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Merchandising Tips and Tricks!

Merchandising Tips


In an environment where every inch could make you a sale, it’s important to take the time to ensure you’re effectively using every spare space in your retail store.
Not sure where to start? Take a look at these easy to follow merchandising tips for some super sales!

1. Embrace the Clip Strip:

Every break between shelves is retail space, so don’t forget to use it. Placing clip strips along breaks is a great way to encourage a companion sale or impulse buy.

2. Block Down:

Take advantage of customers’ product search patterns by merchandising specific brands vertically down rather than horizontally. If brands are merchandised across the shelf, customers often have problems finding what they are looking for.

3. Big Bottom – Small Top:

Try and avoid your smaller products getting lost and your shelves feeling top heavy and awkward by keeping your larger items low and your small items high.

4. Bring Brands Alive:

Help create a strong shelf presence by bringing brands alive and encapsulate consumers with the brands story and personality.

5. It’s All About Abundance:

Order enough stock to keep your displays abundant. Sparse shelves cheapens the look of your displays and when products are not consistently available, consumers will doubt your reliability.

6. Say Goodbye to Gaps:

Minimise gaps between shelves to create an abundant, organised environment. Although at the same time ensure there’s still enough room for shop assistants to face up and check expiry dates, and for customers to easily pick up the products.

7. Face Up More for the Movers:

Multiple facings help brands to further stand out. Allocate multiple facings for your high turnover products to make it easier for consumers to find and easier for you to sell.

8. Take a Double Dip:

Companion sales are a terrific way to increase your customers’ average spend. Think about what you companion sell and encourage extra sales by dual locating products that sell well together.

9. The Price is Right… There:

Most customers check the price before they make a purchase decision. If they can’t find it easily, it may certainly turn them away, so ensure price labels are available and easy to see. This goes for sale and deal prices too.

10. Give the Option For Impulses:

Utilise your register counters for impulse sales – ensure the products are relevant to the season and suited to an impulse purchase, like grab n’ go snacks or beauty 2 go sachets. Just remember to keep the area clean, tidy and uncluttered.

11. Off Location Displays:

Use off location displays to create themes around seasonal essentials, local events, holiday periods or on-trend products/ranges. Convey the message quickly and effectively by using large, clear signage and POS materials.

Merchandising Tips

12. New Needs To Be Known:

New product? Flag it with a small, but bright ‘NEW’ sign to let your customers know. It will help the product catch their attention and create excitement discovering new lines in your store.

13. Move Onwards and Upwards:

Sticking to the same old day-in-day-out can be a drag, for you and your customers. Monitor sales and don’t be afraid to change things up if something is just not working. It’s the only way to grow!


Give these top 13 merchandising tips a try to find what best improves your sales. Having trouble deciding on what products to stock in your retail environment? Contact us and our friendly customer service team will help you to determine what products will best sell in your store.