The Moments That Made Monica’s Mixes


Most gluten-free mixes are seriously lacking in nutrients and flavour. For too long Monica had to compromise her health to enjoy delicious food or vice versa; she’d compromise taste to stick to a gluten-free diet.

At the tender age of two, she was an under-nourished child. Her mother helplessly unable to find a doctor that could explain her daughter’s skinny legs and protruding belly. It was a visit to a German doctor that concluded that Monica may have coeliac disease.

As Monica stood in his surgery, chewing on a rusk, the doctor said to her mother “Perhaps it is the very biscuit that she is eating which is poisoning her”. With this, a strict gluten-free diet was set in place.

“When I look back, I can see how my life
was destined to be all about food.
As well as having coeliac disease,
I was also born of Italian parents.”
– Monica explains.

Ignoring doctors’ orders and continuously caving to the rich flavours of gluten-filled foods, Monica felt drained and unwell as the decades passed. Before Monica’s Mixes, she was creating designer tarts, gourmet savouries and cakes and noticed an increase in demand for gluten free gourmet treats. Coming at a time that her health was under scrutiny, she decided enough was enough and gluten free would be her diet for life.

This moment is what sparked the idea to specialise in fail-proof, allergen-free recipe mixes for the whole family.

She was determined to go beyond simply providing gluten-free options, but to create flour blends and convenient mixes so that every family can enjoy delicious baked goods that are both gluten free and highly nutritious.

Taking her skills from years of working alongside chefs from all over the globe, Monica began crafting a range of convenient mixes – Monica’s Mixes. Each created to be nutrient dense, gluten free, grain free, nut free, egg free and soy free with sugar free, paleo friendly and vegan options.

Monica's Mixes

Monica’s Mixes range has grown to include Paleo Flour, Wrap Mix, Pizza Base Mix, Muffin Mix, Flour Blend, Bread Mix, Chocolate Cake, Banana Bread Mix and the new Vegan Patty Mix.

Monica's Mixes

Today the brightly packaged, highly versatile, easy and very convenient Monica’s Mixes are loved by coeliac sufferers and health-conscious consumers not only nationally, but also across the globe.

With consumers increasingly living busier lives and seeking fast, healthy food they don’t have to create from scratch, Monica’s Mixes offer the perfect attributes to continue to be a consumer favourite.

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Little Zebra Chocolate: Wildly Sugar-Free

A sugar-free chocolate?! Yes, it’s a reality and it’s all thanks to New South Wales couple, Bernie Walker and Sabina Muir, the creators of Little Zebra Chocolate.

Both big sweet lovers but also pre-diabetic, they began searching for the best in sugar-free products to include in their own diet.

Research into healthier alternatives to sugar saw them develop a goal to create a healthier chocolate for the sweet tooths of the world.

Using their lounge room as a ‘test-kitchen’, they spent two years perfecting the recipes.

In place of sugar they add Xylitol to their chocolate.

“It is almost cruel to cover up the flavour of the chocolate with sugar.” Bernie Walker explains.

Xylitol has 40% fewer calories then sugar and contains no fructose, so it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. Many studies also suggest that it can improve dental health and have various other health benefits too.

Last year they launched their chocolate to the world, now crafting it in a completely nut-free factory. The delicious, rich chocolates aren’t just sugar-free but are hand-crafted and available in a variety that appeals to all types of consumers.

Little Zebra Chocolates

“Our chocolates can be enjoyed by people of all ages, vegans, vegetarians, people with gluten, lactose and soy intolerances, diabetics or anyone seeking lower GI chocolates.” Bernie Walker says.

With no GMOs, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Little Zebra Chocolate ticks all the boxes for consumers’ demands in healthy and transparent food.

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The Bragg Family Tree


Paul Bragg and his daughter Patricia have been health pioneers for decades, providing iconic products from a family grown, internationally loved company, Bragg!
While huge celebrities like Katy Perry endorse Bragg which boosts demand, the solid support has always been thanks to the high-quality reputation that Bragg has built over the decades. Bringing back customers again and again is what they do best!

Staying true to providing exceptional health food staples, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar continues to be our top seller in Australia and a top seller across the world. So, what is it that separates Bragg from other brands?

When asked to tell us a little more about why so many consumers love the brand, Bragg’s team was happy to share it all and even give Bhima our Purchasing Manager and Alyssa our Product Coordinator a tour of the picturesque Bragg farm in California!

So what was it that inspired the development of Bragg products all those decades ago? It was one huge positive that was built from an awful illness. As a young Man Paul Bragg was stricken with tuberculosis, which led him on a path of learning about natural healing. He dedicated his life to health crusading, giving lectures, writing books, and later developing healthy food products, including his famous apple cider vinegar.

Paul originated, named, and opened the first health food store in America.

