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Over A Decade On Top – Cellfood Sells!



Health2U Managing Director, Dr David Hannaford, puts Cellfood’s success down to the quality of the product. When asked why he thinks the brand has been a top-seller for so many consecutive years, Dr Hannaford replied, “Simple, Cellfood works. Backed by scientific evidence and used in 94 countries, the product speaks for itself.” Not only has it been the number one selling food supplement quarter after quarter at Unique for 15 years, Cellfood for the last decade has also consistently featured in Unique’s total top three best sellers. With Unique now offering over 3300 products, that’s an extremely impressive ranking!

What is Cellfood?

It is a uniquely created, proprietary formulation that contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen – and utilises a unique water-splitting technology. The water is split by weakening the bonding electrons, which creates cascades of oxygen. This process allows the product to provide oxygen and nutrients that can be absorbed quickly and efficiently by every cell in the body. An abundance of beneficial antioxidants are found in Cellfood, it’s also highly alkalising and completely safe, being made from all-natural plant substances, containing only the finest ingredients.

What are customers saying about Cellfood?

With millions of customers around the globe choosing to purchase Cellfood monthly, it’s no surprise that the product has a huge list of positive reviews. “Great Supplement”, “A+ Product”, “My lifeline” are just some of the comments made by real customers.

Benefits of taking Cellfood

This product is full of health benefits! It is trusted by health professionals and retail stores in 94 different countries, because it may help to: – Detox the body – Repair and rebuild tissue – Boost energy – Increase the oxygen in your cells – Relieve allergies – Increase alertness and concentration – Balance the body’s pH – Improve the body’s digestion process – Increase nutrient absorption – Remove lactic and uric acid from the body – Accelerate injury recovery

How is Cellfood used?

Customers simply add the drops to water – that’s it! The small, unbreakable bottle will provide a 30-day supply when taken as directed.

A brief background on Cellfood

Cellfood has been around since 1969 and was pioneered by genius inventor, Everett Storey, a physical chemist, microbiologist, publisher, and author. Awarded the prestigious Advanced Technology Award for Nutrition by the Inventor’s Club of America, it quickly won over many. Not only has Cellfood held onto a spot in Unique Health Products’ top three best-sellers throughout the last decade, Dr Hannaford has disclosed that it’s also still in the top 10 fastest growing brands globally. Cellfood is also able to transition across many diet categories, meaning it’s able to reach a larger percentage of your customers. Whether they are vegan, gluten intolerant, follow a paleo lifestyle or are on a reduced carb diet, this product is still suitable for these customers. It is known as an ‘all in one’ product covering all bases for essential nutrition at a cellular level. Cellfood If you’d like to discover more about the history and formula, you’ll find lots of information on the Cellfood website. To stock the proven top-selling customer favourite, add it to your next online order here. Get 14 for the price of 12 and maximise profits when you purchase Cellfood in a counter display unit (SKU code: CF21), with a huge 92% mark-up! You’ll also help catch consumers attention with the bold shelf presence that the display offers. If you don’t already have a Unique Health Products online shop log in, you can get access to our thousands of products by applying for your wholesale account here or contact us.