Forget self-destructive price wars. Convenience foods have outperformed general grocery for five years straight!

Not sure where to start with healthy convenient comfort food options?

Give your customers what they want with these great-selling pantry staples that make healthy eating easier.


Wheat-Free Noodles

For a healthy, nutritious meal in minutes, Nutritionist Choice Pumpkin and Brown Rice Noodles are versatile and make a great addition to soups and stir fries.

They’re gluten free!

Black Rice

Rich in antioxidants, Forbidden Black Rice is just as delicious as it is healthy. It is certified organic and low-gi, making it a great alternative to white or brown rice.

Versatile staple!

Two-Minute Gnocchi

Difatti gluten-free, Italian-made Gnocchi is great tasting, shelf stable, vegan and non-GMO. Cooked in two minutes, it’s an ideal pantry staple for easy meals in a hurry.

Made with potato, corn and rice!

Organic Ramen

Quick and easy to prepare, King Soba Brown Rice Ramen Noodle Cakes are gluten free and certified organic. The Japanese-style fine noodles are a good source of fibre and rich in antioxidants.

Gluten free and nutritious!

Low-calorie Noodles

The Whole Foodies nutritious, mineral-rich Kelp Noodles are raw and gluten free. Perfect for stir fries, salads and soups, the noodles are suitable for vegan, paleo and keto lifestyles.

Only 6 calories per serve!



Packed with 20-25g of protein, Upbeat healthy convenient meals and porridge are ready in five minutes. They are low in sugar and include vegan and gluten-free options.

Plant-based protein to satisfy!

Real Meal Kits

Quick and easy Upton’s Naturals Real Meal Kits are made with wholefood ingredients, with no preservatives or freeze-dried vegetables. Available in four delicious meal varieties.

Ready in minutes!

Vegan Mac n Cheez

Plantasy Foods Mac n Cheez is the ultimate in comfort food! Available in four delicious varieties, simply add water to create a yummy meal without gluten, dairy or nuts.

A top seller!


Shake It

Cut meal prep time in half with Mingle Seasoning Blends. These delicious, versatile seasonings are keto friendly, vegan and low in salt – perfect for shaking up veggies, tofu, pastas + more!

Six varieties!

Grass-Fed Ghee

Handmade according to traditional Ayurvedic methods, Sol Organics Ghee is made from 100% certified organic unsalted butter from New Zealand. 

Keto friendly

Not-Soy Sauce

Handmade from fermented coconut blossom nectar and spices, top-selling Niulife Cocomino Coconut Amino Sauce is a deliciously original alternative to soy sauce that’s famous for flavour.

Certified organic and fair trade

Easy Turmeric Paste

Pure Food Essentials Turmeric Paste is a convenient, mess-free alternative to cooking with fresh turmeric root. Simply add to curries, stir-fries and slow-cooked meals to gain its health benefits.

Comes in an eco-friendly glass jar

Condiments with a Twist

Australian made and owned, Spice Girlz are a delicious vegan and gluten-free addition to your pantry aisle. All about taste and real food, the condiments are available in a range of mouthwatering varieties.

Full of flavour

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It’s Time To Reveal All!

Today’s consumers are more educated and empowered than ever. Whether you’re a company, brand, or personal brand, it’s time to drop the curtains on your business, take a stand for something and let the world know. Otherwise, you’re about to get lost in the crowd…

100% of Niulife profits go towards erasing poverty and empowering lives in some of the world’s poorest remote coastal communities.

The retail space is more cut-throat than ever, with brands desperate to find their ‘edge’ amongst the competition.

Many companies are used to getting away with ‘green-washing’, making misleading claims and hiding not-so-forgivable actions behind closed doors in order to make a sale.

Fortunately, those tactics are losing effectiveness. Consumers are far more switched-on and are desperately calling out for increased brand transparency in the marketplace.

77% of Australian consumers say it’s important. They are really interested in the journey and transparency and want to know ‘where has this product come from?

What is brand transparency?

Brand transparency incorporates taking an open and honest stance about what your brand is and does – for better or worse. Taking a proactive approach to sharing this information, instead of simply confessing when ‘caught out’. 

