin care products filled with harsh chemicals.

Many skin care products contain petroleum or mineral oil (derived from petroleum). When these petroleum-rich products are applied to your skin, the petrochemical gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream and bypass the liver’s detoxification process. Once in your body, it builds up and accumulates over time. Petroleum, chemical oils and preservatives inhibit the skin’s ability to breathe and “re-balance” and can irritate sensitive skin.

The philosophy behind PURE is simple:

Create products with high-quality natural ingredients that work and are genuinely good and effective for the skin.

What Other Ingredients are in P’URE Papayacare?

P’URE Papayacare’s brand ethos is Natural By Nature, which is at the core of all their decisions when choosing what to include in their formulas.

Only the highest quality (food grade) ingredients have been purposefully selected for their healing and moisturising benefits including Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil.

Gotu Kola, Tamanu, and Calendula are also added to soothe and decrease inflammation, accelerate healing, calm and nourish the skin.


Looking to provide an all natural, superior alternative to other papaya-based brands? P’ure Papaya looks amazing on the shelf and does wonders for skin. Order your supplies today via the online store!

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The team at My Magic Mud spare no expense when it comes to sourcing the best, active ingredients to give your customers pearly whites, a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

You likely know My Magic Mud as the pioneers in activated charcoal oral care. But when it came to creating the best, activated charcoal oral care range on the market, cofounders Jessica and James Arman were not going to be satisfied until they had created a product that not only contained the highest quality, activated charcoal, but a whole host of natural, tooth-friendly ingredients too!

So what is this unexpected cavity-fighting ingredient?

It’s xylitol! Researched for more than 50 years, it has a strong history in promoting dental health and is completely natural.



What is xylitol?

Xylitol is a “tooth-friendly”, naturally occurring sweetener known as a sugar alcohol. It’s the only known sweetener that actively promotes dental health.

It prevents the formation of cavities in five clever ways:

  1. Prevents the growth of bacteria that cause cavities by blocking their metabolism.
  2. Sweetens food without being a food/energy source for the bacteria that cause cavities.
  3. Remineralizes the tooth enamel.
  4. Helps the body absorb calcium during digestion.
  5. Triggers saliva production which dilutes tooth-decaying acid.

The uniqueness of xylitol is that it is practically nonfermentable by oral bacteria. When consumed regularly, it helps to reduce the number of Streptococcus mutans, a specific strain of cavity-causing bacteria, as well as the amount of plaque on teeth.

Where does xylitol come from?

It comes from the fibre of many trees, fruits, and vegetables with manufacturers typically extracting it from corn husks & cobs, berries, oats, mushrooms, hardwoods, and the leafy stalks leftover from sugar cane.

It’s naturally lower in calories and won’t spike your blood sugar levels like regular table sugar does, making it an amazing sugar alternative for cooking too!


The Disastrous State of Australian’s Teeth

Did you know dental caries (cavities) is the most common disease affecting mankind?

According to the Oral Health Tracker report, 90% of Australian adults have some form of tooth decay, almost three-quarters of children eat too much sugar and more than one-third of five-year-olds have decay in baby teeth!

Luckily, My Magic Mud’s natural oral care range contains a mix of amazing items to help take care of teeth without the use of any added nasties. You’ll find these natural ingredients in their range:

  • Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal – whitens teeth through a process called “adsorption” as opposed to “absorption”. It literally pulls out stains from the pores of the teeth.
  • Bentonite Clay  pulls impurities, toxins, and bacteria from the mouth. It removes plaque with every use and helps rebuild enamel by depositing minerals back into the teeth which helps rebuild the enamel.
  • Diatomaceous Earth –  the abrasive action is gentle enough for teeth but strong enough to remove plaque and tartar. It also promotes healthy tooth enamel which prevents tooth decay and receding gums.
  • Coconut Oil –  a natural tooth whitener and detoxifies the mouth and pulls out impurities.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, and Rosemary Oil – used for their antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.



Bonus Benefits

But hold onto your (biodegradable) toothbrush, the benefits don’t stop there!

My Magic Mud do a brilliant job of naturally supporting healthy teeth and gums, but they also have the environment and animals in mind too.