It wasn’t always smooth, with a very bumpy start in the early days. There was very little education or even interest in nutrition by the average person when Bragg launched. Before TV and the internet, information was obtained by reading, radio or speaking events. The World Wars and rationing were on people’s minds, not nutrition, this was Bragg’s biggest struggle – spreading the word and educating.

Now as nutrition, health and transparency stick in the forefront of consumers’ food concerns and education is as easy as a google search or a scroll on social media, it’s all upward sales for the brand.

Why apple cider vinegar?

Paul C. Bragg came from a farming background and his father taught him that apple cider vinegar gave him the energy, immunity and cleansing needed for the physical demands of working in the fields. The first Bragg Live Foods products included Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which is still the number one selling product of the brand’s today.

Since launching apple cider vinegar, Bragg continued to provide the world with high quality health food staples including apple cider vinegar drinks, popular liquid aminos, organic coconut liquid amino seasoning, olive oil and more.

The Bragg team explained that Patricia Bragg never wants her name on a product that contains harmful toxins, so you can assure customers that all products are GMO free and crops are sourced from organic growers. At the headquarters in Santa Barbara, the Bragg organic farm is certified organic. They use no pesticides or chemical cleaners and have multiple solar panels providing electricity.

A little more about the Bragg family farm

The Bragg farm sits in a canyon across from the ocean in Goleta, California. It’s a total of 110 picturesque acres and the site for all Bragg offices which are spread out between 3 buildings that surround a beautiful fountain. They also have a shipping and receiving warehouse, as well as a call centre on the farm.

Being at the Bragg farm, is like being in a tranquil paradise, a true reflection of their quality products. The farm is filled with all sorts of fruit trees in a lower and upper orchard and a man-made pond.

The Bragg team shared with us the love that Patricia Bragg has for roses, which explains why the farm is also filled with just about every rose you can imagine. Patrica has also filled it with stunning plaques and pieces of art that she’s collected over the years to beautify every corner you look.

Take a look at the Bragg farm photos here.

How is the famous Bragg apple cider vinegar made?

Fresh apples are used to make Bragg apple cider vinegar. The apples are pressed and the ‘mash’ ferments with the ubiquitous yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, producing alcohol which is then consumed by the bacteria, Acetobacter Aceti, during a second fermentation. Vinegar is the end product of the fermentations and is then aged for 2 to 3 months before bottled and sold as Bragg apple cider vinegar.
A motto Patricia Bragg loves to live by and spread is “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do!” She doesn’t create products that she doesn’t use herself and isn’t proud to have under the Bragg family tree. She is a living and breathing testament to what the Bragg can do to keep your customers healthy and energetic! Check out the photos of when she visited Unique Health Products.

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Seaweed Superfood Company – Snacks that Pop!


Janet Duncan, the entrepreneur behind Seaweed Superfood Company, has been hooked on seaweed and its many health benefits her entire life.

Having a Japanese mother, Janet grew up loving seaweed but it wasn’t so easy to convince her Australian husband and son to change their perception of seaweed from the slimy stuff on the beach to a nutrient, edible superfood.

After studying the health benefits of seaweed and discovering it’s loaded with iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and many more trace minerals and vitamins, she began sneaking it into food she shared with family and friends – and they loved it!

Seaweed stats - Seaweed Superfood Company

After recognising the opportunity to harness the extensive health benefits of seaweed in delicious snacks that consumers want to eat (not just because they’re good for them), Janet and her seaweed-convert husband teamed up to launch Seaweed Superfood Company Popcorn to Australian consumers.

Their popcorn is available in four incredible flavours: Nori Sesame, Spiced Turmeric, Cacao, and Chilli.

As the business idea developed, Janet altered the products to appeal to more consumers, making them gluten free, vegan, dairy free and made with organic ingredients.

Made from non-GMO, Australian corn and wild-harvested, sustainable seaweed and available in snack sized 50g bags, they’re perfect for filling consumer demand for healthy grab n’ go snacks.

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The World Of The Ginger People


Surprisingly, it wasn’t ginger where the story began, but nuts.

Back in 1984, Bruce and Abbie Leeson were both working in the nut business when Bruce was approached to introduce candied ginger to the United States. Many Americans at that time had never even tried ginger, but he saw potential in the versatile root.

What began as a side project, very quickly picked up momentum. With the introduction of The Ginger People’s iconic cartoon ginger root character (conceptualised by Abbie) the brand has continued to rapidly grow into an international best-seller.

Ginger’s vibrant flavour, purity, versatility and healthful properties are what Bruce and Abbie believe have been driving strong consumer demand and will continue to do so.

Herbalists have used ginger for thousands of years to:

– Restore vital energy
– Stimulate circulation
– Relieve countless illnesses
– Ease nausea, headaches and arthritis


Over the years, their commitment and addiction to ginger has only deepened.

