When it comes to bold brands, you don’t get much bolder – and brighter – than natural hair, skin and body brand, Alaffia.

And it’s not just their packaging that stands out. Alaffia is a brand that stands true to its values and stands up for making a difference to the community.

Consumers value purpose

This isn’t a new trend. But it’s a growing one. Consumers value brands that stand for something and have a social purpose.

In fact, 66% of consumers would replace a product they currently purchase with an alternative from a company with purpose-driven values.

Further research has also shown that 70% of purpose-driven purchasers are willing to pay a 35% premium for sustainable products.

Consumers care about the products they buy… and Alaffia delivers.

From the very beginning of its story, Alaffia has been on a mission to empower sustainable development in African communities. This is a mission from the heart of Alaffia. Success isn’t measured in profit but rather the difference and contribution Alaffia makes to the community.

That difference has resulted in the:

  • funding of more than 5,597 maternal births
  • distribution of more than 28,018 eyeglasses and 9,989 bicycles for education
  • planting of more than 93,009 trees in areas impacted by deforestation
  • construction of 15 schools and distribution of school supplies to 37,521 students

A story with substance

Alaffia’s story of social impact is a strong one that resonates with consumers. More than that, the Alaffia products also deliver on their fair trade, cruelty-free and natural promises.

Shea, Coconut and African Black Soap are the heroes of the award-winning Alaffia range. Combined with essential oils such as peppermint and lavender as well as other biodegradable Indigenous ingredients, the range caters to a variety of skin and hair types and concerns.

Alaffia products contain no sulphates, no parabens, no phthalates, no artificial colour, no synthetic fragrance and no mineral oil. 

Making a difference to the community was the purpose that Alaffia was founded with, but they continue to hold their products to the highest standards. Informed by ethnobotany and pharmacognosy the products are safe and effective.

Bold new packaging

Never a brand to shy away from making a statement, the new Alaffia packaging highlights its culture-rich brand. Not to mention how it adds a pop of colour to stand out on your shelves.

Alaffia products are a celebration of sustainability, empowerment and creating brighter futures. And the bold packaging is the latest way this social-purpose brand is bringing consumers along for the journey to improve living conditions and end poverty in West Africa.

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Four in ten Australians aren’t getting enough sleep. That is 7.4 million people regularly sleeping less than the recommended 7-9 hours a night. Whether it’s caused by stress, kids or a poor sleep environment, the impact lack of sleep has on individuals is staggering.

In an effort to seek answers on how to balance work and family life while nurturing themselves, Shea Morrison and Danielle Knight founded The Goodnight Co. in 2015. They now have a range of products and programs to support holistic sleep wellness for mind, body, heart and spirit.

Celebrity endorsement

So popular is The Goodnight Co. brand that it has captured the attention of model and passionate wellness advocate, Miranda Kerr, who listed the Ceramic Diffuser in her Miranda Loves Collection. 

Miranda is an aromatherapy devotee who has a diffuser in most rooms in her home and loves the calming and relaxation of lavender essential oils, among others. 

In an interview on The Goodnight Co. blog, Miranda said, “My The Goodnight Co Ceramic Diffuser is such a great, chic accessory to any room. It blends in with the decor perfectly and not only scents my home but looks beautiful doing it.”

World Sleep Day

With World Sleep Day just around the corner on Friday 19 March, now is the time to shine a spotlight on sleep and how to get more of it.

World Sleep Day is an annual celebration of sleep and a call to action on important sleep issues. And sleep is a big issue for Australians. Further to the stats on the number of Australians not getting enough sleep, The Goodnight Co. also reported some of the findings from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia. Some of these findings include:

  • 12% of Australians are getting less than 5.5 hours sleep each night.
  • Every cell in the body is impaired by poor quality sleep. The risk of chronic health conditions rises by 20 to 40 percent because of this. 
  • Sleep quality doesn’t just have an impact on individuals. In 2016-17, the economic and social cost of inadequate sleep had a $66.3 billion impact in Australia.

The Goodnight Co. is proud to be part of the solution, helping people to enhance their sleep environments so they can get more of the good stuff.

All products in The Goodnight Co. range are scientifically formulated in Australia, derived from natural ingredients and are vegan friendly. They focus on building healthy sleep routines that help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The secret to better days is a good night’s sleep. 

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Kate Johansson was fed-up with seeing the abundance of processed foods within the food industry that appeared to be ‘healthy’ yet in reality, hid behind fillers, preservatives and artificial ingredients. She knew there was more to health than synthetic pills, powders and shakes. 

Kate left her career in the supplement industry and set out to fill a gap in the market – health food products that are actually made from ‘real food’. And so KOJA Health was born. 

Meet the KOJA HEALTH range

KOJA was founded on the belief that eating nutritious foods is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of wellbeing

Kate’s motivation has always been about getting real food on the shelves and making healthy products that are low in sugar, satisfying and energy-boosting. She has created a range that is based on maximum nutrient-density and centred around the concepts of plant-based eating, wholefood ingredients and, of course, an optimal flavour profile.

