4 Consumer-driven Sports Nutrition Trends 

In recent years sports nutrition has pushed into the mainstream.1 It’s no longer just for building muscle. Consumers look to sports nutrition to support their proactive approach to health maintenance and better-for-you options to enhance their active lifestyles.2

As an industry, sports nutrition is booming. Globally it’s a market worth more than AUD $55 billion with a predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5%.3 With the increasing expansion to a broader consumer category, there has never been a better time for retailers to capitalise.

We’ve identified four sports nutrition trends driven by consumer demand and preferences so you can make the most of the opportunities in the market. 

Sports nutrition trends - flavour innovation

Flavour innovation

Traditionally sports nutrition products are chosen for their efficacy over other considerations. But with the uptake in adoption by lifestyle consumers, flavour is increasingly important. It’s important to 41% of consumers, coming in third behind health and cost considerations.4

While chocolate and vanilla flavours remain go-to favourites, more and more consumers are reaching for innovative flavour combinations and new tastes. 

From the trending to the nostalgic and mouthwateringly enticing, here’s just a sample of the exciting flavour innovations you can offer your customers from a selection of leading brands:

Sports nutrition trends - plant-based protein

Plant-based protein

In an analysis of Amazon sales data, plant-based protein powder was revealed to have a 25% market share (second behind whey protein powder at 50%) but with 39% year-over-year (YoY) growth, it was the fastest growing segment.5

This follows a general dietary trend towards plant-based eating with 73% of global consumers saying they eat less meat as it is a healthier option. 26% of people also now identify as flexitarian.6

What are the options for tasty plant-based proteins for your customers? These top-selling brands are the place to start:

  • Macro Mike offers both Peanut and Almond proteins with a recent re-formulation to enhance the products and taste even further. 
  • In the protein snack bar market, CLIF Bar is a leader with only plant-based ingredients and plant-based protein used across range. 
  • Essential Hemp offers an innovative protein powder alternative made from hemp protein. 
Sports nutrition trends - pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements

Protein isn’t the only thing booming. Uptake of pre-workout supplements as a sports nutrition trend is also on the rise. In the Amazon analysis, sales of sports nutrition supplements, including pre and post workout supplements, saw YoY growth of 41%. In this sub-category, pre-workout supplements lead the way with a market share of 65% and YoY growth of 45%.5

Pre-workout supplements are designed to help boost energy and performance to maximise a workout. The rise in these supplements comes back to consumers looking for products and nutrition to help them stay active.

For premium, natural pre-workout supplements to stock your shelves, look to brands and products like:

Sports nutrition trends - clean ingredients

Clean ingredients

Research has shown that consumers who haven’t yet used sports nutrition products are skeptical of the benefits of the products.6 It’s not just clean ingredients that are important. Transparency around ingredients and sustainability is also key.

This is another of the sports nutrition trends that’s influenced by broader consumer preferences with increasing demands for clear labelling and natural ingredients.7

Give your customers clean sports nutrition alternatives with these popular brands:

  • Happy Way sports nutrition products are made with natural and organic ingredients and free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavours. 
  • One of the core food values of the CLIF Bar brand is about prioritising people and the planet by using organic ingredients and proudly supporting sustainable agriculture.
  • There are no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives in the Botanika Blends range of Plant Protein Powders. 

At Unique Health Products we proudly make it easier for you to do business. If you’re ready to capitalise on these sports nutrition trends, we have a huge range of top-selling brands and products for you to add to your shelves. Shop online 24/7 or call our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904. If you’re a new Unique Health Products customer, you can register your account here.


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The Power of Protein

If you want to muscle in on the AUD $25 billion* protein supplements market to power up your sales, now is the time to do it.

Why? Never have consumers been more conscious of the importance of healthy habits and they are turning to protein powders for muscle recovery, to improve performance and to hit their daily nutritional requirements.

In particular, the demand for natural and vegan alternatives, such as pea, hemp and rice protein is on the rise thanks to an increase in conscious consumers and the growing market of plant-based devotees. Give your sales a healthy boost with these top-selling, natural, plant-based options.


With a flavour akin to vanilla ice cream, the all-natural Vanilla Happy Way Pea Protein Powder combines plant-based pea protein with a superfood blend of vitamins and minerals. It is vegan, non-GMO and free from gluten and dairy.