“We use ginger every day, in our morning granola,
in our cooking, even on our sore muscles
after a long run.” Bruce explains.

The family owned and operated business now offers over 80 good-for-you treats and functional ingredients and is available all over the world.

One of their current goals is to push the brand to over 50 export markets, proving they’ve got no plans of slowing down.

Manufacturing all-natural and organic products using only the highest quality ginger and crafting the most innovative ginger products, The Ginger People has grown to be the world’s most award-winning ginger brand.

Their range currently available in Australia (and now exclusively distributed by Unique) includes beverages, nourishing treats, functional ingredients and crystallised ginger, which are all gluten and wheat free.

Being very particular about quality, Bruce and Abbie have travelled to spectacular locations in search of the best ginger available.

“We source ginger where it grows best,
which means we have visited some
of the most breath-taking places
in the world.” Bruce explains.

A remote mountain region in Fujian province of China (the birthplace of ginger), the interior Amazon in Peru, small family farms in Fiji and ginger fields on the base of Mt. Arjuna on the island of Java in Indonesia are among the locations where The Ginger People’s ginger root is sourced.

Fiji Farm - The Ginger People Blog

The early ginger harvest at a beautiful small family farm in Fiji!


Inia Seruratu - The Ginger People Blog

The Ginger People source ginger from a stunning Fiji farm owned by Fiji’s Minister of Agriculture, Inia Seruratu – pictured above.

His small farm is located in Verata, Tailevu Province. Inia planted 1-1/2 acres last season and he plans to expand to 4-5 acres this coming season. With his large commitment to government duties, Inia’s brother looks after the small family farm on his behalf.

Except for keeping some “mother” ginger for the next planting cycle, Inia will sell his crop to the ginger factory to make products for The Ginger People.

Bruce and Abbie say that people, focus and quality are what sets them apart from other brands.

Their staff are all passionate and driven by ginger’s potential. What makes them such an incredible business is their commitment and drive to grow, but not at the expense of their farmers.

They’ve always been proud to offer increased opportunities to farmers and small villages with revenue sharing programs and are also renowned in the industry for their fair-trade work practices.

At the centre of this rapidly growing international business, they always maintain the singular focus of creating world-class ginger products that consumers love.

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How the Magic Happened!



“I actually created My Magic Mud to help our children.” Jessica said.

With one child suffering from a condition that left her susceptible to cavities and all three of their children experiencing sensitivity and disliking the taste of regular toothpaste, Jessica had crafted an alternative.

She’d tried different home remedies using sea salt, baking soda and many other ingredients. It was all trial and error, with Jessica determined to find a natural combination that worked and one her children would use.

The magic combo was a mixture of activated coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, organic orange peel extract and organic mint extract – now known as My Magic Mud Natural Tooth Powder.

What is activated coconut charcoal?

Activated coconut charcoal is a highly absorbent material with millions of tiny pores that can help to capture and remove up to 100 times its own weight in toxins. The medicinal use of activated charcoal powder dates back to 1550 BC.

How My Magic Mud blossomed

My Magic Mud, started out as the family’s solution to their everyday problem, but soon friends of the couple, then friends of friends began demanding the product for their own families. This is when the entrepreneurial switch flicked for Justin and Jessica. They knew they’d discovered a product for which there was already a strong market and they couldn’t help but share it with the world.

In 2013, My Magic Mud was launched and has since grown from a 20 pot production made in Jessica and Justin’s kitchen in downtown San Marcos, USA, to an internationally used natural, holistic teeth whitening, detoxifying, cleaning remedy.

Following the markets demands, they have since launched a range of activated coconut charcoal toothpastes. They are the very first toothpastes to combine activated coconut shell charcoal and bentonite clay. It is made with 95% certified organic ingredients, is completely fluoride-free and offers all the charcoal detox benefits, just with a little less mess.

My Magic Mud Range

Conveying their vibrant personalities through to the funky, grunge-look packaging, they’ve been captivating an almost cult-like following. But for Jessica and Justin, it’s not just about sharing a product that’s trendy and works, it’s about helping to improve the health of others.

Coupling the hype around the world-wide charcoal trend with some magical things up their sleeve, Jessica and Justin are excited for the strong future they predict the brand has ahead.

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The Power of Eden’s Garden



Trying to overcome his own health issues, Steven began learning of the power of herbs and superfoods in healing. He became fascinated by studying the teachings of natural healers like Master Herbalists, Dr Richard Schulze and Dr John Christopher. They resonated with Steven’s belief in approaching health holistically and working with the body.

What stuck with him was that not all organics are equal and to ensure a therapeutic effect, quality ingredients are necessary. Steven found that often the programs, protocols and products weren’t strong enough or readily available to people who needed them.

Discovering how misleading some product ingredient lists could be and how many companies concentrated on profit margins over organic quality, Steven saw an opportunity in the market.

