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Necta Maple Water has made the loved list of plant waters


The global coconut water category is currently valued at over AU$562 million.* Why wouldn’t your customers love coconut water? The refreshing flavour takes them on a tropical holiday, while offering them electrolytes, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium and more. Coconut water is also very diverse. Add it to smoothies, a refreshing summer drink and puddings or enjoy it as is.

Since this pure liquid of natural goodness has gained momentum in the market, we’ve seen a flood of plant waters attempting to guzzle the spotlight. Among them, aloe vera water, birch water, cactus water, even charcoal water and artichoke water.

Plant waters are making a big splash among health conscious consumers and with celebrities hot on the trend, we can expect even more acceptance of the market amongst the mainstream.

Plant waters offer consumers a healthier alternative to sugar filled soft drinks,
cordials and juices.

There’s demand there, but what’s next for the Australian plant water market? With consumer behaviour indicating that natural, transparent beverage options are being favoured, a plant water that follows this should have a good chance at winning
over consumers.

It’s clear that coconut water is a favourite among many plant water drinkers. Consumption has risen by 60% over the last decade and coconut water’s health positioning will continue to boost growth. The demand for coconut water is not going anywhere, although another plant water is looking to stand side-by-side in the spotlight.

In North America maple water has been labelled as the ‘new’ coconut water and it’s predicted to follow the same trend of popularity that saw coconut water finds its way to the mainstream.

Necta Pure Maple Water contains 46 nutrients and electrolytes, and is one of the best plant waters
in terms of low sugar and calories.

Necta Maple Water contains only 2g of sugar and 8 calories per 100ml. Manufacturers are even boasting that it has more manganese than the highly popular, leafy green vegetable – kale. Read all the benefits that maple water offers here.

Necta Maple Water is 100 percent pure, natural, unprocessed, unboiled, USDA certified organic and is not diluted by anything, not even water. It’s straight maple sap from the tree, which is the exact transparency that consumers are demanding.


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To ensure the highest nutrients and freshest maple water, Necta harvest and package their maple water sustainably within 48 hours at springtime in Quebec forests, which is free from any pollutants. How’s that for a tight turnaround, collecting the entire years’ worth in 2 days?

Don’t let the name mislead you, drinking maple water doesn’t mimic the taste of gobbling a sweet stack of syrup covered pancakes. The subtle taste is a delicious surprise. With a refreshing taste and just a hint of sweetness, Necta Pure Maple Water is a revitalizing thirst quencher on a hot day. It’s also the perfect plant water for staying hydrated during and after exercise and outdoor activities.

Like coconut water, maple water’s versatility
is as endless as the imagination.

Add it to smoothies, freeze it to make ice blocks, use it in recipes, the list goes on. A favourite in North America, Necta Maple Water is now available in Australia and has already made the list of loved plant waters, alongside coconut water.

*Australian Food News, 2014.