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It’s Not Just Fitness Fanatics Buying Sports Nutrition


It’s not just growing. Sports nutrition is evolving. It’s expanding rapidly into other segments, while still holding strong roots in the fitness segment.

Yes, there is massive growth coming from Australia’s snowballing fascination with a fitness, sport and exercise culture. In fact, each year, Australians are spending a huge $8.5 billion on gym memberships, sports equipment and the latest fitness trends.* But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sports nutrition has expanded past attracting just extreme body builders and gym fanatics, who only account for 5% of the category’s total sales. ^ It now heavily appeals to dieters, a segment of the huge healthy convenience market and everyday health and active lifestyles.

Sports nutrition is morphing into active nutrition.

Consumers are no longer just reaching for sports nutrition products to assist with exercise and recovery, but are also consuming them to help gain optimum health, supplement diet plans and top up energy levels.

Customers interested in health, fitness and exercise are calling energy bars, protein powders and ready to drink sports drinks ‘must-have products’.

So how do you make sports nutrition your business?


There are many types of protein products on the market, with each having been developed to meet specific needs and uses.

Protein Supplies Australia has a great natural protein product range available in sizes from single-serve sachets, to support grab n’ go from the counter, right up to bulk 3kg bags, for a strong shelf presence.

They offer vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free options and more!

With each product available in different flavours, consumers are given an abundant of diversity.

Protein Supplies Australia have also compiled recipe ideas for customers to discover new ways to use their products and have other eye-catching POS material available.

Just contact us and we will happily supply any material you may need.


Energy bars are benefiting greatly from the expansion of the sports nutrition category. They offer a boost of energy during exercise and fitness, but are also great for an extra lift anytime customers need it.

Brands like CLIF Bar offer a nutritious energy option and are the ideal energy grab n’ go bar. They are made from organic oats for sustained energy, contain nothing artificial and are available in seven enticing flavours.

As the definition continues to blur between energy and snack bars, the placement of energy bars in your store can range. Not only do they fit well with protein powders and nutritional supplements, but also with granola bars in the snack bar category or ideally on the counter to encourage point of sale purchases.


Sports drinks are consumed to replace electrolytes, minerals and help hydrate.

From plant waters filled with natural minerals and electrolytes like coconut water and maple water, through to sports drink powders, there are plenty of natural options to offer customers.

Protein Supplies Australia have a natural range of rehydration powders in a variety of sizes. Their Restore products are true isotonic drink powders, formulated for maximum hydration and recovery.

It replenishes the body with the vital nutrients lost during physical activity and assists in muscular recovery post-exercise.

Restore contains no added sugar and is suitable for vegan customers or those with dairy or gluten intolerances.

New Zealand brand, PURE Sports Nutrition, who traditionally make hydration products and performance products such as beet endurance powder, have recognised the change in the market and made the cross over to the active
lifestyle category.

Their PURE Clean Nutrition products are developed to assist with hydration during light exercise, gastro and during pregnancy.

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With so much now seen to fit under the huge umbrella that is sports nutrition (or should we say active nutrition), there’s no doubt the category is evolving.

Customers will continue to look for sports nutrition products to assist their workouts, supplement diet plans and top up energy levels.

Demand for such products is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Sports nutrition is to see the fastest growth of all customer health categories, and continues to grow at approximately 10% annually.*^

*Euromonitor, 2015.
^Natural Products Insider, 2015.