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The Name That Says It All – Extraordinary Foods

Extraordinary Foods


Originally from Moscow, Russia, Olga and Alex Plotnikova moved to the US in 2009. For five years they marvelled in the variety of vibrant, healthy food they had readily available at their fingertips and they quickly became hooked. It enriched their lives, making them more inspired and energised.

But this healthy obsession that developed in the US wasn’t the pinpoint that encouraged them to establish Extraordinary Foods. That moment came when they made the decision to move to Australia. Noticing that the variety of delicious raw and vegan food was not as easily accessible as it was in the US, they decided to step into the kitchen and start creating a brand of their own.

Their passion was in making food that nourished the body and also tasted amazing. They wanted Australians to know just how incredible healthy food could taste.

 How Alex Plotnikova puts it, they were determined to create “A product I’d want to tear my shirt off for, Hulk Hogan style”.

Kale chips came first. With so many variables; ingredients, how fine or coarse the leaves should be torn, how long to dehydrate them, how much dressing to add and how coarse or smooth the dressing should be, many hours were invested into finding the perfect kale chip formulation.

They explored lots of different flavours before they found the three they fell in love with; Cashew Vegan “Cheese”, Garlic and Spices (with a kick of cayenne) and Onion and Dill.

Crunch time came when they presented Extraordinary Foods to the Australian Market and sold their very first packet at World Vegan Day in Melbourne in November 2013. In fact, they sold over 400 packs of their Kale Chips that day, running out hours before the event finished. The crunchy, light, full flavoured, Australian grown and handmade kale chips were a huge hit.

Humbled by the love Australians showed for their product, Olga and Alex got back into the kitchen to formulate new products to join the range. Since then, they have added tasty salad toppers. Their Pimp My Salad jars include Super Seed Sprinkles, Sunflower Seed Sprinkles and Kale Sprinkles.

What makes them so extraordinary is they still use organic, local ingredients and hand make everything in beautiful Byron Bay. There’s just as much love and time invested into each and every product as there was in the very beginning.

If it’s Extraordinary Foods, you’ll consistently find outstanding products with desirable textures and irresistible flavours.

Discover the range of Extraordinary Foods raw and vegan snacks and salad toppers on our online shop.