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Retail Focus: The Senses Are the Secret to Active Nutrition Sales

Active Nutrition


This demand for active nutrition products is pushing the global market, which is predicted to grow at a strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% from 2013 to 2019, to reach AUD$49.14 billion by 2019.*

With demand clearly increasing, what can you do to drive customers into your store, push them to the purchase intent stage and then break down all barriers to get the sale? The answer is reclaim sensory engagement.

With a lingering stigma around how unpleasant sports nutrition products can be, taste is a big obstacle with this category. Allowing customers the opportunity to taste, touch and smell the products helps to overcome this.

In some studies, samples have boosted
sales by as much as 2,000%!+

With a rapidly growing category, it’s inevitable that some people won’t understand what some active nutrition products do or what they even look like out of the packet, let alone what they taste like.

Help your customers to better understand these products and better persuade them to purchase. First think of the brand experience as sensations, feelings, perceptions and behavioural responses evoked by the senses, these are the brand stimuli.

Sensory brand engagement via the Five Senses:

– Sight: brand look
– Taste: brand flavour
– Touch: brand texture
– Smell: brand scent
– Sound: brand soundtrack

Then understand that these greatly influence consumer satisfaction and loyalty. These can be the secret to increasing sales and helping premium products with higher margins, gain powerful competitive advantage.**

By offering a well-thought out sampling experience, you’re allowing customers to learn more about the products and engage with them in an appealing environment, but can also resinate though to them on a sub-conscious level. Reciprocity is the strong human instinct. As Dan Ariely, a behavioural economist at Duke University, explains “If somebody does something for you”—such as giving you a piece of an energy bar, or a cup of an electrolyte drink —“you really feel a rather surprisingly strong obligation to do something back for them.”+

Your sampling check list:

– Variety of flavours / products prepared and served in sample sizes
– Unopened products that are being sampled for show
– Knowledgeable staff that will stay at the stall and answer questions
– Bright posters to promote the products clearly
– A branded, clean, well-thought out, powerful display
– Consider a survey card for customers to complete
– Stock on the shelves ready to sell

Give your customers a tactical interaction and start influencing their experience and subsequently their purchase decision. Use sensory engagement, the secret to active nutrition sales.

TIP! Add some extra excitement by asking samplers to rate the product and leave their email to win a prize or get a discount voucher. This will help you grow your email marketing database, get valuable customer feedback and increase excitement to better persuade them subconsciously into a sale.

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