It’s no longer possible to leave a gap between what your brand says and what you actually do. 

While the transparency ‘trend’ certainly isn’t new, it’s now imperative for a brand to stay afloat in today’s connected world. Consumer’s are realising the power they harness and are increasingly choosing to purchase a product or shop at a certain store that aligns with their own personal ethics and values. 

If they don’t know what your values are or what your company stands for, you will rapidly become nothing more than an easily tradable commodity. 

Transparency creates the grounds for trust and relationship building with your customers. This strong, positive relationship is what builds brand loyalty and without loyalty, you become open to substitution. 

Alaffia empowers local community members with work opportunities and gives back via the Alaffia Foundation, which is funded by the sale of their products.

So many of our amazing brands here at Unique are actively practicing transparency.

RXBAR lists the key ingredients front and centre on the packaging and proudly claim no B.S.; while Protein Supplies Australia and Botanika Blends actively call out misleading claims within the industry and stand by their adherence to using the best quality, safest ingredients. There’s nothing to hide.

Beyond this, many are also taking a stand on something that matters more than profit.

Social enterprises, East Bali Cashews, Alaffia, Niulife and Tsuno are great examples of this, giving back to incredible causes with every purchase. 

By actively standing for something and using business as a means for good, these brands are resonating with their target consumers on a more emotional level.

It also provides an opportunity for potential customers to strengthen their alliance with the brand, and ultimately helps the brand to build a loyal customer base.

The ‘feel good’ future of retail is here and it’s time to embrace transparency and purpose. So, tell us, what do you stand for?

Are you a retailer? Give your customers those ‘feel good’ vibes by simply doing their usual shop. Order your items online 24/7 or contact our friendly sales representatives via 1800 787 904. Don’t have a wholesale account with us? No problem, you can register here


Christmas is right around the corner and the hunt for the perfect gift is well underway. Delight your customers by establishing displays in themes that are right on-trend and make gift giving a breeze. These are our top six on-trend gift categories to get you started!

If gifting is not part of your end-of-year promotional strategy, the food options double as great last-minute entertaining options for those with special diets!



This plant-based selection offers something for every taste.  You could suggest customers’ create a gourmet hamper, use a few treats as stocking fillers, or cater to their vegan guests with delicious options ready in a flash. 

  1. East Bali Cashews – Chilli Lime Cashew Snack 
  2. Upton’s Naturals – Thai Curry Noodle Real Meal Kit
  3. Vego Chocolate Bar – Hazelnut, White Almond Bliss and Dark Nuts & Berries
  4. J. Luehders – Red Berries
  5. The Whole Foodies – Native Cashews Turmeric & Black Pepper
  6. Dandies – Vegan Marshmallows
  7. Bubba’s Fine Foods – Savoury Original Grain Free Snack Mix
  8. The Fresh Chai Co – Vegan Original Blend Long Soaked Chai



For the outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors and adventurers at heart. These items are designed to support an active way of living, no matter where life takes you. Ideal to highlight for holiday season, you could easily switch this category to be ‘Travel Essentials’ if that resonates with your target customers more.

  1. Ever Eco – Silicone Bent Straws
  2. CLIF Bar – Crunchy Peanut Butter
  3. Protein Supplies Australia – Raspberry Lemonade Hydration Recovery Drink
  4. Cheeki – Coffee Mug Topaz
  5. Nelson Naturals – Crush & Brush Mint Charcoal Tablets
  6. Hydro Flask – 32oz Wide Mouth Black (946ml)
  7. Eco – Face Sunscreen



Catering to the eco-conscious consumer, this collection offers planet-friendly alternatives to everyday items without skimping on style or quality. Add them to your existing eco-friendly display or showcase them in a creative display of their own. 

  1. Niulife – Coconut Shell Bowl Natural and Polished
  2. Apple Green Duck – Reusable Shopping Bag – Grocer
  3. Fruity Sacks – Reusable Fruit & Veg Shopping Bags
  4. Ever Eco – Reusable Bamboo Facial Pads
  5. Woohoo – Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick
  6. Honeybee Wrap – Beeswax Kitchen Collection Pack
  7. That Red House – Stainless Steel Pegs 316 Marine Grade



This number #1 natural seller in the US is consistently popular, offering simple, cruelty-free, skin, body and hair care products that work. The packaging is ideal to create a standout colour blocked display and the price point makes these items perfect for adding a little something extra to finish off a gift. 

