The beauty of the digital age is that we have so much data at our fingertips to guide decision-making in business. You don’t need to guess the wellness trends… because you can see the trends unfolding in the data right before your eyes.

Using data from Google Trends and keyword research tool, Ubersuggest, we’ve done some digging to analyse six health and wellness trends that have significantly impacted the industry over the last five years, and how you can make the most of those trends in your business.


The keto diet has steadily grown in popularity over the last five years. In recent Roy Morgan research, 24% of people surveyed indicated that eating a low-fat diet is important to them. This was down from 39% in 2000. The researchers suggested that this change in the way people look at food could be due to the rising popularity of the high-fat keto diet. 

Each month, more than 90,000 people in Australia search ‘ketogenic diet’, 74,000 search for ‘keto diet’ and 1,000 search for ‘keto diet vegan’ or ‘keto diet vegetarian’. Interestingly, in the last 12 months, there has also been a 50% increase in search volume for ‘keto friendly snacks’. 

The opportunity: Educate your customers on the benefits of keto, tied to your keto offering. If you want to increase your keto range, brands like Keto Naturals, The Monday Food Co, PBCo. and Vitawerx have a strong keto market presence. 

Image Source: Google Trends


Research consistently shows that today’s consumers are concerned about the environment. This is supported by the Google Trends data, which shows movement in an upwards direction for searches related to the environmentally friendly topic. 

So, what exactly are they searching for? The list is long, but there is strong growth in search volume where it matters most to you:

  • 450% increase in ‘earth friendly cleaning’ and 60% increase in ‘eco cleaning products’
  • 200% increase in ‘eco friendly products’
  • 160% increase in ‘eco friendly gifts’ and 90% increase in ‘eco gifts’

The opportunity: In a climate where 2 in 5 consumers want brands to offer more sustainable/durable products, it’s time to not only increase your offering but also share your own sustainability initiatives with your customers, such as what you are doing to minimise your plastic waste and packaging.

In the eco-friendly gifts market, Summer Salt Body and Sow ‘n Sow are well established brands. Similarly, for eco-cleaning products with brands such as Earthwise, Bon Ami, Koala Eco and Planet Luxe

Image source: Google Trends


The facts on single-use plastic and plastic waste are frightening. It’s no wonder that this is a trending topic of concern. 

With government moves in some states to ban certain single-use plastics and commitment at a federal level to phase out products such as single-use plastic straws and utensils, awareness of the topic is sure to grow. 

On the topic of drinking straws alone, there were huge increases in search volume over the five year period:

  • 1,900% increase for ‘reusable straws’
  • 1,110% increase for ‘metal straws’ and for ‘silicone straws’
  • 800% increase for ‘steel straws’

The opportunity: Embrace the rise of reusables and zero-waste products by minimising your use of single-use plastic bags and packaging and increasing your eco-offering with brands such as market-leader, Ethique as well as Ever Eco, Joco and Huskee.

Image Source: Google Trends


Plant-based diets are on the rise. Whether it’s vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, search for veganism and related terms is increasing. In the last five years there has been a 160% increase in search volume for ‘plant-based diet’. 

Every month more than 27,000 people search for ‘veganism’, 5,400 for ‘plant-based diet’, 1,600 for ‘plant-based meat’ and also for ‘veganism vs vegetarianism’ and 590 for ‘plant-based diets benefits’. That is a significant volume of search with an educational intent. People are curious about plant-based eating.

The opportunity: Cater to this growing market with a range of plant-based products and provide education on plant-based eating. Innovation and flavour are the key here with brands such as Upton’s Naturals, Flexible Foods and Plantasy Foods for plant-based meat alternatives or even J. Luehders vegan candy. 

Image source: Google Trends


There are two elements to this trend. The first is the rise of interest in organic food. The second is the shift in local search.

In the last twelve months alone, Google search frequency for ‘organic food’ increased by 190% and each month 590 people search for ‘organic skincare Australia’. Awareness of the benefits of organic is rising which is driving the shift.

