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The World Of The Ginger People



Surprisingly, it wasn’t ginger where the story began, but nuts.

Back in 1984, Bruce and Abbie Leeson were both working in the nut business when Bruce was approached to introduce candied ginger to the United States. Many Americans at that time had never even tried ginger, but he saw potential in the versatile root.

What began as a side project, very quickly picked up momentum. With the introduction of The Ginger People’s iconic cartoon ginger root character (conceptualised by Abbie) the brand has continued to rapidly grow into an international best-seller.

Ginger’s vibrant flavour, purity, versatility and healthful properties are what Bruce and Abbie believe have been driving strong consumer demand and will continue to do so.

Herbalists have used ginger for thousands of years to:

– Restore vital energy
– Stimulate circulation
– Relieve countless illnesses
– Ease nausea, headaches and arthritis


Over the years, their commitment and addiction to ginger has only deepened.

“We use ginger every day, in our morning granola,
in our cooking, even on our sore muscles
after a long run.” Bruce explains.

The family owned and operated business now offers over 80 good-for-you treats and functional ingredients and is available all over the world.

One of their current goals is to push the brand to over 50 export markets, proving they’ve got no plans of slowing down.

Manufacturing all-natural and organic products using only the highest quality ginger and crafting the most innovative ginger products, The Ginger People has grown to be the world’s most award-winning ginger brand.

Their range currently available in Australia (and now exclusively distributed by Unique) includes beverages, nourishing treats, functional ingredients and crystallised ginger, which are all gluten and wheat free.

Being very particular about quality, Bruce and Abbie have travelled to spectacular locations in search of the best ginger available.

“We source ginger where it grows best,
which means we have visited some
of the most breath-taking places
in the world.” Bruce explains.

A remote mountain region in Fujian province of China (the birthplace of ginger), the interior Amazon in Peru, small family farms in Fiji and ginger fields on the base of Mt. Arjuna on the island of Java in Indonesia are among the locations where The Ginger People’s ginger root is sourced.

Fiji Farm - The Ginger People Blog

The early ginger harvest at a beautiful small family farm in Fiji!


Inia Seruratu - The Ginger People Blog

The Ginger People source ginger from a stunning Fiji farm owned by Fiji’s Minister of Agriculture, Inia Seruratu – pictured above.

His small farm is located in Verata, Tailevu Province. Inia planted 1-1/2 acres last season and he plans to expand to 4-5 acres this coming season. With his large commitment to government duties, Inia’s brother looks after the small family farm on his behalf.

Except for keeping some “mother” ginger for the next planting cycle, Inia will sell his crop to the ginger factory to make products for The Ginger People.

Bruce and Abbie say that people, focus and quality are what sets them apart from other brands.

Their staff are all passionate and driven by ginger’s potential. What makes them such an incredible business is their commitment and drive to grow, but not at the expense of their farmers.

They’ve always been proud to offer increased opportunities to farmers and small villages with revenue sharing programs and are also renowned in the industry for their fair-trade work practices.

At the centre of this rapidly growing international business, they always maintain the singular focus of creating world-class ginger products that consumers love.

Discover more about The Ginger People products here or log onto our online shop to browse the products that are available in Australia.