  1. Radically Rejuvenating – Under Eye Hydrogel Mask
  2. Seriously Soothing – Blue Tansy Serum Stick
  3. Brightening –  Facial Scrub
  4. Foil-Time Mask – Firming Gold Foil Mask
  5. Seriously Soothing – Seriously Soothing Solid Serum 3 in 1 (Reviewed in Bondi Beauty!)



Bring the kitchen to life with these funky dishcloths, DIY essential oil cleaning kit, and all-in-one Grow Kits for out of the box gift ideas that bring a sense of accomplishment and happiness – no green thumb required! Grow a kit in store to showcase how easy it is and generate interest in these living gift ideas!

  1. RetroKitchen – 100% Biodegradable Dishcloth – Cow
  2. RetroKitchen – 100% Biodegradable Dishcloth – Bees
  3. RetroKitchen –  Stainless Steel Cutlery Set – Colour Splash
  4. RetroKitchen – Make Your Own Cleaning Kit
  5. Urban Greens – Grow Your Own Tea Kit – Peppermint
  6. Urban Greens – Grow Kit – Culinary Flowers
  7. Urban Greens – Windowsill Grow Kit – Microgreens



From organic sheet masks and DIY clay masks to Australian nature-inspired wheat bags, sleep kits and magnesium that helps you sleep like a baby. These gift ideas are perfect to treat someone to a little TLC. Add some of them together to create a pamper hamper. Or switch on a diffuser with relaxing scents nearby for a multi-sensory shopping experience that gets shoppers in the self-care mood!

  1. Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask – Greek Yogurt, Anti-aging, Vitamin C
  2. Amazing Oils – Magnesium Pro Sleep Lotion
  3. My Magic Mud – Calcium Bentonite Clay
  4. Wheatbags Love – Sleep Gift Pack – Waratah
  5. Wheatbags Love – Wheatbag – Seaside
  6. Wheatbags Love – Eyemask – Banskia

You can order all of these and more great gift ideas 24/7 in our online store or via our friendly sales team on 1800 787 904. Simply look for the ‘Gift Ideas‘ banner on the store homepage to go straight to all of the products listed above.

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Make the most of the New Years Resolution boom and stock up on these must-have items to help support your customers and give your bottom line a healthy start to 2018.



Support your customers in their fitness efforts with sustained energy from wholesome foods to feed their adventures, proper hydration and sweat-wicking deodorant to keep them fresh. Then help them recover with the impressive power of magnesium.

CLIF Bar Cool Mint Chocolate

Sustained, wholesome energy for athletes, adventurers and active customers.

Nuun Boost

Instant, natural hydration tablets + caffeine – ready to go for busy lifestyles.

Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick

Award-winning natural deodorant – hard-working ingredients for even the most active athletes.

Blue Dinosaur Super Bites

Paleo, natural and vegan superfood bars for a quick boost at brilliant grab n’ go prices.

Amazing Oils Recover Spray

100% Australian magnesium oil with wintergreen and menthol for sports enthusiasts.



From natural fat burners that help your customers reach their goals faster, to natural pre-workout elixirs, fast release protein and caffeinated chocolate – stock up on the hottest health products to naturally boost energy and support an active lifestyle- and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Elixir

Functional mushrooms in a versatile powder for increased energy on the go.

Eco Sunscreen

Oxybenzone-free, natural sunscreen for your customers’ faces, bodies and babies.

Peak Chocolate

The world’s first performance chocolate with caffeine, BCAAs and creatine.

Protein Supplies Australia WPI Honeycomb

Honeycomb deliciousness in a powerful complete natural protein, without any unwanted additives!




We understand it can be tough keeping up with all the latest diet trends, especially during Summer when customers are keen to try something new. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our wide range of plant-based proteins that are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo. Plus, with Niulife‘s Coconut Endurance MCT Plus+ oil, you’ll be able to offer low carb, high fat and keto diet followers an energy boost, perfect for their Bulletproof Coffees.