The opportunity: For local businesses and shopfronts, ensure your Google My Business profile is up to date. For eCommerce stores, organic is a trending topic so highlight your organic products. This is also a good opportunity to increase your organic range with brands like Planet Organic and Eclipse Organics

Image Source: Google Trends


Within the health and wellness industry, immunity is one of those topics that is always prominent. In the last 12 months, immunity related keywords have seen high search volumes:

  • 6,600 searches for immune system
  • 4,400 searches for immunity
  • 3,600 searches for immunity booster
  • 2,900 searches for immunity boosting food

Anecdotally, we are also hearing that consumers are increasingly on the lookout for immunity-related products. While you can expect peaks for this during cold and flu season, this might start to even out throughout the year, depending on global events.

The opportunity: Capitalise on the immunity trend with innovative and high-quality supplements that provide natural immune system support. Brands like IMUNI, Eden Healthfoods, Martin & Pleasance and Comvita cater to this market. 

Image Source: Google Trends


We’ve been distributors in this industry for more than 25 years. We are always ahead of the wellness trends so you can bring the latest innovations and new products to your customers. You can shop online with us 24/7 here, or call our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904. If you don’t have a wholesale account with us yet, you can register for one here.


There’s an overarching theme emerging from this year’s events and it comes as no surprise — it revolves around preventative health, in particular, supporting the immune system. Aside from this, consumers are demanding even more from natural health brands and continue to seek out products developed with both a conscious and a specific purpose. Here are the top 5 emerging trends in natural health today:



Nutrition Business Journal estimates that sales of cold, flu and immunity supplements alone will reach $5.2 billion this year, with growth of 51.2% over 2019. The new awareness of immunity offers supplements an opportunity to be seen as more of a year-round
regimen than a seasonal response. Star ingredients in hot demand include pre and probiotics thanks to the increasing awareness around gut health and immunity. According to Mintel, the number of internet searches for gut health grew 669% last year!



The global natural and organic personal care market is expected to grow even faster than food – at a compound annual growth rate of 11.1% by 2026. But consumers are now looking for natural beauty products that go one step further than just “simple” and
“clean”. Technologically advanced, high-performing functional products are becoming more popular. The key to success is stocking a range of brands that are natural, trustworthy, transparent, and offer a point of difference with their chosen functional ingredients ie. vitamin C for anti-ageing and calendula to calm and soothe.



More and more consumers are moving from individual-centric to planet-centric decision making. They are increasingly aware of and
concerned about sustainability issues and want the brands they trust to take appropriate actions to help reduce their impact. This spans across ingredient sourcing, packaging materials and actively giving back to charities and organisations making a difference.
The rising demand for locally sourced and Australian made products has also come to the forefront of late as consumers look
to support businesses closer to home. 90% of Australians aged 14+ say they are more likely to buy products made in Australia!

5 Emerging Trends_Trending5


A growing number of consumers are looking to adjust their drinking habits by seeking out better-for-you options. Conscious
of excessive sugar intake and searching for products that do more than just hydrate, the functional beverage trend is gaining rapid
momentum. 80% of consumers in a recent FMCG survey said they were planning to eat and drink more healthily because of the recent pandemic. In particular, consumers are looking for drinks that will help support their immune system with drinks high in vitamin C, omega 3s and other ingredients for immune health.

5 Emerging Trends_Trending6


Stress, anxiety and a strong desire to boost wellbeing and get a ‘feel good’ hit at home, has consumers increasingly eager to create their own home and personal care products such as face masks and cleaning products. Combined with a 44% increase in screen time and the popularity of DIY on social media, this trend offers consumers a triple-whammy ‘feel good’ effect thanks to a feeling of belonging, enjoying a personalised experience, and active participation in more sustainable consumerism.

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Sources: Play Market Research, 2020. Roy Morgan, 2019.


Healthy home. From the medicine cabinet and kitchen pantry to office desk essentials and recipe inspiration, there’s an array of healthier alternatives for customers wishing to make the switch to a more eco-friendly, natural way of living. Expand your customers’ options with these great finds.




Medihoney Adhesive Dressings are a waterproof, latex-free hydrogel dressing infused with antibacterial, medical-grade manuka honey. These dressings help to speed up the healing process by maintaining a moist environment for optimal healing of minor wounds, burns, cuts, grazes and blisters. A must-have for the first aid kit and perfect for the whole family!

Available in two sizes – small and large!


UV Natural have introduced Chill Skin Cooler, formulated to moisturise and soften the skin after sun exposure. The light, pure lotion is fragrance-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, boasting naturally derived ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin.