The range is long-lasting with approximately 150 uses per Tooth Powder tub and 200 uses per Toothpaste tube. The Toothbrushes are earth-friendly using sustainable bamboo and bioplastic, and the entire range is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO!

Need to add a lil’ My Magic Mud magic into your store? Explore the full range and order them online here, or if you’re not yet a Unique account holder, get started here!


According to the most recent SPINS’ analysis, the ‘plant-based’ goods industry is projected to be worth $4.2 billion by the end of 2018 after growing 18 percent in the year ending July 15, 2018.

SPINS estimates that the plant-based sector will grow to $6 billion in sales by 2020, which would be a 100 percent increase over just six years!good-food-insights-8-31-chart1


According to New Hope and SPINS data, the rapid growth of the plant-based product sector has been a four-stage process:

  1. The widespread adoption of the more broadly appealing term “plant-based” for products that often were labeled (or characterized) in the past as “vegan.” Vegan, to many consumers, is a lifestyle completely free of animal-sourced products (or nearly so), which only a small percentage of all consumers have adopted. But a much greater percentage of eaters are seeking more plants and less meat and dairy in their diets, and they have a higher comfort level with “plant-based.”
  2. Rapidly increasing distribution. Overall growth rate appears to be accelerating as products such as these become more available in a greater number of stores. “More retailers are adopting and incorporating plant-based into their assortment sets, and this distribution growth is apparent,” said Dries Zender, a SPINS client growth solutions principal. “Retailers need to pay attention to the plant-based shopper, as they spend 60 percent more in their basket than the average shopper.”
  3. Packaging. Improved packaging that draws attention and makes plant-based alternatives much more appealing.
  4. Successful plant-based products taste good. “You even see plant-based brands that are continuing to innovate with their taste profile,” said Alice Mintz, business growth solutions manager at SPINS. “That’s great, because people are continuously adventuring, and brands are adventuring and they’re trying to offer the best-tasting product. They’re not giving people a reason to step away from plant-based. If anything, it’s giving people a reason to dig further in.”


At Unique, we pride ourselves on our extensive plant-based selection of health and wellness products.

Some of the biggest trends we’re seeing in this particular category include the following:



  • Upton’s Naturals – Real Meal Kits and Marinated Jackfruit are quick and easy options that continue to prove popular.
  • The Gluten Free Food Co – ‘Just add water’ Vegan Mac N Cheez range is a hot seller!



  • CLIF Bar – CLIF Bars and CLIF Nut Butter Bars fuel the adventures of both non-plant-based eaters and vegans alike!
  • The Health Food Guys – A healthy & nutritional raw protein bars range that contains raw superfoods, plus they’re vegan vegan-friendly, gluten and dairy free.



  • East Bali Cashews – This sustainable, fairtrade company produces a range of mouthwatering, plant-based delights in attractive packaging with a great price point!
  • Little Zebra Chocolates & Little Zebra Food Co – Little Zebra Food Co make sugar-free chocolates that feature popular superfoods including hemp seeds! Their Carob Buds are also loved by consumers looking for a delicious caffeine-free alternative.
  • Alter Eco – The always-coveted Alter Eco range has expanded with these plant-based Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters in three incredibly moreish flavours.
  • Manitoba Harvest (featured in header image) – This innovative brand is taking hemp to a whole other level with their Hemp Bites providing a mix of healthful omega-3s and protein for hungry consumers on the run.

Make sure you’re making the most of the plant-based boom by stocking up on these popular products as well as our other collections.

Simply order online anytime! You can select which items are vegan-friendly with a single click of a button (see below)!

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What do you offer your customers when they come in desperate for a natural solution to their acne problem?

Can you confidently recommend an easy-to-use system that’s backed by naturopaths and celebrated by thousands of happy customers around the world?

While various lifestyle factors can contribute to healthy skin, for many acne sufferers, it’s much deeper than that.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and can provide an indication of your underlying wellness and balance. For healthy skin cells to form, the right building blocks are required, so that the skin cells are adequately nourished.

That’s where Skin B5 comes in.