KOJA Natural Peanut Butter Bars

KOJA Natural Peanut Butter Bars

The Natural Peanut Butter Bars are Kate’s favourite KOJA products and they are definitely a top seller!

There are three decadent flavours – Choc Chip Crunch, Peanut Caramel and Chocolate. Each bar is made from a base of peanut butter and, surprisingly, is free of dates! This is how the sugar content is kept so low – it’s below a teaspoon!

There is also 14% plant protein from wholefood sources in each bar, healthy fats, slow-burning carbohydrates for sustained energy and a crunch in both the Chocolate and Choc Chip Crunch flavours from buckwheat kernels and cacao nibs. It’s a match made in heaven. 

KOJA protein pancakes

KOJA Protein Pancakes

KOJA Protein Pancakes tick all the good brekkie boxes – quick, easy, nutritious and delicious.

With zero sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives and no nasty additives, the KOJA Protein Pancakes are a convenient, healthy option for breakfast or snacks.

The gluten-free mix is made with plant-based organic brown rice protein with an almond meal and buckwheat base and black bean powder. They come in three delicious flavours – Cacao, Cinnamon, and Coconut & Maca. 

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The world’s first organic, hypoallergenic and compostable wound care, PATCH, was born out of personal necessity. When James Dutton (the founder of Nutricare) noticed that common wound coverings would make his son’s skin react and the wound worse, he set on a mission to figure out why. 

Shockingly, James discovered an array of chemicals lurking in common plasters that affected not only his son, but people all over the world. He became incredibly motivated to create a better alternative for both his son and the rising number of people across the globe who can’t wear common wound care coverings. 

When it came to creating a better alternative, James also kept his other son, Xavier, in mind. Xavier hates putting creams on his skin and would throw tantrums no matter what creative ways were tried. And so PATCH was born! A wound care product that doesn’t cause nasty skin reactions and serves as a way to help heal wounds with the infusion of natural ingredients into the gauze. 

Since 2016, James has successfully taken PATCH from just an idea into an award-winning product range that is stocked in thousands of stores globally. Each adhesive strip is made with 100% certified organic bamboo fibre and comes in natural or with added extra goodness in the form of either coconut oil, aloe vera and activated charcoal for various purposes. PATCH adhesive bandages are natural, sustainable alternatives to regular wound care that are effective and durable but won’t ruin the earth.

If every household in Australia purchased one packet of regular plastic adhesive strips, the plastic waste would cover the equivalent of the MCG surface three and a half times over!

They have been engineered to be the most sensitive and natural wound care alternative on the market, appealing to all skin types both young and old. They’re free from latex, paraben, thimerosal, plastic and silicone. Utilising only eco-friendly, biodegradable materials in both the strips and the packaging.

Beyond their sustainable practices, the team behind PATCH are also passionate about giving back, supporting local communities with supplies in East Timor, partnering with Sea Shepherd, and collaborating with Phil Leahy from Retail Global to support children across Haiti with sterile medical resources. 

It’s one thing to create a strong brand that sells well, but it’s a whole other thing to create a company that also changes lives. PATCH is changing the wound care game one natural adhesive strip at a time, and this innovative brand is only just getting started. Watch this space! 

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Over the years, there have been significant moments that have redirected the natural products industry. One such moment occurred when Olowo-n’djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde met in 1996.


Founder Olowo-n’djo Tchala

No one could have imagined a young man born and raised in Togo, West Africa and a young woman from rural Washington would go on to build one of the most successful fair trade body care organizations in the natural products industry – no one except them, that is.

Today, Alaffia is now operating in a 102,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Olympia, Washington creating intentional formulas with safe ingredients.







The women’s cooperatives in West Africa handcraft indigenous raw ingredients; the Alaffia team in Olympia create the finished products, and then the proceeds are returned to the communities to fund empowerment and gender equality projects.


Alongside the body care business is The Alaffia Foundation. The foundation’s mission is aligned with Alaffia’s core values and facilitates Alaffia’s Empowerment Projects through the advancement of fair trade, education, sustainable living and gender equality.

The Alaffia Foundation is set up as a 501 non-profit that provides a platform for individuals and organizations to donate eyeglasses, bicycles and school supplies; volunteer one’s time at the Olympia facility to break down bicycles and load supplies to be sent to Togo; and make direct monetary contributions to any of their Empowerment Projects: Maternal Care, Education, Vision Correction and Reforestation.


Currently, Alaffia directly impacts over 14,000 lives in West Africa through its women’s cooperatives and Empowerment Projects for sustainable development.


When consumers are searching for products that make them feel good, they’re looking for great value, high quality products that are free from harmful ingredients that don’t ruin the earth.

In fact, according to Nielson consumer research, 66% of shoppers would be willing to pay more for this type of sustainable product. Plus, 87% of consumers said they would be willing to buy a product or service based on a company’s advocacy concerning a social matter because 78% of the research participants wanted companies to address social justice issues.

