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Everywhere you look there’s an overarching trend of convenience. The more convenient the better. But when it comes to health, more often than not, there’s a sacrifice of time to prepare things that are better for us. At least, there used to be!

Filling a lucrative gap in the market, savvy supermarkets, health food stores and convenience stores are now embracing the healthier convenience products that consumers crave. Combining wholesome ingredients, catering to ‘free from’ dietary needs and maintaining a taste and ease of their regular counterparts, these healthy convenience options are driving sales across a wide range of categories.



Australian busy lifestyles and hectic schedules often have consumers losing out on time to eat breakfast. Instead, they are opting for quick, snack-sized breakfast meals that are fuss-free to make, or even better, can be eaten on the go!

Sweet Snacks


There’s a plethlora of delicious, healthy grab n’ go snacks available, but nothing quite beats a homemade treat. While some people find baking therapeutic, others want to be Betty Crocker without the fuss. That’s where healthy baking mixes come in!

Sales of baking mixes have soared this year thanks to the rise of at-home cooking. Research company Nielsen found in its latest report that sales of popular baking ingredients have increased dramatically this year with flour sales up over 156%. Make baking a breeze with our huge range of better baking solutions.

Savoury Bakes


According to SPINS data, baking mixes are seeing just as much success as flour in stores — if not more. For the week of March 22, although shelf-stable baking ingredients were up 122.9% compared to the same week last year and flour up 236.5%, shelf-stable baking mixes and pancake/waffle mixes were up 236.5% and 186.5%, respectively.

Pantry staple mixes like wraps, breads and pizza bases are popular with those seeking increased convenience without compromising on health goals. Quick and easy savoury baking mixes are well placed to tap into a number of trends in the Bakery category including the strong demand for lower-sugar alternatives.

Ready Meals


In Australia, the ready meals market was valued at $853.61 million in 2013. In 2019 it had grown to $1.14 billion and is projected to be worth $1.58 billion by 2024. Tempt tastebuds with these comfort foods that are favourites for adults and children alike!

Soups and Noodles


Coles General Manager for fresh convenience, dairy and freezer, Charlotte Rhodes says their research found one in three customers don’t have the time to cook from scratch and 52% are not interested in cooking more at home, with chopping and cutting regarded as their biggest pain points with meal prep. Quick and easy throw-together meals are increasingly popular and there’s a noodle or soup base to suit all diets amongst our product range. Healthier comfort foods are ready in minutes!

Vegan Meat Alternatives


Sales-wise, Meat and Livestock Australia recently quoted figures from an independent study last year that predicted a $3.8 billion industry loss by 2030. While the sales of vegan meat alternatives and plant-based meat replacements are only on the rise. These full-of-flavour alternatives pictured above make delicious meal additions with minimal fuss!

According to SPINS grocery sales data released March 3, 2020, brands that directly replace meat with similar nutritional profiles, taste and texture such as Flexible Foods (pictured far right above) have grown 29% in the past two years to AUD $5 billion.



Consumer demand for healthy snack bars continue to rise and has been the primary reason for sales of snack bars in the country. In Australia alone, the market is expected to reach more than AUD $1 billion by 2025, witnessing a CAGR of 4.38%, during the forecast period. The changing lifestyle of consumers including snackification and consumption of smaller meals is expected to propel the deman for snack bars, especially those with clean ingredients, functional benefits, reduced sugar and plant protein. 

Make the most of the shift towards more convenient, healthy food choices and stock up on our wide range of products today. You can shop online with us 24/7 here, or call our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904. If you don’t have a wholesale account with us yet, you can register for one here.