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Kintra Foods tea

‘While there is tea, there is hope’ is the Kintra Foods motto and we couldn’t agree more!

Located in Sydney’s Terrey Hills, Kintra Foods is a 100% Australian family-owned business specialising in premium and unique tea products specifically developed for health-conscious consumers. 


Of course taste is a big factor in the development of the Kintra Foods teas, but every tea is also developed with a specific health purpose in mind. Whether it’s dandelion for the liver or rooibos for antioxidants, the ingredients are carefully selected for their health benefits. 

Those ingredients are purchased directly from the farm and processed in-house at their Terrey Hills manufacturing plant where you will find numerous tea bag and sachet machines, blenders and fillers as well as lines for cans, pouches and glass jars. 

In a market dominated by imports, Kintra Foods is one of the last local Australian tea manufacturers. This allows them to offer exceptional quality, freshness and the best value in the market. 


Kintra Foods is conscious of minimising their impact on the environment and has committed to the ethical sourcing of all raw materials. They also preference organic and wild harvest ingredients where possible. 

To further boost their focus on sustainability they also:

  • Use recycled packaging
  • Have taken steps to reduce packaging
  • Switched to naked teabags by removing all printed envelopes, strings, tags and glue from teabags.

These actions have saved millions of tonnes of waste and firmly positioned the brand as an eco-leader.

Kintra Foods tea range


The range of teas from Kintra Foods is diverse with a selection of Loose Leaf Teas, Herbal Tea Bags, Granular Blends and Powders.

Kintra Foods is one of the hundreds of brands we distribute at Unique Health Products. To stock this Australian brand on your shelves, you can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or call our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904. If you are new to Unique you can register an account here.