Brand News – Spring 2017


From branding updates and packaging alterations to price changes, the major brand news for the quarter is covered right here.

For any brand change queries that aren’t covered below please contact us.


Epzen name change

Power Super Foods Epzen is now branded under the Evodia name. Please assure customers, while the packaging will be changing, the bath salts that they’ve always loved, will remain the same high-quality formulas.

Brand News - Spring 2017

New Look FMTV

Food Matters TV (FMTV) cards now have a new clean look. Each card allows customers to gain access to hundreds of documentaries, recipes, expert interviews and more! To celebrate the new look, Food Matters are giving away a FREE card in the first 500 orders through Unique.

Brand News - Spring 2017

Matcha Maiden Makeover

To celebrate Matcha Maiden’s second anniversary, the brand has undergone a marvellous branding makeover. Their new sleeker, splash-proof, streamlined packaging will be sure to capture the eyes of savvy customers.

Brand News - Spring 2017

Little Zebra Chocolates on Display

Little Zebra Chocolate now have counter displays available. With every 12 of the same SKU ordered, you’ll receive one free display! Use them to create a chocolate feature in store or place on your counter to encourage impulse purchases.

Brand News - Spring 2017

Natracare Vegan Approved

All Natracare’s feminine hygiene products have been officially vegan approved. This means none of the products contain any animal-derived ingredients and there has been no animal testing. Look out for the packaging to be updated with the vegan approved logo in the coming months.

Brand News - Spring 2017


Online Store Stock Alerts

To further increase the ease and speed of your order, our online shop now has up to date out of stock alerts, making your order process smoother.

Brand News - Spring 2017

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Guest Blog: Food Matters Share Online Secrets


Alongside Laurentine ten Bosch, he has transformed Food Matters into a wellness hub, giving people essential tools to take charge of their health.
If you’ve ever wanted to know how he’s so successfully captured a huge online audience, below James shares his top 7 tips to supercharge your online presence.


It all started for us over 9 years ago when we created the film ‘Food Matters’.
The film was inspired by my father’s declining health and our determination to turn his health around. Since then, we have transformed the Food Matters brand into a global health and wellness hub to help those in need of daily health inspiration.

Our readers are always looking for new ways to improve their health and find new ideas for healthy recipes. This lead to the creation of our website which is our main platform for sharing helpful tips and informative posts.

Along our journey, we’ve had to learn the best ways to reach the people who need it the most, and discovered some must-do’s to help improve the exposure of your website and the engagement of your readers throughout this process.

Today, we have over 2 million visitors to our website every month, and over 3.3 million social followers. So we wanted to share some of the key things we do to keep our audience connected, and ways you can help build your online presence too…

1 – Make sure your SEO is on point.
S-E-what?! SEO: Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, this means making sure your website is easy to find. In order to have people land on your website they need to know that you exist. In order to be found, ensure that your headers contain keywords that you think your audience will be searching for. The more keywords that you use in titles and headers, the more likely you are to rank highly in a Google search. SEO can get pretty technical, so if this isn’t something you’re confident with, look at outsourcing or getting assistance from a professional.

2- Keep your pages clean and user friendly.
When someone lands on your page they want to easily find what they’re looking for. Be sure to include white space and leave out the clutter. This will prevent users from leaving your page if they feel overwhelmed by too much information. Make sure your headings are clear so users know exactly where to find the information or product they are searching for.

3 – Add fresh, unique photos that depict your brand well. A picture tells 1000 words!
Does the picture that you have posted correspond with exactly what you’ve been writing about? Can people look at the image and know exactly what your article or product is all about? Use unique images where possible and make sure they clearly tell the story of what your product or article is about, and always keep it consistent with your overall brand.

4 – Write in the language and tone of your target market.
You need to know who you’re speaking to, how they want to engage with you, and the tone of voice that goes on inside their head. Use language suitable to the people you’re engaging with. If you have a serious or more formal audience – use language that matches this. If you have a young, more relaxed audience, use the language that corresponds best with them. Are you using slang words, abbreviations, particular spellings or metrics that are unique to your audience? Speak the language your audience can relate to.

5 – Consistently produce content.
Blogs are essentially new-aged magazines but on a much more personal level. Blogging is the perfect way to share topics that you love. The great thing about blogging is that you can also tailor your content to answer exactly what your readers have questions about, whether it’s about you or your product. Share blog posts often and don’t be afraid to share the blog post more than once.

6 – Setting up an ecommerce store requires a bit of patience.
Setting up your own online store is a fantastic goal. However, what if you could take the pressure off while still creating a quality platform for your users? Platforms such as Shopify or BigCommerce are great services that you can use to get your store started if you don’t have an in-house developer.

7- Stay social.
Connect with your readers on a regular basis, and connect on the platforms that they frequently visit – it may be Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest depending on your audience. Keep the conversation going by sharing other people’s content, asking questions, and giving a behind the scenes look into your company.
This makes you both personable and relatable and helps to build a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

The Naturally Good Expo Exceeds Expectations


Over 3,000 people flocked to Sydney’s Royal Hall of Industries to attend Australia’s largest business event for the natural products industry on 1-2 May, 2016.

It brought the latest innovations in natural, organic and healthy products, plus industry experts together to reveal what’s to come in the industry.

Occupying one of the largest stands at the event, Unique was so incredibly proud to have the space to showcase such a huge array of amazing products from hundreds of our brands including CLIF Bar, 2die4 Live Foods, Acure Organics, Alter Eco, Amazing OilsBragg, Blue Dinosaur, Bounce,  Cellfood, Chimes, Comvita, Dr Organic, Dr SuperfoodsEast Bali Cashews, Epic,  Eco Teas, Eden Health Foods, Extraordinary FoodsFood Matters, Gimme, Giovanni, Hope’s ReliefKombucha Max, Monica’s Mixes, My Magic MudNatracareNakula, Natural EvolutionNecta, NTS Health, Protein Supplies Australia, Power Super Foods, ProTingsPure Sports NutritionSchmidt’s, SilvercareSpreyton Fresh,  Teff Tribe, The Chocolate Yogi, Wholesome Chow, Wotnot, Yogi Tea, Zen Matcha Green Tea and lots more!

This year, thanks to dedicated staff
and suppliers, we were lucky enough
to take home the Best Stand Award.

For those who did come and visit the Unique stand, it was fantastic to see you. If you missed it, there’s always next year! With the event organisers promising it will be even bigger and better in 2017, we’ve already secured our spot and just like many that did attend, we can’t wait to do it all again!


Mark it on your calendars now, The Naturally Good Expo will be back 4-5 June, 2017 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. You won’t want to miss it!

You can find out all you need to now about next years event here.

Contact us with your photos and feedback – we’d love to hear from you!