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Put Down the Plates – Bring Out the Bowls!

Bowl Food


The bowl trend has taken off and has the world in a craze. Forbes has named bowl food and vegetarian comfort food as two of the top five food trends for 2017. Discovering more about these new trends will help you to tap into them and boost your sales.

Vegetables are still growing in popularity with animal proteins and heavy side dishes increasingly being replaced by vegetarian options.

In its comfort food searches, Pinterest recorded that “veggies” increased by 336% last year.

Evolving from the famous smoothie bowl trend, the basic food bowl premise is, if it fits in a bowl – it works, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bowl food is typically healthy, containing a nutritious balance of grains, veggies and protein. Superfoods and bright coloured ingredients are also seen as must-haves, which ensure the bowl is socially engaging on popular online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms, as well as social influencers and celebrities as big as Gwyneth Paltrow, have been driving the bowl food trend.

It’s been documented that colour and texture of food, as well as the type of utensil used, will influence how a meal tastes, but what about the type of crockery used? Does placing food in a bowl as opposed to on a plate actually affect the taste? Could this be another reason why consumers are crazed over this new trend?

Consumers are in fact reporting that food does taste better in a bowl and according to experts, this isn’t a surprise. The perception of flavour and even the feelings after a meal can be impacted by a variety of sensory stimuli.

Charles Spence, an expert in the psychology of taste at the University of Oxford, says that lots of varied factors come into play with crockery.

“I certainly believe that the plateware we use to eat from plays a role in what things tastes like,” he says. “Everything from the texture, the temperature or the feel or the plateware or bowl can fit into this.”

Some also argue that bowl food would likely make the consumer psychologically more susceptible to mindfulness, making them feel satisfied faster. Using only a fork and being less likely to spill, this type of serving means consumers can stretch out and watch Netflix or continue scrolling on their tablet or smart phones while eating.

Bowl food has a reputation for containing a complete meal, the right amount of everything combined easily in an easy to eat fashion, which is exactly
what’s appealing.

Bowl Food

This sense of ease identifies how the bowl food trend fits perfectly into consumers’ increasing demand for simplicity and fast, easy, nutritious food.

Stock bowl-friendly, easy-to-use ingredients and merchandise them in dual-location with fresh produce. This will help you tap into one of 2017’s biggest trends – the bowl food!

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