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Guest Blog: Retailer Rates Wholesome Chow

Wholesome Chow drip cake


Delicia, owner of Essentially Health, has built the business around customer satisfaction and only commits to selling products she and her team have tried and tested. With many of her customers looking for gluten free, vegan options, she gave Wholesome Chow’s range a go. Have a read at what she thought of the range. 

Fair warning, this post may speak strongly to your sweet tooth!


Avoiding wheat and gluten a few years ago left me feeling like I was missing out on the nice things in life. Delicious treats we all like to have every now and again like cakes, biscuits and bread.

When I’d attempt to make gluten free/wheat free alternatives, it was always a bit of a mission. Like many of my customers, making such treats meant I had to use copious amounts of ingredients and it would end up costing me more than the monthly mortgage (well, almost) especially if I wanted organic. And after all the hard work, I was never happy with the results.

This left me thinking, what about my customers? Would they give up on baking products, on cooking, on opting for healthy gluten free options? Would they be so unhappy with the lack of convenience in gluten free baking that they’d just never purchase again from my store? I never liked the thought of my customers being unsatisfied.

So I went searching for a solution.
What I found, was Wholesome Chow.

Wholesome Chow


I’d seen a lot of pictures of ‘drip cakes’, so I gave making one a go using Wholesome Chow products.


First, I made four, seven-inch chocolate cake mixes. I only had to add apple cider vinegar, non-dairy milk and oil to the Wholesome Chow cake mixes, it could not be any simpler (although I still managed to get my kitchen looking like a tornado had been in there)!

It literally took 10 minutes to mix the batter and then 25 minutes in the oven to bake.

While they cooled, I made the Wholesome Chow Vanilla frosting to go in-between each layer and then I used Wholesome Chow Chocolate Frosting to cover the outside and the top. All I had to add was vegan butter and milk.

I put the cake in the fridge for around 15 minutes to set.

Next, I melted some Alter Eco Dark Sea Salt with a 1/4 cup of Nakula Coconut Cream and let that drizzle over the top and down the sides of the cake and now I was getting excited!!!

I broke up some vegan honeycomb and placed it on the top and the side of
the cake.

In-between I placed The Chocolate Yogi frothy Toffee, Alter Eco quinoa and Black Out and mixed in some Rawganic coconut chocolate.

To add a little texture I sprinkled some Niulife flaked coconut and topped it off with a few organic strawberries.

I was really pleased with the result! Everybody loved it. The cake was light and fluffy, it was tasty and not artificial or dry (which is common for gluten free cakes).

This is a really special cake to make, but honestly, the mixes made it incredibly easy. It would be even easier for customers to whip up a regular cake using Wholesome Chow mixes!

Wholesome Chow have changed our world – my customers and my own!


After trying and testing it, creating a drip cake, we can now confidently recommend these amazing products to our valued customers.

Wholesome Chow make gluten free baking so easy, why wouldn’t customers
love them?!