Designed with ease in mind, the Happy Way Shaker is compact with a slim grip. 100% leakproof and free from BPA and DEHP, it’s designed to be durable and can be stored in the freezer, heated in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. Available in pink, yellow and blue.


Free from grains and dairy, with a creamy texture and natural, mild taste, Essential Hemp Organic Hemp Gold Protein contains 20g of protein per serve. It has a complete amino acid profile, is gut friendly, easy to digest and is ACO Certified Organic.


Boasting 98.2% absorption and a complete amino acid profile, Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Protein Sprouted Brown Rice Chocolate has a smooth, non-gritty texture for easy mixability. The delicious taste comes from organic cocoa with no artificial flavour extracts added.


Catering to a gap in the market for tailored, vegan pregnancy protein, Amazonia Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus is a nourishing formula that supports both mum and bub through every stage of conception, pregnancy and nursing.


Australian Grown EM Wholefoods Hemp Protein is a complete protein, with all nine essential amino acids. Produced from the whole hemp seed, it is naturally packed with minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fats and fibre.


Containing eight of the classic Macro Mike Peanut Plant Protein flavours, the Sample Pack is the perfect way for consumers to find their new favourite protein flavour. The rich and full-bodied flavours are easy to mix offering a smooth, creamy and indulgent addition to baking, smoothies or shakes. Each flavour contains a good source of fibre and essential amino acids, making it easy for consumers to feel full for longer and meet their daily macros.


Macro Mike’s in-demand range of Premium Almond Proteins has undergone a new and improved re-formulation. The top-selling Salted Caramel in the range is packed with premium ingredients including probiotics and B vitamins. Made with Californian grown almonds and Australian grown Faba Bean protein, it is sweetened with coconut flower nectar and monk fruit for a moreish, sweet and slightly salty flavour hit.


Made with brown rice organic protein and green banana resistant starch multi-fibre, Natural Evolution’s Vanilla Vegan Protein Multi-Fibre provides total digestive support. It is high in essential minerals and completely natural and plant based.


One of the original Botanika Blends Plant Protein flavours, the decadent Cacao Hazelnut is still just as popular today. Containing organic ingredients along with digestive enzymes and prebiotics, the Australian-made formula combines on-trend functionality with delicious flavour.


Flavoured with real vanilla bean, the Protein Supplies Australia WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) Vanilla Bean is a fast-release protein free from fillers and unnecessary additives. It is instant mixing and absorbs quickly, ideal for post-workout recovery.


The Multi-Compartment Shaker from Protein Supplies Australia has a cup, segmented pill and powder storage section plus a strainer to make it easy to mix protein on the run. Made from BPA-free plastic it is also 100% leakproof and dishwasher friendly.


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Sources: *Grand View Research, 2021.


Over the past few years, despite the neverending onslaught of fad diets, high protein foods have been consistent sellers. 

From foods naturally high in protein to products with protein added. It’s a nutrient prized for its multitude of health benefits and when called out on the packaging, has been proven to ignite sales growth.

Why is it so popular?

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the relationship between healthy lifestyle choices, especially their diet, in a bid to counteract the degenerative health effects of chronic stress and their busy schedules. 

Rarely highlighted in a negative light, consumer insights specialist Julian Mellentin says “protein is the nutrient that can do no wrong”. 

“Protein is for fit bodies, firm bodies, weight management, looking good, feeling good, energy and all sorts of other motivations in consumers minds.”

PBCo., Macro Mike, Botanika Blends and Happy Way all focus on protein!

However, the protein craze is not just limited to health-obsessed millennials. ‘High-protein’ claims appeal to everyone from a range of demographics and economic statuses including families with children aged 6 -18 and senior couples. 

In general, the plant-based boom, an increase in active living, and snackification is contributing to the demand, with sports nutrition, high protein packaged foods, snacks and beverages leading the way.

With demand for high protein foods growing, packaging is playing a vital role in informing consumers and driving sales. 

Manufacturers without a protein-related claim on their packaging are losing more than $50 million in potential sales.

Vitawerx, Flexible Foods and RXBAR make protein a focus too!

In Australia, sales of items that list protein content have leaped by 22% compared to 2% in total grocery growth. Nielsen’s Head of Retail, Alfredo Costa says “manufacturers need to meet their consumers’ needs and desires with clearly labelled information on packs if they want to have a winning edge with product innovation and drive sales.”