Pure Amazing Oils Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes are organically sourced from the pristine salt lakes of Australia. Now available in 2kg and 5kg sizes, customers will love the buckets of value!


Both the winning combination of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 50% with MSM Ultra, and the Full Strength Magnesium Oil, are now available in smaller, 118ml sizes. Perfect for the gym bag or desk drawer, these oil sprays are ideal for customers on-the-go!



Freshen up your klean kanteen display with a rainbow of vibrant new colours! The new colours include a mix of the original BPA-free stainless steel bottles as well as insulated bottles, travel mugs, tumblers and an insulated food canister – perfect for keeping warm during the cooler months!



The popular Cheeki range now includes replacement lids for their coffee cups and mugs, two new bottle colours – Teal and Ocean, and larger sizes of their Lavender stainless steel bottle and Pistachio White insulated bottle.




JOCO Cups are flying out the door! Add a couple of classic neutral tones to your display for a chic addition that will never go out of style. Available in Folkstone Grey and Sandstone.HNP-Healthy-Home-Staples-Blog-01


Four new cookbooks that can power up your sales with on-trend topics, healthy recipes, and hormone saviours!

  • Power Vegan Meals by Maya Sozer offers exciting new flavours and delicious ideas for the competent plant-based eater.
  • Pete Evans is back with his latest, Lunch Box, where paleo, grain-free lunch options are plenty!
  • Lee Holmes brings us a total gut healing bible with Supercharge Your Gut.
  • Plus, Kirkpatrick and Johnstone shed light on managing hormones with their educational cookbook, Healthy Hormones.

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What’s the buzz on nature’s liquid gold?


This liquid gold goes beyond adding an extra sweet kick to our drinks and dishes and comes in all different varieties. Understanding the activity ratings and raw benefits of honey can help you suggest the right product to suit your customer’s needs.

From a sugar alternative to a soothing, anti-bacterial natural remedy, after this article you’ll be confidently justifying their purchase, beyond the old “it’s good quality”, even if you’re not a honey fan (or scientist) yourself.

UMF, Manuka, NPA, raw… With so many different varieties and activity acronyms to distinguish the potency and unique qualities that honey possesses, the confusion can be overwhelming for your customers and yourself. Trust us, that dreaded question you’ve been avoiding – “What’s the difference between all these honeys anyway?” it will eventuate. So, let’s avoid the awkward crickets and spread the buzz behind honey.

Below we take a closer look at Manuka honey and its ratings, as well as raw and organic honeys to distinguish the differences.


This is a darker, stronger-flavored honey that is produced in New Zealand and Australia by bees that pollinate the nectar of the manuka bush. Manuka is commonly sold as an alternative medicine or natural remedy. Manuka honey has a prominence as an anti-bacterial treatment and in helping to treat burns, ulcers and more. This is because it naturally possesses anti-bacterial activity and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are two types of antibacterial activity that can be found in this honey, hydrogen peroxide activity and non-peroxide activity (NPA).


Not only is hydrogen peroxide activity found in manuka honey, but it’s actually found in most honey. Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant used for eons in our medicinal sphere. It’s instability in the presence of air and light makes it difficult to store and use, but when honey with this activity is applied to the skin or wound, it becomes stable and releases gradually. You can read more about this here.


Non-peroxide activity also leads to antibacterial effects. Using a different enzyme called catalase, the activity of oxidase is neutralized and hydrogen peroxide activity is no longer present.  Scientists called this non-peroxide activity, which is not found in all honeys. Non-peroxide activity is measured with different ratings.

Barnes Naturals explain how the scale works very well. “The scale relates to the increasing antibacterial inhibition effect of the honey on cultured bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), in comparison to what phenol achieves. Phenol is a strong organic compound that has clear antibacterial effects, providing a stable standard for comparison purposes.”


UMF stands for “Unique Manuka Factor”. It’s the New Zealand trademarked acronym that refers to the non-peroxide activity (NPA) in honey. NPA is simple the non-trademarked grade.


MGO is what gives manuka honey it’s antiseptic edge. The concentration of Methylglyoxal is up to 1000 times greater in mankua honey than other honeys. Research suggests  that manuka honey has an amazing ability to heal wounds, burns and skin infections, due to its antibacterial properties as well as its antiseptic properties formulated from the MGO that’s present in the honey.