What Are The Key Vitamins & Minerals Required For Healthy Skin?

A number of essential vitamins and minerals are important to maintain healthy skin including:

  • Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) – essential for our ability to cope with stress, and may play a role in healthy sebum production.
  • Zinc – important for normal skin renewal processes while being essential for wound healing and healthy hormones.
  • Vitamin A and Niacin (Vitamin B3) –  deficiencies can result in skin and hormonal problems.
  • Folic acid – deficiency can produce changes in the skin.
  • Folate (Vitamin B9) – adequate levels are required for the synthesis of new cells, which promotes the vital processes of skin turnover, barrier formation, and wound healing.
  • Silica – essential for the strength and resilience of connective tissue is therefore required for the proper integrity of the skin.
  • Copper – important for connective tissue formation and is also involved in the production of elastin and collagen.
  • Biotin – contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

Treating Underlying Causes

If your customers have an underlying deficiency of key vitamins or minerals that are essential for skin and hormone health, treating the skin with creams and washes from the outside will never correct the underlying nutritional requirements for long-lasting effectiveness.

SkinB5 has developed a specific formula that provides a therapeutic amount of essential nutrients required to correct deficiencies that may be seen in those with acne. SkinB5 has combined these nutrients in a tablet form to address imbalances from the inside, where skin problems often start.

Taking a holistic approach, SkinB5 have also developed a moisture balancing cleanser and moisturiser to act on the skin from the outside in.

5 Key Actions of SkinB5

SkinB5 addresses the main root causes of acne, including blackheads and whiteheads by: 

  1. Reducing Skin Oil
    – regulates sebum production
  2. Balancing Hormones
  3. Strengthening the Immune System
  4. Helping to Relieve Stress
    – stress negatively affects hormones and immunity
  5. Cell Renewal
    – helps reduce scarring overtime


SkinB5 skincare products are FREE of:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Silicones
  • Mineral Oils, Diethanomaline (DEA)
  • Animal Products
  • Nano Particles

The warmer weather can wreak havoc on skin so if you haven’t considered the Skin B5 skincare range before, now is the perfect time to add it to your shelves.

Order the full product selection for your store via our online shop or give our friendly sales team a call on 1800 787 904. Not yet registered with us? Sign up here!


Your shelves are stocked and the aisles are clean but what do your customers see when they get to the register? Transform your countertop into a cash cow with these simple but effective tips that can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

1.    Low Price Point

DO: Encourage impulse buys by showcasing relatively low-dollar, novel items that delight most of your customers. Keep the price point under $20, $10 or less is even better.

Avoid using your countertop as a clearance aisle. Don’t place discounted, slow-selling items on the counter as there is a reason they didn’t sell in the first place.

2.    Clever Signage

DO: Keep your message short and tempting. Try ‘These make a great afternoon snack!’. Or create a sense of urgency with ‘Save Now!’ or ‘Limited Time Only’ offers. It should take no more than seven words to grab a customer’s interest.

Make sure your signage is professional, clear and in good condition. A handwritten or damaged sign is a deterrent and distraction to the products.

3.    Engage and Entertain

DO: Create an enticing display that evokes intrigue and engagement. Samples or products that encourage touch create a customer experience that increases the chances of a sale.

Pro Tip: Curb boredom and frustration while waiting in long lines by offering tastings. If you have a small countertop, try placing items in display bins along your checkout line to keep customers browsing while they wait.

4.    Keep it Simple

DO: Limit the number of products on display. One to two products is usually enough. The lack of choice makes it an easy yes/no decision.

Don’t overload your counter with special offers, samples, and trial-sized products – they can discourage further buying. Keep it simple and leave plenty of room for shoppers to conduct their transaction.

5.    Impulse Items Only

DO: Offer items often purchased on impulse or for immediate satisfaction. Understand your customer’s needs well and meet them with an item that they can’t refuse. Snacks or frequently forgotten items are great choices.

Remember: Impulse buys needs to be affordable. If the price is too high, customers may deliberate too long and decide not to buy. Keep the decision easy with low-cost options. For higher priced items, make sure they would solve a problem -i.e. reusable shopping bags, an entertaining platter, or last minute gift ideas.