At Unique, we stock wide range of on-trend, high-protein products that are driving sales in-store. Explore these popular products and so much more via our online store. If you need to register for a wholesale account, you can do so here.


For the first time in its 28-year history, CLIF BAR® will replace the iconic climber on the most popular flavours of its CLIF BAR packaging with real-life trailblazers – six women athletes representing six different sports. This exciting change celebrates the incredible athletes who require sustained energy to push boundaries and go farther in their discipline.


This limited-edition packaging will flow through to Australia and New Zealand during the months of July – September 2020 and will be available throughout 2020 while supplies last.

The six athletes, Venus Williams, Megan Rapinoe, Ashima Shirashi, Jordyn Barratt, Lakey Peterson, and Katerina Nash are world champions, Olympians, and Olympic hopefuls who lead with integrity in their communities. The sports they represent range from traditional events like cycling, tennis and soccer, to newer sports like skateboarding, surfing, and climbing.


“To see myself on a CLIF BAR is amazing,” says two-time World Cup Champion Megan Rapinoe.

“It would have meant so much to me as a kid to see a woman being celebrated for living her truth and chasing her dream. I hope it inspires the next generation to keep pushing us forward. My training requires dedication, and a ton of energy, so I love that CLIF BARs taste great and give me the sustained energy I need to power through. I’m so proud to represent a brand that supports me and aligns with my values.”


“It’s such an honour to be featured on a CLIF BAR along with these other incredible female athletes,” says seven-time Grand Slam singles champion and entrepreneur Venus Williams.

“This is the perfect example of women supporting each other and celebrating their successes in sports, in business, and in life. From an early age I have always been mindful about what I put into my body, so I love that I can grab a CLIF BAR and get the right mix of protein, fat, and carbs to sustain my energy levels for practice, training, and everything I want to accomplish each day.”


“I created CLIF BAR, the ultimate energy bar, to serve all types of and fuel their favorite sports,” says Clif Bar & Company founder and co-CEO Gary Erickson.

“Today, our bars are eaten by everyone from the elite athletes on our new packaging to everyday athletes playing pickup basketball or challenging themselves on a long hike. While I’ve never been a professional athlete myself, I’m inspired by those at the pinnacle of their sport, and we hope by featuring these six women on our new packaging that we can continue to inspire athletes at all levels.”


Born on a Bike™ and made for athletes of every stripe, CLIF performance energy foods are purposely crafted with the right nutrition to sustain your energy and power you through adventures big or small.

The idea for a better performance bar was born during a 175-mile bike ride. Nearly 30 years later, CLIF BAR® remains the ultimate energy bar, fueling athletes with an ideal mix of nutritious, sustainably sourced ingredients.


Original Press Release: BusinessWire

CLIF Bar is exclusively distributed in Australia by Unique Health Products. You can order your CLIF stock via our online store or contact one of our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904. If you would like to create a wholesale account with us, you can do so here!


When your marketing strategy heavily falls upon conquering the realm of Instagram, it’s a no-brainer that a critical step to business growth is fostering mutually beneficial relationships with very influential ambassadors. Enter Exhibit A, Happy Way. 

The creative, innovative team behind this natural lifestyle supplement company knows a thing or two about social media. Harnessing the power of social media and building strong, long-term relationships with likeminded influencers, Happy Way have seen their Instagram following grow to 163,000+. They also have a 50k strong following on their Facebook page.

Their diverse range consists of grass-fed whey protein powders, vegan protein powders, fat burners, BCAAs and greens powders, and kids snack bars. Using only the finest quality, natural ingredients, and crafted with superfoods known to support busy women, the range makes healthy living that little bit easier and a whole lot more fun. 

Happy Way’s influencers also create amazing recipes with their products making for great social content and inspiration to encourage their customers to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy the products in a variety of ways. So who have they got on their ambassador team? Take a look at a handful of them below. You’re bound to be inspired!


ASHY BINES – 895k followers

A source of inspiration for Happy Way co-founders Ben and Hien, Ashy embodies the very principles that the brand was built on. An ethos based on being real, being vulnerable, working hard and showing that we all have a superwoman waiting to be unlocked within us.