While honey displaying a UMF or NPA rating only measures the non-peroxide activity, a honey that displays a “total activity” rating is the rating of both the non-peroxide activity and peroxide activity together. Unless the breakdown is displayed, you may not be able to determine the composition of non-peroxide activity and peroxide activity alone.

The higher the unique antibacterial properties of the honey, the higher activity rating it will display.


You can use this table or pass it to your customers to help convert between manuka honey UMF MGO and NPA ratings.

Honey Rating_Table
You can also use this free calculator to help your customers convert UMF to MGO.


Raw honey is never strained, filtered or heated, so contains all the natural, raw golden goodness. Often this type of honey will be loaded with many trace minerals, organic enzymes, antioxidants, plus antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which is what gives it a more interesting taste and flavour. Naturopaths and nutrition experts suggest that raw honey can benefit health and beauty. With the presence of amylase, raw honey is more prone to separation due to the degradation of starch. This separation doesn’t effect the life or quality of the honey.


Stocking a variety of honeys will allow you to offer your customers the honey that is best suited for their needs. Discover a few of our top sellers below.

Honey Rating - full range



Comvita Manuka Honey
Comvita is the world’s largest manufacturer of premium quality UMF Manuka Honey. They assure purity and quality. Produced in New Zealand the honey is made from the nectar of the manuka bush, native to New Zealand.

Barnes Naturals Manuka Honey
Barnes Naturals have a wonderful range of certified Active Manuka Honeys and Active Jarrah Honeys, which is Australia’s very own ‘Super Honey’ with a deliciously warm and thick caramel like flavour. All of Barnes Naturals honeys are tested and verified for activity by an independent laboratory, according to world standard testing methods.

Australia’s Manuka Honey
Australia’s Manuka specialise in the harvesting, processing and packaging high potency active medicinal grade honey. Their 100% pure honey comes from the pristine north coast of New South Wales. It’s also cold extracted to preserve beneficial compounds and enzymes.

Kiwi Cottage Manuka Honey
Kiwi Cottage harvests their manuka honey from their own hives based on the rugged east coast of New Zealand’s north island. The remote region is unique for its pollution free, manuka rich areas and the honey is renowned for its distinctive creamy flavour and subtle aroma.

The Whole Foodies Raw Honey
With the help of nature’s wild eucalypt nectar and beautiful Australian honeybees, The Whole Foodies have bottled a golden, flowing, natural, raw honey! By not using any straining or heating this wild harvested Australian honey offer trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Every Bit Organic Raw Honey
Every Bit Organic Raw Honey is more than a natural sweetener. It is not heated, so still contains all its natural antioxidants, enzymes and minerals. Vitamins found in honey include B6, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin.

Wescobee Pure Honey
Wescobee honey offers customers a natural alternative to refined sugars. Their honey is 100% pure Australian honey and is free of additives, noxious substances, fermentation and admixtures of any kind including sucrose and invert sugars.

Guest Blog: Comvita Sweetens Skincare


With their range expanding from Manuka honey through to natural remedies and skin care, Comvita‘s gained a reputable world-wide presence. Below Anya Lyudmilina, Comvita’s Trade Marketing Coordinator, explains why more consumers are choosing their skin care as a year-round solution for itchy, irritated, inflamed skin.


For centuries, honey has been used in skin care, wound care and healing.* The ancient use has since been supported with studies recognising that Manuka honey may help in managing minor wounds and skin healing.^

Medical grade Manuka honey is clinically proven to promote wound healing and provide symptomatic relief of dry sensitive skin and eczema.** It assists with the control of colonising bacteria commonly associated with eczema and helps to retain moisture.

Medical grade antibacterial Manuka honey for skin is produced under strictly controlled conditions and when applied to cracked and inflamed skin such as eczema and dry skin it creates a soothing and calming effect.

Not all products containing Manuka honey are the same quality. Give your customers confidence with MEDIHONEY® Natural Eczema Care System. It is formulated with medical grade Manuka honey plus other proven natural ingredients to create the most effective solution to help soothe and relieve eczema skin irritations and flare ups. It can be used on eczematous skin, cracked heels, dry skin, rashes, scars and reactions plaster.