6.    Stay Fresh

DO: Keep the counter displays fresh and change them weekly. Timing is everything. Keep the products and offers relevant and display items according to priority levels.

An old display or dusty product is immediately undesirable. Keep displays dusted and orderly, and change out promotional displays quickly after they end.

7.    Cashier Etiquette

DO: Train staff on the latest specials and empower them to start conversations with ‘did you find everything you needed today?’ or ‘would you like to add on [relevant product]?’

Avoid pushy sales talk and ensure staff are respectful of a customers’ wishes – accepting when they refuse an offer.

8.    Highlight Your Loyalty Program

DO: Invest in future sales by offering a loyalty program. While you may not increase your immediate sales, you are paving the way for long-term customer loyalty and increased sales over time.

Don’t forget to use a sign. Signs provide an opportunity for customers to read about the program while the cashier is busy finishing an order. A well-trained staff member can then follow through with the registration much quicker.

If you need to revamp your countertop, why not take advantage of our monthly deals and order some great bargains to pass on some specials your customers’ won’t be able to refuse?unique-online-store-deals

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Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the tremendous amount of food that is being wasted, as well as the pollution from their shopping habits and their daily choices, such as a takeaway coffee or the use of plastic straws. The latest research shows:

  • 1/3 of consumers prefer sustainable brands,
  • 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods,
  • Millennials are most willing to pay for sustainable offerings,
  • The highest demographic concentrations of green shoppers are in the older baby boomer generation, heavily influenced by their children as they have both the time to seek out specialty items and the resources to afford premium priced products.

According to a study by Luck & Giyanti, “a number of factors including increased media coverage, greater awareness of environmental problems, increased legislation (both national and international) and the impact of major industrial disasters on public opinion” has led to a desire for customers to take steps towards doing their part to improve the state of the environment. As a result, governments and big retailers are starting to take note.

The Plastic Bag Ban and Beyond

The Plastic Bag ban will officially be implemented across all states except NSW by July 1, 2018 for all retailers.

There is also a discussion around a plastic straw ban, with Woolworths taking the lead and ceasing the sale of plastic straws by the end of 2018. This change alone will help to remove 134 million plastic straws from circulation annually.

Woolworths is also “removing plastic packaging from a further 80 fruit and vegetable lines in a bid to appease increasingly environmentally conscious customers.”

Over the next 4 years, Coles plans on rolling out an “unprecedented” 10 commitments on packaging and recycling, including the removal of double plastic packaging for fruit and selling bunched vegetables like kale without plastic.

The pledge also included halving food waste across its supermarkets and to make all packaging of Coles Brand products recyclable by 2020, five years ahead of the federal government’s timetable.

Managing Director John Durkan said, “We know that 69 percent of customers say that we need to actively reduce waste and landfill through recyclable packaging and find alternative uses for waste.”

In addition, single-use plastics like coffee cups, straws and balloons could be banned by 2023 under the recommendations of the Australian parliamentary committee.

Be Part Of The Solution

Increasingly it’s becoming the standard that companies recognize the cost savings and potential profitability of going green; with more and more taking steps towards sustainable solutions.

As a bonus, a study by Carbon Down in Victoria found that 40 percent of businesses agreed that ‘being environmentally friendly gives my business a competitive edge’.

So, whether you’re a major chain or a small online store, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Organisations should always be on the lookout for new ways to offer eco-friendly products and shopping experiences. Active participation in community projects that help the environment can also create a positive view of the brand from a consumer standpoint, which may, in turn, generate improved brand loyalty.

Don’t get left behind. Understand the legislation changes taking place, know your customers, and support them in their transition to a more sustainable way of living with some of our best-performing eco-friendly items including:

Ecococonut Scrubbers


Cheeki Reusable Bottles


Enviro Bottles


Fruity Sacks Reusable Produce Bags & My Magic Mud Bamboo Toothbrushes


Klean Kanteen Reusable Bottles


Ever Eco Lifestyle Essentials


Little Mashies Reusable Baby Food Pouches & Bamboo Meal Set


Apiwraps Reusable Beeswax Kitchen Wraps


Apple Green Duck Reusable Shopping Bags


Go Bamboo


Be prepared for the ‘green groundswell’ and order all of your eco-friendly items online, 24/7 via our easy to use online store. Not yet registered? Sign up here!