SOPHIE GUIDOLIN – 396k followers

Sophie is a nutritionist, IFBB Bikini Pro, personal trainer, published author, influencer and mother of four. Her mission is to support and encourage mums to never feel alone in their health & fitness goals by providing them with the right tools, without the jargon to ensure they get the results they want.


DANIELLE BONNOR – 166k followers

A mother, wife, model, yogi and influencer, Dani has become a source of daily inspiration to her 160 thousand strong social media followers. Having grown into one of the most sought after content creators in the yoga and fitness world, Dani has collaborated with some of the nation’s most respected brands. 


CASS OLHOLM – 125k followers

As one of their long-standing ambassadors, she was recently the inspiration behind the launch of their all-natural BCAA range. In true spirit of her sheer determination and work ethic, when Cass couldn’t find a natural product she loved on the market, she collaborated with Happy Way to make one happen. As a nutritionist, recipe developer and fitness influencer, she has long inspired her dedicated followers to lead a balanced and active lifestyle. 


KRYSTAL HIPWELL – 128k followers

Krystal Hipwell is a mum, a wife, a fitness trainer, an influencer, a self-confessed exercise addict and a wearer of many hats. Having gone through her own love/hate relationship with her body and exercise, nowadays Krystal has learnt to nourish and fuel her body, rather than punish it. A journey she shares with her dedicated followers on her namesake blog and Instagram account.

There has never been a better time to order Happy Way! The weather is heating up, the influencers are actively doing what they do best – inspiring sales, and we’re on the cusp of active living season! Ready to boost your sales? Do so the Happy Way!

Order your stock online 24/7 with our online shop. Haven’t yet registered an account with us? No problem, you can do so here

Images: Sourced from each influencer’s Instagram account.



From cross-country skiing, climbing and running to Ultraman, CLIF athletes are taking their sports to the next level and inspiring Australians to get outside, enjoy CLIF and feed their own adventures.

Long-time Team CLIF member, Lucy Bartholomew, has had an incredible 12 months, including winning the Ultra Trail Australia and the Ultra Trail Ninghai (China), as well as many local and international trail runs.


Richard Thompson, took out the Australian Ultraman event this year, breaking the world record while maintaining a successful coaching team that includes hundreds of triathletes and runners across Australia.

Building on her achievements from 2016, Team CLIF climber, Lucy Stirling, led a strong Australian team to the world cup in Europe, before taking out the lead climbing title at the Oceania Championships, as well as strong performances in bouldering and speed climbing (2nd and 3rd respectively).  Her eyes are firmly set on the 2020 Olympics, which require climbers to achieve across all three disciplines.


New Team CLIF athlete, Callum Watson, is also ramping up his training for the 201 Winter Olympics where he will compete in the cross-country skiing, backing up his success in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Don’t miss out on the sales growth of this exciting brand and become part of the success story! Order your CLIF products today from our online store. Or register for an account with us here.

World’s First Performance Chocolate


Although a deal was not signed, revealing the world’s first performance chocolate to over 5 million viewers have sent Peak Chocolate demand into overdrive.

The brand is committed to creating the highest quality, most nutritious and most performance enhancing chocolate-based products on the planet, and they’ve certainly delivered.

In a world first, the Australian company has brought the category an ultimate pre-workout, high-energy, low-sugar dark chocolate.

What is performance chocolate?

As opposed to indulgent, sugar-filled chocolate, performance chocolate was crafted to be used as a nutritional supplement.

Creatine, BCAAs, Himalayan salt and natural caffeine from guarana combine with 80% premium cacao to create a sophisticated, comprehensive and delicious formula, specifically engineered to help increase energy, improve focus and accelerate muscle growth.

Positive selling points

Peak Chocolate sits in the on-demand active nutrition category, but it is unlike anything else. It is appealing to a range of consumers. Peak Chocolate is being consumed during athletic competitions, training (whether it be netball practice or a gym workout) and even for that 3pm pick-me-up in the office.

Peak Chocolate is uniquely:
– Very low in sugar
– High in good fats
– Paleo friendly
– Vegan
– Gluten free
– Non-Dairy
– Preservative free
– Guilt-free

Each serve of Peak Chocolate is also individually wrapped for convenience. Each single serve (20g) retails for just $2.95 and the 3 serve pack (60g) is $6.95.

