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Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw The Healthy Cooks Natural Evolution

Between them, the girls behind Keep It Cleaner, Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, have almost 2 million Instagram followers. They share their passion for clean living with a focus on fitness, nutrition and wellness.

These girls know their stuff when it comes to healthy products. And that’s why we were thrilled to see Natural Evolution’s Green Banana Flour featured on the first episode of their new TV show, The Healthy Cooks.

Meet Natural Evolution

Natural Evolution is a business built on innovation. They are responsible for the world’s first – and only – banana peeling machine and the “banana blankey”, a fully recyclable packaging for protecting bananas during transport. 

But it’s their green banana products – including the Green Banana Baking Flour – that really takes innovation to the next level.

Green Banana Flour is gluten free, high fibre and nutrient-packed. Made from the green cavendish bananas that the supermarkets deem too bendy, too straight, too big or too small, green banana flour is high in resistant starch which is great for gut health!

“Try swapping wheat flour for a gluten free alternative like banana flour which is packed with prebiotic fibre,” explained Laura Henshaw on The Healthy Cooks. “It’s so good for our gut health. It’s one small change you can make for your health and wellbeing.”

Cooking with Green Banana Flour

On The Healthy Cooks, Stephanie and Laura made a delicious Haloumi, Roasted Pumpkin and Spinach Frittata

Green banana flour is versatile to cook with – the flour rises beautifully when baking and results in light and fluffy baked goods with a delicious flavour. As with any gluten-free baking, only ½ – ¾ of green banana flour is required for every cup of regular flour indicated in a recipe.

Haloumi, Roasted Pumpkin and Spinach Frittata

Due to its resistant starch, ease to cook with and gut health benefits, Green Banana Flour is a trending product on the rise. To place a wholesale order you can shop online 24/7, or call our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904. If you’re new to Unique Health Products, you can register for a wholesale account here.