From green goodness and golden lattes to supercharged coffee and healthier hot chocolates. We’ve got the goods to keep your customers healthy and warm this Winter.

1. Supercharged Coffee


When it’s too cold for juices and smoothies, customers are adding superfoods to their coffee cup! This Winter, morning coffees include everything from maca, protein powder, collagen, spices, and fats. One supercharged coffee trend that continues to stay is “Bulletproof” coffee – black coffee with the additions of ghee and MCT coconut oils. The addition of the fats bring a rich creaminess but it’s also said to keep hunger at bay and provide fuel for the brain. These supercharged coffees are particularly popular with those on a ketogenic or lower carbohydrate diet.

What to have in stock:

  • Melrose Ghee and Coconut Oil Blend
  • Melrose MCT Oil
  • SOL Ghee

2. Functional Funghi


Mushrooms are also an unexpected, earthy addition to coffee and hot chocolate. Brands such as Four Sigmatic have created blends of coffee and hot chocolate with select mushrooms. The different mushrooms are said to offer various health benefits from increased clarity and focus to calming properties for stress relief.

What to have in stock:

  • Four Sigmatic Coffee Mix with Cordyceps & Chaga
  • Four Sigmatic Coffee Mix with Lion’s Mane and Chaga

3. Dessert Teas


Sugar cravings be gone! Dessert-inspired teas make the perfect guilt-free alternative for something sweet. Warm up your customer’s bellies with the sweet-style blends from Yogi Tea that offer all the goodness of a herbal tea enrobed in an indulgent aroma!

What to have in stock:

  • Yogi Tea Vanilla Hazelnut
  • Yogi Tea Soothing Caramel Bedtime
  • Yogi Tea Chai Rooibos

4. Matcha Mixups


Regular matcha lattes may have been around for a while, but Matcha Maiden’s blends are mixing things up! Support your customer’s immune system or warm up their bellies with a fiery blend that takes the antioxidant-packed regular matcha to a whole other level!

What to have in stock:

  • Matcha Maiden Fly me to the Immune
  • Matcha Maiden Light my Fire
  • Matcha Maiden Organic Matcha

5. Golden LattesGOLDEN_GRIND

Speaking of lattes, turmeric continues to ride the wave of a successful trend with turmeric lattes popping up as the latest staple on cafe menus all over the country. Golden Grind pioneered the space and continue to delight customers with their chilli blend and turmeric hot chocolate with coconut and cacao. Reducing inflammation has never tasted so good!

What to have in stock:

  • Golden Grind Turmeric Latte Blend
  • Golden Grind Turmeric Hot Chocolate

6. Hemp Milk Heaven


Step aside almond milk, there’s a new kid on the block, and he’s packed with protein, omega-3s and blends like a dream. For all your DIY-customers, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds are a must-have. Simply blend with water for a super creamy, nutritious and delicious hemp seed milk that can be added both to smoothies and hot drinks!

What to have in stock:

  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds

7. Healthier Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate is usually an indulgent, sugary treat left only for special occasions. But why miss out on the health benefits (and taste) of cacao when you can have it regularly with these healthier options? Delight your customers with these better-for-you hot cacao blends this season. Because life is too short to live without chocolate.

What to have in stock:

  • Amazonia Spiced Cacao
  • Chai Tea Rainbow Spiced Cacao
  • Taka Turmeric Golden Cacao

Don’t leave your customers caught out in the cold – Login and place your order for these hot superfood drinks today!

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These inspiring athletes are representing CLIF Bar at some of the world’s most impressive sporting events, advocating for the brand and creating brand awareness. If you’re not yet stocking CLIF Bar products, you’re missing out on a product range that’s easy to sell and already has a team of passionate athletes proudly marketing the range for you!

Take a look at just a preview of the amazing highlights some team members have accomplished this year so far!