Eden Ultimate Protein

Organic sprouted and bio-fermented wholegrain brown rice protein – perfect for vegans!

Enviro 2.2L Drink Bottle

Huge 2.2L BPA-free, reusable, light-weight, durable and recyclable bottle.

Zen Spray

Joint and muscle relief – in a handy natural spray.

Niulife MCT Endurance

Nature’s power fuel – made with a fuller profile of MCTs for sustaining energy and stamina.

Order the full range of sports and fitness products available in our online store today and turn up the heat on this season’s sales! Need an account with us? Apply online here.

SPEED SCRATCH… the latest buzz word in cooking


This means sales opportunities abound!

With winter pushing consumers into the kitchen, seeking warmth in baking and cooking, ensure you’ve stocked the shelves with a selection of easy to use, healthy speed scratch products and nutritious wholefood ingredients to help them battle the cold and the clock.

Take a look at our top pantry picks to satisfy both sweet and the savory cravings this winter!


1. Teff Tribe Pancake Mix–  Easy and nutritious!
2. Bake Mixes Banana Muffin Mix – Certified organic!
3. Wholesome Chow Brownie Mix – No refined sugar!
4. Fit Mixes Choc Chia Protein Ball Mix – High in protein!

Season Essentials - Speed Scratch

5. The Whole Foodies Rice Malt Syrup – Fructose free!
6. Power Super Foods Cacao –  Superfood!
7. Organic Times Little Gems – Fair trade!
8. Nirvana Liquid Stevia –  Zero calories or carbs!
9. Perfect Sweet Xylitol –  Low GI!

Season Essentials - Speed Scratch

10. Niugini Coconut Oil – Cholesterol free!
11. 2die4 Walnuts – Activated nuts!
12. Matakana Coconut Butter – Creamed coconut meat!
13. The Ginger People Bare Ginger – Sustainably farmed!

Season Essentials - Speed Scratch


1. Protein Bread Co Savoury Muffins – High in protein!
2. Monica’s Mixes Pizza Base Mix – Wholesome ingredients!
3. Sol Organics Dahl Mix – Easy to prepare blend!
4. Mingle Seasoning – Tasty and simple spice mixes!

Season Essentials - Speed Scratch

5. Forbidden Foods Rice –  Certified organic!
6. Niulife Sweet Chilli – Just four natural ingredients!
7. The Whole Foodies Kelp Noodles – Ready to eat!
8. Bragg Nutritional Yeast – Delicious, healthy addition to most dishes!

Season Essentials - Speed Scratch

9. Nakula Coconut Milk – Perfect base for Asian dishes!
10. Nutritionist Choice Noodles – Wholesome instant noodles!
11. Pure Food Essentials Turmeric Paste – Ready to use fresh turmeric!
12. Planet Organic Spices – Convenient shakers!
13. Redmond Real Salt – Unrefined mineral salt!

Season Essentials - Speed Scratch

If you’d like to stock up on these hot winter essentials, easily add them to your next online order.

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Guest Blog: Niulife Sorts Fat From Fiction

For Managing Director, Richard Etherington, it’s always been about sharing more than a high quality range. So what is it that makes Niulife different and why will your customers love this brand?
Below Castaly Lombe, General Manager of Kokonut Pacific, gives you an insight into the brand, explains the popular ketogenic diet and shares the findings behind the fats present in Niulife’s Coconut Clarity.


Everyone has different dietary needs so we stay away from recommending prescriptive diets, but a ketogenic diet, where most calories are consumed as fat, is gaining enormous popularity, and for good reason.

Some of the benefits that have been observed are:

• Lose weight without being hungry
• Regulate blood sugar levels
• Heighten mental clarity and reduce “brain fog”
• Enhance mental performance
• Build more muscle
• Increase endurance and energy levels

It all sounds too good to be true!

But what is it exactly is a ketogenic diet?

First, it’s not new. Think about what your grandparents ate, protein and “three-veg,” with lashings of butter, cream and eggs. Turns out the wisdom of the ages might be right. This is a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and high in fat.