Medical grade Manuka honey assists with the control of colonising bacteria commonly associated with eczema. It also helps relieve itchy, irritated skin and retain moisture. This unique ingredient can act like a sponge on the skin. It helps to pull water up from the lower skin layers and lock it in for longer lasting hydration, thus minimising skin dryness and irritation. Aloe vera also helps improve skin hydration and relieve inflammation, while chamomile assists soothing skin irritations.

Suffering from eczema, Amy is a MEDIHONEY® user and a huge advocate.

Amy - Comvita

“Life before Medihoney was embarrassing,
I was self-conscious because of my rash, and now
after Medihoney, I don’t have to worry
about that anymore. It’s given me a sensation
that I feel free of eczema. It’s great.”



Restoring and maintaining a healthy skin barrier is one of the most important priorities for anyone suffering from eczema. A healthy skin barrier protects from potential allergens thus reducing the risk of infection.

1. MEDIHONEY® Natural Skintensive Cream – an intense hydrating cream designed to protect and nourish very dry skin.
2. MEDIHONEY® Natural Eczema Cream – specifically formulated to help soothe and relieve skin irritations and flare-ups.
3. MEDIHONEY® Antibacterial Wound Gel –scientifically researched and clinically proven, this specialised gel is designed to help heal and protect infected, eczematous skin, cracked skin and eczema wounds.

Lorraine uses MEDIHONEY® to sooth her child Eloise’s irritated skin.

Eloise - Medihoney

“Before I used Medihoney, the inflammation was getting so bad that it started to bleed as well…”


MEDIHONEY® Natural Eczema Care Range is suitable for use by the whole family, including children, the elderly and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. The product is dermatologically tested and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It is recommended that customers patch test it on a small area of skin, if using for the first time.


There are no known adverse interactions with medicines or drug-condition interactions. It is suitable for use in conjunction with cortisone creams. It can be used on dry skin conditions, eczema skin irritations and inflamed skin in both pregnancy and breastfeeding. If customers are using it to prevent cracked skin on the nipple area, ensure they know to wash off thoroughly with warm water, prior to breastfeeding.


Apply a small amount to clean, dry skin three times a day or as required. Let your customers know to smooth it onto the skin in the direction of hair growth and reapply after bathing. When using for the first time, remind them to patch test it on a small area.


• Dermatologically tested for sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin
• pH balanced
• Suitable for the whole family, including pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
• Specifically formulated for dry, itchy skin
• Free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and petrolatum
• Free from synthetic fragrances and colours
• Not tested on animals


Discover more about the MEDIHONEY® range on the Comvita website.


*NCBI, 2008
^Science Direct, 2002
**Europe PMC, 2001

The Naturally Good Expo Exceeds Expectations


Over 3,000 people flocked to Sydney’s Royal Hall of Industries to attend Australia’s largest business event for the natural products industry on 1-2 May, 2016.

It brought the latest innovations in natural, organic and healthy products, plus industry experts together to reveal what’s to come in the industry.

Occupying one of the largest stands at the event, Unique was so incredibly proud to have the space to showcase such a huge array of amazing products from hundreds of our brands including CLIF Bar, 2die4 Live Foods, Acure Organics, Alter Eco, Amazing OilsBragg, Blue Dinosaur, Bounce,  Cellfood, Chimes, Comvita, Dr Organic, Dr SuperfoodsEast Bali Cashews, Epic,  Eco Teas, Eden Health Foods, Extraordinary FoodsFood Matters, Gimme, Giovanni, Hope’s ReliefKombucha Max, Monica’s Mixes, My Magic MudNatracareNakula, Natural EvolutionNecta, NTS Health, Protein Supplies Australia, Power Super Foods, ProTingsPure Sports NutritionSchmidt’s, SilvercareSpreyton Fresh,  Teff Tribe, The Chocolate Yogi, Wholesome Chow, Wotnot, Yogi Tea, Zen Matcha Green Tea and lots more!

This year, thanks to dedicated staff
and suppliers, we were lucky enough
to take home the Best Stand Award.

For those who did come and visit the Unique stand, it was fantastic to see you. If you missed it, there’s always next year! With the event organisers promising it will be even bigger and better in 2017, we’ve already secured our spot and just like many that did attend, we can’t wait to do it all again!

Mark it on your calendars now, The Naturally Good Expo will be back 4-5 June, 2017 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. You won’t want to miss it!

You can find out all you need to now about next years event here.

Contact us with your photos and feedback – we’d love to hear from you!