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Jam-Packed With Fruit, Not Sugar!

Crofters Just Fruit Spreads


This delicious Just Fruit Spreads range is just that – only fruit!

Instead of packing in the sugar, Crofters have set themselves apart from competitors, offering a range that has no added sugar, but is instead sweetened with white grape fruit juice concentrate.

The brand confesses that it was technically challenging to create a range that comprises of 100% fruit ingredients, but with their Sicilian grape master’s methods, they’ve created the perfect texture and spreadability, without compromising colour or flavour across their range.

Customers will love all six delicious varieties – Wild Blueberry, Apricot, Strawberry, Seville Orange, Superfruit and Raspberry.

Crofters Just Fruit Spreads

The declining want for sugar

By refraining from adding sugar to their Just Fruit Spread range, Crofters have a hugely popular selling point to offer Australian consumers.

A recent Nielsen report identified that more than a third (36%) of Australian consumers wish low sugar/sugar free products were more commonly found in stores (2016). By using white grape juice concentrate to sweeten Crofters Just Fruit Spreads, the sugar content is a massive 30% less than that found in standard fruit jam.

This compelling reduction in sugar could drive your sugar-conscious consumers to no longer be afraid of mornings with sweet toast and drive them to buy.

Crofters key selling points

Adding no sugar aside, Crofters has so much to offer customers. Each Just Fruit Spread is certified organic, gluten free, non-GMO and has only 30 calories per serving, plus just a third of the sugar content that standard fruit jam contains.

They select a variety of high quality, organic fruit to create light, fruity flavours that’s not sticky sweet. Less sweetener also means that every jar of Just Fruit Spread is packed with even more amazing fresh fruit.

The range is very minimally processed, with the products sustainably sourced and transported. Crofters also have a vast range of recipes, encouraging consumers to be more creative than the regular use of jam on toast and use the Just Fruit Spreads to make tarts, marinades and more. Find their recipes here.

The multi-million-dollar factory

By investing in creating a state of the art factory, Crofters tripled their production capacity. This helps to keep their recommended retail price extremely attractive in the organic spread market across the globe, as well as ensure a steady supply and decreased chances of stock shortages for retailers.

In their old facility Crofters produced one million cases per year, now they can produce three million cases. Each case contains 25 units, which means they send out 75 million units a year! That’s a whole lot of Crofters fans!

The factory is located on the banks of the Seguin River at the mouth of Georgian Bay in Parry Sound, Ontario Canada. Set amongst inspiring surroundings, Crofters are reminded everyday why organic agriculture and sustainable choices are so important.

Since launching in Australia in July, Crofters has seen a lot of Aussie consumer interest. Add the range to your next online order.

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