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We test

The We Test test kit is the first in vitro diagnostic medical device of its kind which has been approved for self-testing and it’s garnering attention from all corners of the country (see the press here)! Before We Test, consumers had to rely on their doctors to conduct routine analysis of these basic parameters in the urine.

In the Today Tonight segment above, founder, Sophie Castleman, discusses why she developed the We Test and how early detection of abnormalities can lead to better health outcomes.

It’s an ideal product for pharmacies and also sits comfortably in the natural remedy aisle or atop of a counter in its slimline counter display.

What is a We Test?

We Test is an easy, at-home urine self-test kit that allows you to instantly test your urine and get information about your health and wellbeing.

Each We Test strip tests for 11 different markers in the urine, including indicators of hydration, glucose, pH, Vitamin C, White Blood Cells, and Ketones, among others.

How does it work?

We Test provides information about urine in a very similar way to a pregnancy test. There are a series of indicators on the test strip which are activated by various substances that may be present in the urine. The indicators on the strip will produce a result by changing colour, and then the user compares the results on the strip against the colour-coded results chart included in the box.

The test can be completed in the privacy of one’s home and results given in under 90 seconds.

How can I stock We Test in my store?

If you have a wholesale account with us, simply order online via the UHP store. Not yet registered? No problem, sign up here!