Our bodies generally use energy in the form of glucose from carbohydrates (carbs) as ready fuel. Think bread, pasta, rice and grains. All these foods, many of them processed, have been recommended as a large part of a “healthy” diet. That thinking is beginning to change, in fact between 2003 and 2013 the “recommended” serving size of grains was halved and the overall consumption reduced by Nutrition Australia.

The ketogenic diet turns the historically accepted (and somewhat unstable) food pyramid on its head. It moves the diet away from carbs, forcing the body’s metabolism, over time, to switch from burning glucose to burning fat. This is called Ketosis and it takes from a few days to a few weeks.

A true Ketogenic diet is about 75% fats,
20% protein and 5% carbohydrates.

YIKES! This type of diet is an enormous dietary change for someone who is used to eating carbohydrate filled diets. Therefore, it’s generally only taken up by elite athletes and people with specific medical conditions (under supervision of their doctor). Athletes such David Pocock, Australian Wallaby and former Australian Cricket Captain, Shane Watson for example, are advocates of the Ketogenic diet.

The great news is that recent studies suggest that many of the benefits of ketosis can be obtained without the strict dietary restrictions associated with a traditional ketogenic diet. This is achieved by adding “exogenous ketones” to your diet.

Exogenous meaning ‘external origin’, simply means that the Ketones are derived from outside your body instead of being produced internally, generally through nutritional supplements. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT or medium chain fatty acids) are a great way of getting exogenous ketones into your diet. Best found in saturated fats, they are converted in the liver into ketones and used for immediate energy – rather than storing them as fat in your body.

Recognising the considerable health benefits of exogenous ketones, Niulife created Coconut Clarity MCT+ – a formulated oil combining hand-made, fair-trade, organic virgin coconut oil sourced from the South Pacific, fortified with MCT, organic chia seed, flax seed, camelina and certified sustainable and orangutan-friendly red palm fruit oils. The formulation provides 2 times the sustained energy compared to straight MCT oils and many other health benefits such as all-natural plant based omega 3 and 9 in optimum levels.

How do your customers use Coconut Clarity?

The hard-core will scull 20mls, 3 times a day around their training and diet regimes. Those not looking to win a gold medal, can still benefit by adding it to salads, as a base for dressings, drizzling over vegetables, in smoothies and in any cold application where oil can be used. The omega 3 & 6 are heat sensitive, so we don’t recommend cooking with it.

My favourite is Coconut Clarity MCT+ and Niulife Balsamic Vinegar in equal parts on my salad or steamed vegetables, so easy and tasty. Here is another great salad dressing recipe to share with your customers. Also, Coconut Clarity MCT+ and organic grass fed butter in a long black espresso coffee is great as a breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up.

On top of offering health benefits, you’ll be helping your customers make a difference with each purchase. This is because 100% of profits from all Niulife products go towards erasing poverty, bringing hope and empowering lives. That’s a pretty powerful product purchase.

Discover the Niulife range on Unique’s online shop or find out more on the
Niulife website.

Brand News – Spring 2016


From branding updates and packaging alterations to price changes, the major brand news for the quarter is covered right here.

For any brand change queries that aren’t covered below please contact us.

Bee Pollen from Eden Health Foods is now being sold in a bolder, eye-catching packet. They’ve also enhanced their Ultimate Protein Powders, making them almost twice as fine, meaning they’re even smoother than ever before.

Brand News - Eden Health Foods


Previously sold in 500ml and 1L sizes, Niulife coconut oil now comes in 350g and 720g sized jars. The packaging across the whole range has also received a makeover with a stronger call to action and focus on their social responsibility.
Did you know 100% of profits from all Niulife products go towards erasing poverty, bringing hope and empowering lives?

Brand News - Niulife


New packaging has been created for Nature’s Child Bottom Balm and Wonder Balm. They’ve opted for a more nurturing design using baby images and earthy colours, sure to be a hit with mums and dads.

Brand News - Natures Child


The entire coffee range from Joy Beans are now sold in boxes. They’re still the same coffee beans your customers love, but they’re now even sturdier on the shelf and have a fresh, funky new style.

Brand News - Joy Beans



Vrindavan has discontinued Sandalwood Serene to make way for the beautiful NEW Celestial Forest scent.  This beautiful display comes complete with free testers, so pop it on your counter for an easy impulse buy at just RRP $14.95!

