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Insight: Know Your Customers


These profiles are vital in helping determine how products are marketed and consequently promoted in-store to various market segments. For example, some customers are cutting back on vitamin and mineral intake and instead opting for naturally nutrient-rich foods, whereas others are focused on increasing their use of supplements in an effort to cut down on medication and doctor visits.

The healthiest segment is the Well Beings, who continue to set the bar for healthy behaviour. They are the customers you want to be selling to as they are the influences, trend setters and early adopters. The standards they set provide the benchmark for the more aspiring segments, particularly the Fence Sitters. Fence Sitters and Magic Bullets represent the lucrative market that can be tapped into by providing the solutions and service they seek, primarily convenience and advice. Food Actives and Drink, Eat and Be Merrys are the most challenging segments to convert into sales in the natural health sector being that they are the most price sensitive and least eco-friendly.

The psychographics of the five consumer health and wellness segments have been outlined in greater detail below.

Know Your Customers Infographic 1
Well Beings are the most health proactive, market leaders and influencers. They use some supplements and have been identified to have the highest organic usage amongst the five segments. Well Beings also use many health modalities and are recognised as the greenest consumers.

Know Your Customers Infographic 2
Fence Sitters are best described as wannabe healthy. This consumer segment are the most likely to have kids, be stressed out, want help and have a desire for control. They participate in more health kicks but their goals are unclear, although they are receptive, eco-friendly and are likely to be actively engaged in weight loss methods.

Know Your Customers Infographic 3
Magic Bullets are conveniently healthy and rely more on a heavy pill usage – both supplements and prescriptions. They are seen as health managers and preventers, weight managers and are least likely to cook at home or exercise.

Know Your Customers Infographic 4
Food Actives are mainstream healthy. They desire inherently healthy foods and are most influenced by doctors. Although they are seen as price-sensitive and the least eco-friendly of all segments.

Know Your Customers Infographic 5
Eat, Drink and Be Merrys are the least health active out of all five consumer segments. Taste is their focus. They are unconcerned about prevention or weight loss, are the most price driven and tend to be younger.

* Natural Marketing Institute, 2015.