Peak Chocolate

More about the ingredients used in Peak Chocolate

Understanding what each ingredient offers, can help you explain to consumers why Peak Chocolate have selected to include each ingredient in their product.


Creatine phosphate helps make a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides the energy for muscle contractions. Many researchers have found links between using creatine and obtaining greater gains in muscle fiber size and muscle mass, as well as enhanced  strength, power, recovery following endurance activity, neuroprotective function, bone regeneration and more.


Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) refers to three amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine. It can promote muscle protein synthesis and over time help to increase muscle growth. BCAAs are also used by athletes to help prevent fatigue.


Different to regular table salt, Himalayan salt is a more natural salt that contains 98% sodium chloride and the remaining 2% is made up of up to 84 different trace minerals, like potassium, magnesium and calcium. The body needs sodium to help to contract and relax muscles, maintain proper fluid balance and prevent dehydration, send nervous system impulses and prevent low blood pressure.


Guarana is a plant from the Amazon that offers double the caffeine of a coffee bean. Evidence exists that the right caffeine intake can help with endurance, performance, power, focus and concentration.

Tips for strong Peak Chocolate sales

How should you position Peak Chocolate for ultimate sales? Duel position it. Add it into your nutrition aisle with proteins and supplements and also next to chocolate to encourage a healthier chocolate purchase.
It’s also branded boldly to ensure it sells well as an impulse purchase at the point of sale.

Being the first of it’s kind, ensure your staff are educated on Peak Chocolate, so they are ready to answer any questions your customers may have.

Stocking both the single packs and the 3 pack will ensure you target both those that are new to trying Peak Chocolate and those that are converted fans and want larger multi-serve pack.

Add this exciting new brand to your next order here, or if you’re not yet a Unique account holder, get started here.

Electrolytes – The Sports Hydration Heroes


Electrolytes are best known for their hydrating benefits and common presence in sports drinks.

In an average week, 1.5 million Australians
(aged 14+) consume sports drinks.

While the sports hydration category as a whole is dominated by big brands such as Powerade and Gatorade, the third most commonly consumed sports hydration category is health drinks.

Out of all Australians that consumed a sports drink in an average week, 11% where from the health drink category. With consumers becoming more conscious of sugar as well as natural sports nutrition alternatives, we expect this category to
only grow.

With this said, exposing a natural or healthy product’s electrolyte contents can be just the USP (unique selling point) that tips a customer to purchase.

Natural products that contain high levels of electrolytes include nuun dissolvable electrolyte tablets, Necta Maple Water, Nakula Coconut Water and CLIF BLOKs.


Electrolytes are electrically-charged particles (ions) found in bodily fluids – this includes blood and urine.

The substances come in many different forms including sodium, chlorine, potassium, phosphate, magnesium and calcium.

Electrolytes are found naturally in food and drinks or through supplements.


Electrolytes are essential to ensure a healthy, balanced body.

The ions carry an electrical energy necessary for many body functions. These include muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses.

Consistent, adequate supply of these important nutrients helps the body to reach its optimal performance. This could explain why drinks that contain electrolytes are often referred to as ‘sports hydration’.

Sweat releases electrolytes, so in order to replenish them, many consumers turn to electrolyte drinks/sports hydration.

Keeping electrolytes balanced within the body allows it to maintain proper water amounts, balance blood acidity, help assist muscles and more.

If the electrolytes are not replaced or are over-consumed, this could lead to
an imbalance.


Electrolyte imbalance can cause many different symptoms which could include:

– Irregular heartbeat
– Weakness
– Bone disorders
– Twitching
– Blood pressure changes
– Confusion
– Seizures
– Numbness
– Nervous system disorders
– Fatigue
– Vomiting
– Diarrhoea
– Convulsions
– Muscle spasms

The causes of an imbalance can be as simple and obvious as heat exposure or severe dehydration, which is more common in the warmer months. On the contrary, the causes can also be very complicated and can stem from certain drugs
or treatments.

Ensure customers are aware to replenish electrolytes when they are lost to escape these symptoms and avoid compromising performance.

Electrolytes are equally as vital as the food and water your customers consume during exercise.


An athlete’s goal is to reach their optimal performance, so it’s no surprise that electrolytes predominately appeal to this type of consumer. Although, this isn’t where electrolyte sales have to stay. Everyone needs them for a healthy body, so the potential to widen the reach with such products is almost limitless.