Alafia Award Winning Products


If you’re looking to do more ‘good’ in the world, you can’t go past stocking Alaffia. When a brand or product offers all of the above and gives back to people in need, it’s a clear win for everyone involved!

The collections are award winning and span across two specific lines:

Value Lines
The value line includes the Shea based and Coconut based body care, as well as the Authentic Black Soap collections. These are ideal for general and household use, for everybody and every day.

Signature Lines
The signature line includes both the Neem Turmeric and Coconut Reishi collections which are tailored for unique skin types.

If you’d like to provide safe, efficacious hair, face and body care while alleviating poverty in West Africa you can order Alaffia products via our online store 24/7, or call one of our friendly sales team members on 1800 787 904 today! Not yet registered with us? You can do so here.


Many have heard about activated charcoal teeth whitening, but few know the story that led to this global craze. Watch the short film above to discover the determined woman who started it all, and be inspired by the vision and passion that has changed the oral care industry, forever.

At Unique, we couldn’t be more proud to stand alongside and represent Jessica and the team at My Magic Mud here in Australia. If you’d like to be a My Magic Mud stockist, simply order your product online via our store, or call our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904.



Manitoba Harvest hemp comes in a range of delicious products, flavour options and sizes. Customers will love this exciting, affordable range packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

HEMP HEARTS are pure, all-natural hulled hemp seeds – nothing else. Each 30g serve is packed with 10g of protein, omega-3s and omega-6s with a delicious nutty taste. Available in two sizes.


HEMP HEART TOPPERS  are a nutritious, full-flavoured blend of hemp hearts, HempPro fibre and organic ingredients to top off any meal. Flavours include Chipotle Onion + Garlic, Coconut + Cacao, Maple Cinnamon and Onion Garlic + Rosemary. They’re vegan, non-GMO and made with organic ingredients.


HEMP HEART BITES combine hemp hearts, organic sweeteners, and flavours with a touch of sea salt for a protein-rich snack that fuels an active lifestyle! Available in three great flavours: Original, Chocolate or Cinnamon. Place them on your counter for healthy impulse grab n’ go purchases. Makes a great nut-free snack for lunchboxes!


HEMP PROTEIN SMOOTHIES are made with real organic spinach, kale, broccoli and hemp protein powder, offering customers greens and protein in one convenient product. With 15g of protein and 2.6g of healthy omega fatty acids per serve, it’s the perfect smoothie companion. Three popular flavours – Mixed Berry, Vanilla Chai and Chocolate.

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The brand is in high demand after founders Raph Freedman and Rory Boyden appeared on Channel’s 10’s Shark Tank late last year.


The long-time school friends, professional athletes and fitness influencers know firsthand the nutrition needed to perform at a peak level and how to capture the attention of like-minded consumers.

Both have competed at national level in CrossFit tournaments and are co-owners of three Crossfit boxes across Sydney. Raph is also the founder and co-host of Mind Muscle Project podcast (the highest-rated fitness podcast in Australia).

Peak Chocolate is formulated to fuel the body with scientifically supported ingredients like BCAAs, creatine, and caffeine with Himalayan salt.

The pair were already using dark chocolate and an array of performance supplements in their training regimes and thought of combining the two one day while recovering in a sauna.

After several test runs in their home kitchens, they took their prototype to a chocolatier who ground, tempered and moulded it to create the creamy, delicious performance chocolate – and Peak Chocolate was born!


Delight your customers with chocolate that offers more than just great taste and order Peak Chocolate here! If you’d like to learn more about Peak Chocolate, click here.

Tom Organic wins Australian Organic Business of the Year 2017


As the first ever organic tampon in the world to be available in supermarkets, TOM Organic is leading the way for organic personal care.

Empowerment and integrity are behind every step of this female founded company which is on track to achieve incredible change for environmental sustainability and access to healthier personal products.

Founder Aimee Marks, is committed to supporting the modern woman across her entire life cycle. Her inspiration is to become a trusted brand for each life stage from periods, to pregnancy, to birth, to baby, continuing to expand the range and offer more choice when it comes to women’s health and the environment.

Winning the prestigious business award is a major accomplishment. Aimee states:

“Our philosophy has always been to create beautiful products that inspire positive impact. And while it isn’t about the accolades we win, we’re so thrilled to have been recognised as Business of the Year among a growing organic industry.”

Only the finest Certified Organic Cotton is used in TOM Organic products, and they’re grown free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

The entire range is PETA Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free, and every finished product is 100% biodegradable.

Need to top up your stock or add TOM Organic products to your range? Find out more about TOM Organic products here then add them to your online order here.



DON’T MISS THEIR NEW LOOK: The TOM Organic feminine hygiene range is the same high quality product on the inside, made with Certified Organic Australian Cotton but the sleek new look is expected to appeal to a wider customer base.