Steven knew he had to create trusted, completely transparent, high quality products for his own health and for the health of others.

Sourcing the highest quality organic and wild crafted ingredients available on the planet, he launched Eden Healthfoods, bringing superior detox, probiotic, superfood and wholefood products to the market.

“I have a genuine desire to help people achieve powerful health.” – Steven Prahin.

Steven has ensured that no short cuts are ever taken, nor is their bottom line a concern.

His main focus is discovering ways to make the Eden Healthfoods products even better, stronger and more effective in helping to achieve powerful health.

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Snacking to Support!


Far enough to reveal an opportunity to package carbon neutral, delicious cashews and also change the lives of hundreds of local Balinese people living on less than two dollars a day.

With an itch for adventure and an overwhelming drive to better help the less fortunate, Aaron continuously discovered himself all over the globe, in situations he never expected. But the one trip that changed his life was a spontaneous journey he made with his wife to somewhere warm and interesting – East Bali.

It just so happened that they arrived during cashew season. So while Aaron taught the public health staff about wound care and nutrition, they taught him
about cashews.

When Aaron learned that the cashews where being shipped all the way to India and Vietnam for processing, he saw an opportunity to provide jobs, training, and produce uniquely “local” cashews.

80% of the cashews grown in Bali
are shipped overseas for processing.

His idea… to start a cashew processing facility right there in the Desa Ban community, decrease the cashew carbon footprint and employ women of farming families to better the community.

Since launching in 2012, East Bali Cashews has locally processed and packaged over a thousand tons of cashews, providing over 200 new jobs, with a 95%
female workforce.


East Bali Cashews

 Surrounded by lush greenery, with ocean breezes and views of
Mt. Agung the East Bali Cashews factory location is pure serenity.


The brand offers a range of socially responsible cashew products in incredible flavours: Cacao, Chilli Crunch, Garlic Pepper, Native, Sea Salt, Sesame Ginger, Cashew Crumble and Popcorn with Caramel and Cashews.

Naturally sourced directly from farmers and extremely affordable, the East Bali Cashews range is incomparable to any of their competitors.

Discover more about East Bali Cashews on their website.

Business Has Gone Bananas!


Recently the innovative brand shared their story to over 5000,000 viewers on Channel Ten’s popular program – The Project.

Despite this achievement they have retained their humbleness, working countless hours and tapping into their true passion for ultimate nutrition to keep innovating.

Where did such a fruitful, entrepreneurial business idea begin?

As a child, Rob grew watching his father pour all he had into their banana farm. Inspired by his fathers’ love for farming, Rob followed his footsteps and became one of Australia’s largest banana growers, specialising in lady fingers.

Rob has always been passionate about farming philosophy, believing that ultimate nutrition starts from the soil in which a plant is grown. So you can imagine his disappointment week after week, disposing hundreds of tonnes of perfectly nutritious and good for eating beautiful lady fingers – all because the bananas simply had the wrong ‘look’ for the shelves.

Every week, he watched as wallabies flocked and cattle broke fences, just to get to the ‘wasted’ bananas.

What interested Rob most was the way the animals always filled themselves with the discarded green bananas and left the ripened bananas untouched. He also noticed the increase in health the animals were experiencing – their coats were shinier and they appeared to have an abundance of energy.

What did the animals know that he did not? These green bananas were destined for something so much bigger then wallaby scraps.

The moment that changed everything was at dusk, one summer day in 2010. Rob had accidentally driven over a hand of lady fingers which crushed against the bitumen and created a dust in the sun’s glowing rays.

Already an eager inventor, developing breakthrough creations like a new field of invention machinery and the Banana Blankey (a fully recyclable packaging system), Rob was intrigued by this ‘banana dust’. His inquisitive nature questioned, could this be flour?

He found that not only could it be flour, but it was gluten free flour and one of the world’s highest resistant starch food sources.

Suffering from coeliac symptoms himself, Rob made a small 6kg batch of banana flour to use and sell in the family café. In a matter of weeks, the demand was greatly surpassing his supply; in fact he was months behind in requests. The market loved it!

This demand inspired Rob to refine the process of production. So back to his entrepreneurial ways, he invented the first and only peeling machine in the world, speeding up the process and drastically increasing output to approximately 300kg per week.

With demand still going bananas for their product, the Watkins secured a grant in August 2014 and built yet another world first – a pharmaceutical grade banana
flour factory.

They now have the facilities to produce eight tonnes of banana flour each week and have since continued to create more innovative green banana products.

In fact, the Department of Fisheries in Queensland has just released a very exciting study on the Natural Evolution  range of products, analysing the phytochemical composition and anti-microbial activity. You can read the results here.

Take a look at the ever expanding Natural Evolution banana flour, starch, smoothie mixes and ointment on their website.