Try taste testing and educating all sorts of consumers about electrolytes to help push your sales past the typical athletic buyer. Summer is the perfect time to
do this!


nuun proves that healthy hydration can be convenient and tasty. The electrolyte-enhanced drink tabs are gluten free, dairy and soy free, safe for clean sport, made from plant-based ingredients and are available in incredible flavours. Each dissolvable tab contains the four main electrolytes that play vital roles in hydration and exercise performance: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

nuun Boost also contains caffeine (derived from green tea) that is commonly used as a performance enhancer. Read more about caffeine and performance here.

hydration - electrolytes - nuun

Necta organic maple water is simply pure maple sap, with nothing added and nothing removed. It contains more than 25 different polyphenols, phytohormones and antioxidants as well as naturally occurring electrolytes such as manganese, zinc and sodium. With less than 2g of sugar and only 8 calories per 100ml, it’s a fantastic hydration choose for any consumer. Don’t let the name mislead you, the taste is not overly sweet, but more so refreshing. You can read more about maple water here.

hydration - electrolytes - Necta

The refreshing flavour of coconut water has been captivating consumers globally over the last decade. Offering electrolytes, potassium, vitamin c, magnesium and more, Nakula coconut water is a fantastic refreshing hydration choice. Consumers can drink it straight or add it to smoothies, a refreshing summer drink and
even puddings.

hydration - electrolytes - Nakula

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Sales Fit For an Athlete


With Australia’s interest in fitness and nutrition continuing to grow, athletes’ nutrition habits are constantly watched by consumers. What they want is to discover the health secrets of the ‘best of the best’, like Australia’s own Sally Fitzgibbons.

What’s Sally Fitzgibbons’ secret? Well it’s no secret, she loves Blue Dinosaur.

Partnering with the paleo snack brand has not only got all eyes on her, but also on the natural, paleo bars.

“I enjoy Blue Dinosaur paleo bars as they are really authentic. Their bars are natural, dairy and gluten free. No added sugars or preservatives. It is a natural choice for me”, Sally said.

Sally Fitzgibbons is an Idol Aussie athlete. The Australian professional surfer is on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour.

Since her first significant results at age 14, winning an Association of Surfing Professionals Pro Junior event and placing second in the World Qualifying Series, she’s now in her prime and considered one of the best female surfers on the planet!

So how much are athletes like Sally actually influencing your consumers? Easy answer – HEAPS!

Studies on consumer behaviours have identified that quality, price, recommendations from friends, and celebrity endorsement are the top four factors to influences purchases.

People idolize famous athletes, so when they’re seen promoting a product, audiences are prompted to buy that product, either subliminally or directly.

Consumers aren’t silly when it comes to product endorsements. If both product and celebrity don’t align properly, the endorsements can seem forced. On the contrary, a smooth alignment like Blue Dinosaur and Sally’s partnership can help drive brand awareness and ultimately product sales.

The partnership between Sally and Blue Dinosaur is seamless with both so naturally aligned with health and fitness.

Blue Dinosaur creators, Tina and Mike, have always been driven by health. They follow the paleo diet themselves, living an active life and eating a balanced, natural diet. They explain the paleo lifestyle clearly here.

Made from only five completely natural ingredients Blue Dinosaur paleo bars are simple, clean, delicious and healthy.

Eaten by many of the world’s best athletes including Sally, the bars provide trusted nutrition for energy and are available in incredibly delicious flavours!

“Ginger Nut, the Brazilian and Lamington are my favourites. The team at my office love them as well. They don’t last long around here” Sally said.

Now partnered with Sally, Blue Dinosaur are painting Australia blue running a huge consumer-focus campaign.

To celebrate Australian Professional Surfer & Fitness Icon Sally Fitzgibbons joining the Blue Dinosaur ambassador program Blue Dinosaur are giving 4 lucky consumers the opportunity to win an all expenses weekend in Sydney staying on beautiful Manly Beach including a money-can’t-buy fitness/surf experience with Sally.

If you want to see the benefits of stocking  a brand driven by authentic influencers and role models you can order Blue Dinosaur for your store here.
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We also have a great range of point of sale material, including posters and wobblers to get the bars flying out the door.