Sam Weir 

A true adventurer in all senses of the word. Sam has an impressive history of success and putting himself in the most adventurous races out there! This year is not going to be any different.

Recently, Sam and his friend, Dylan Jones, battled capsizes, seasickness and homesickness rowing across the Atlantic Ocean for 52 days straight winning the paired teams division in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge! Their efforts have made them the fastest Aussies to row the Atlantic.

Sam also took on the world’s toughest foot race – the Badwater 135 miler in Death Valley California, and won the ANZAC 450km Ultra by 21 hours!

Next up? The Nerang 200 Miler!


Keely Andrews 

Thanks to her brilliant effort at the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast, Keely is now ranked 2nd in the world after a challenging final against Team CLIF US surfer Lakey Peterson. Watch all the action of the final here! 


Lucy Bartholomew

Lucy is the ultra marathon runner who doesn’t stop smiling! This year Lucy broke a CR and won the Two Bays Ultra 56km that runs from Cape Schanck- Dromana and back.

Lucy said “I have run this race 3 times prior, first in 2013 with my Dad side by side, winning the following year and then having a terrible race in 2015. It was an honour to return to this race with my Dad (run separately this time) and my brother participating in the 28km (one-way event). I had a great race leading from the front the entire way and finishing in 3rd overall.”


Lucy Stirling

After an epic win in the Australian Boulder Nationals late last year, Lucy Stirling is wasting no time ticking off more goals in 2018. Lucy made it to the podium for the Open A Females in the 2018 Clif Bar Open Lead & Speed Championships last month. With an automatic qualification to maintain her number one status in the Australian Bouldering for this year, Lucy will be representing Australia in a number of World Cups and the 2018 World Championships held in Austria later in September.


Jake Hynes

Jake is a passionate triathlete who attends every race he can! In February this year, Jake was 2nd fastest male from the SCTA team in the sixth race of the Queensland Triathlon Series, taking out second place in the 16-19 years and 7th overall for men. He also ranked fourth place Open Male in the Glenelg Triathlon and third place Open Male at the Robina Triathlon.


Brodie Gardner 

Xterra and Cross-triathlon athlete, Brodie, has taken out the first spot in the Queensland Enduro Cross Tri Championships, come in second at the 2018 Australian Cross-Triathlon Championships, and third in the Open Men’s QTS Tri Series Race 7.


Toby Coote 

Australian Team CLIF and SCTA Coach, Toby, has been named as head triathlon coach of PNG Team for Commonwealth Games, coaching PNG triathlete, Rachel Sapery James this month!

The SCTA Club also ranked 2nd at Mooloolaba Triathlon Division 5, and finished 2nd club overall in the Queensland Triathlon Series over 7 races – against some clubs that have 5 times as many members!


Romy Wolstencroft

This pocket-rocket is a force to be reckoned with!

Recently, at the ITU Oceania Junior Championships, Romy finished in 5th place, ranked 3rd out of the Oceania Championships, and was the 1st Australian to cross the line. Plus, Romy ranks 2nd on the National Junior Series point score by 1 point!


Callum Watson

Team CLIF Australia’s Olympic Cross Country Skiier, Callum Watson, represented us this year at the Winter Olympics. Callum scored his Olympic PB in Pyeong Chang in a brutal 50km race and also finished 13th in the Men’s Team Sprint Free Semifinal 2.


Ash Hunter

One of our newest team CLIF Bar Australia members, Ash has a tonne of experience and success in her history. We can’t wait to see what she brings this year!

In 2016, Ash fulfilled her dream to represent Australia at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Since then she has gone from strength to strength, with this year alone taking out Overall Female Winner at the Battle on the Balonne Triathlon, third place in the Cairns Ironman 70.3 in the 25-29 age group, and first place in the Byron Bay Triathlon in her age group!

If you’re looking to fuel your adventures with CLIF Bars, Bloks, and Energy Shots, they’re available at Coles, Woolworths, and all good health, convenience, and sports stores.

If you’re a retailer and would like to stock CLIF products, login to the Unique Health Products online store, or sign up to become a retailer with us here!