Brand News - Vrindarin


Kombucha Max drinks and Zen Green Tea’s Matcha Powder have earnt organic certification. Keep an eye out for new stock, displaying the ACO logo, filtering through orders soon.

Brand News - Zen Green Tea and Kombucha Max

Guest Blog: Retailer Rates Wholesome Chow


Delicia, owner of Essentially Health, has built the business around customer satisfaction and only commits to selling products she and her team have tried and tested. With many of her customers looking for gluten free, vegan options, she gave Wholesome Chow’s range a go. Have a read at what she thought of the range. 

Fair warning, this post may speak strongly to your sweet tooth!


Avoiding wheat and gluten a few years ago left me feeling like I was missing out on the nice things in life. Delicious treats we all like to have every now and again like cakes, biscuits and bread.

When I’d attempt to make gluten free/wheat free alternatives, it was always a bit of a mission. Like many of my customers, making such treats meant I had to use copious amounts of ingredients and it would end up costing me more than the monthly mortgage (well, almost) especially if I wanted organic. And after all the hard work, I was never happy with the results.

This left me thinking, what about my customers? Would they give up on baking products, on cooking, on opting for healthy gluten free options? Would they be so unhappy with the lack of convenience in gluten free baking that they’d just never purchase again from my store? I never liked the thought of my customers being unsatisfied.

So I went searching for a solution.
What I found, was Wholesome Chow.

Wholesome Chow


I’d seen a lot of pictures of ‘drip cakes’, so I gave making one a go using Wholesome Chow products.


First, I made four, seven-inch chocolate cake mixes. I only had to add apple cider vinegar, non-dairy milk and oil to the Wholesome Chow cake mixes, it could not be any simpler (although I still managed to get my kitchen looking like a tornado had been in there)!

It literally took 10 minutes to mix the batter and then 25 minutes in the oven to bake.

While they cooled, I made the Wholesome Chow Vanilla frosting to go in-between each layer and then I used Wholesome Chow Chocolate Frosting to cover the outside and the top. All I had to add was vegan butter and milk.

I put the cake in the fridge for around 15 minutes to set.

Next, I melted some Alter Eco Dark Sea Salt with a 1/4 cup of Nakula Coconut Cream and let that drizzle over the top and down the sides of the cake and now I was getting excited!!!

I broke up some vegan honeycomb and placed it on the top and the side of
the cake.

In-between I placed The Chocolate Yogi frothy Toffee, Alter Eco quinoa and Black Out and mixed in some Rawganic coconut chocolate.

To add a little texture I sprinkled some Niulife flaked coconut and topped it off with a few organic strawberries.

I was really pleased with the result! Everybody loved it. The cake was light and fluffy, it was tasty and not artificial or dry (which is common for gluten free cakes).

This is a really special cake to make, but honestly, the mixes made it incredibly easy. It would be even easier for customers to whip up a regular cake using Wholesome Chow mixes!

Wholesome Chow have changed our world – my customers and my own!


After trying and testing it, creating a drip cake, we can now confidently recommend these amazing products to our valued customers.

Wholesome Chow make gluten free baking so easy, why wouldn’t customers
love them?!

Insight: Niulife


Industry pioneers, Dan Etherington and his wife Maureen founded umbrella company Kokonut Pacific in 1994 as a social enterprise to bring trade to people in the South Pacific.

While teaching agricultural economics at the Australian National University, Dan was confronted with the terrible conditions of people producing copra from coconuts.

He invented Direct Micro Expelling (DME), enabling small rural villages to easily extract fresh virgin coconut oil, providing income five times the value of copra without requiring big industrial processors with unfair and unsafe conditions.

Kokonut Pacific pioneered virgin coconut oil production. For 20 years, Dan championed its benefits for health and wellbeing before it became the much-loved household staple it is today. In 2005 Dan launched the Niulife brand to give the Australian market access to the high quality, organic and fair trade coconut oil produced by villages utilising DME.

Today Niulife is firmly entrenched in stores throughout Australia and supplies a wide range of innovative coconut products.
Kokonut Pacific invests its profits through its Niulife Foundation to further assist producers.