Could Keely Andrew Be Behind Your Sales?


You could be her biggest fan, or maybe you haven’t heard of Keely Andrew, either way – read on. This article explains why retailers should care about the relationship between CLIF Bar and Keely and how to capitalise on celebrity endorsements to increase sales. We’ve also added some extra info on Keely for those surfing fans!

Keely’s become a prominent role model for young women in Australia. She’s an Aussie girl in the spotlight to the millions that follow the World Surf Tour.

Keely Andrew competing at the 2017 Hurley Pro at Trestles, California.

Her high exposure isn’t just pushing the surfing industry in Australia, but her alignment with CLIF Bar is impacting the brand in a positive way.

“The CLIF Bars themselves are a good snack to have during a long surf session. They taste good and a single bar is so filling.” – Keely told us.

Approximately 10% of the Australian population surf – that’s almost 2.5 million.

It’s more than just a substantial number; surfing has become an iconic Australian sport since being introduced by Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku in 1915. Surfing plays a huge part in Australian culture and identity.

When a brand aligns itself with such a prominent sport and sports star, its ability to increase sales is highly anticipated.

Why is celebrity endorsement important to retailers?

You’re a fast-paced, successful retailer and time is certainly not a factor that’s on your side. Juggling your business and ensuring it’s performing at its best, while maintaining your personal life can prove a challenge. Why add extra pressure by stocking products that you’re not sure about?  You want brands that support your sales with marketing that increases brand recognition and ultimately ‘sell themselves’.

Celebrity endorsements are not a new concept and are based on simple logic – people idolise celebrities. If a brand can effectively align themselves seamlessly with a celebrity, then consumers are prompted either subliminally or directly to buy. What’s key here, is ensuring that the brand is well-aligned with the celebrity.

You wouldn’t necessarily see an increase in sales if CLIF Bar was to say align with a celebrity famous for creating ‘dramatic make-up looks’. It’s the wrong alignment. This would confuse consumers and create the opposite desire that a brand would want.

For CLIF Bar, outdoor, adventure-driven sports are the centre of the brands focus, so to align with athletes that share this passion is a perfect example of effective celebrity endorsement.
Reports from Marketwatch identified that just one endorsement can spell an increase in sales by 4%, almost immediately.

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

The brand value added by celebrities isn’t just immediate but also profound. Such partnerships add legitimacy to a brands identity.

While CLIF Bar is the number one energy bar in USA and Canada, breaking into a new market can always be a challenge. CLIF Bar can better build relationships with Australian consumers by creating these alignments with Australian athletes.
With CLIF Bars dedicated approach, it’s grown exponentially since launching in the Australian market 5 years ago. The last two years alone has seen triple digit growth!

Sponsored Athletes and CLIF Bar

It’s always been important for CLIF Bar to support amateur and professional athletes across the globe. They currently sponsor over 1,500 athletes across the world with several Aussie-based. One of course is the incredible young surfer, Keely Andrew. Take a look into all the Australian sponsored athletes here.

At just 23 years old, Keely has been competing for eight years and has been sponsored by CLIF Bar for almost two of those years. In that time, she has had some fantastic results in her field.

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

More about Keely Andrew

Like Unique Health Products, Keely is a Sunny Coast, Queensland local. Winning a World Title has been her focus but her journey to reach this goal has seen her already complete incredible achievements, including:
– 1st Port Taranaki Pro 6000 WQS 2015
– 2nd El Salvador Pro 6000 WQS 2015
– 1st El Salvador Pro 6000 WQS 2016
– 5th US Open Of Surfing WCT 2016
– WSL Women’s Rookie of the Year 2016
– 5th Roxy Pro Snapper 2017
– 5th Oi Rio Pro 2017

“I hope to represent strength and be a role model and inspiration to all aspiring young women in Australia and abroad.” Says Keely.

Lakey Peterson is also a CLIF Bar sponsored athlete and an idol of Keely’s. “I look up to Lakey most on the CLIF Bar team. She has amazing work ethic and surfs incredibly well.” Says Keely.

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

Keely’s relationship with CLIF Bar

“My favourite CLIF Bar product is the energy gels.” Keely told us, “When I’m competing I often have long days at the beach and so it’s always helpful to have a gel to boost my energy levels before paddling out for a heat.”

CLIF Bar supplies a full range of Bars, SHOT Energy Gels and BLOKS Energy Chews to Keely that she uses within her training and while competing.

CLIF Bar partnered with Keely Andrew early into her career as a professional surfer and looks forward to an ongoing positive partnership as the athlete shreds towards her goal to take home a world championship title.

What’s the World Surf League?

For those unaware of The World Surf League (WSL), they organise the annual tour of professional surf competitions and broadcasts the events live.

The league captures all the athleticism, drama and adventure of competitive surfing, bringing together the world’s best male and female surfers in the most remote and exotic locations in the world.

When asked what it was like to be a part of the Championship Tour in the World Surf League, Kelly answered – “It’s hard work but definitely a lot of fun. Travelling the world competing against the best female surfers in the world is pretty special.”

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

Find out more on the world surfing league website.

Get the most out of CLIF Bars exposure with sponsored athlete. Request posters for your retail environment that feature the sponsored athletes and help directly target your consumers and sell more.

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The Moments That Made Monica’s Mixes


Most gluten-free mixes are seriously lacking in nutrients and flavour. For too long Monica had to compromise her health to enjoy delicious food or vice versa; she’d compromise taste to stick to a gluten-free diet.

At the tender age of two, she was an under-nourished child. Her mother helplessly unable to find a doctor that could explain her daughter’s skinny legs and protruding belly. It was a visit to a German doctor that concluded that Monica may have coeliac disease.

As Monica stood in his surgery, chewing on a rusk, the doctor said to her mother “Perhaps it is the very biscuit that she is eating which is poisoning her”. With this, a strict gluten-free diet was set in place.

“When I look back, I can see how my life
was destined to be all about food.
As well as having coeliac disease,
I was also born of Italian parents.”
– Monica explains.

Ignoring doctors’ orders and continuously caving to the rich flavours of gluten-filled foods, Monica felt drained and unwell as the decades passed. Before Monica’s Mixes, she was creating designer tarts, gourmet savouries and cakes and noticed an increase in demand for gluten free gourmet treats. Coming at a time that her health was under scrutiny, she decided enough was enough and gluten free would be her diet for life.

This moment is what sparked the idea to specialise in fail-proof, allergen-free recipe mixes for the whole family.

She was determined to go beyond simply providing gluten-free options, but to create flour blends and convenient mixes so that every family can enjoy delicious baked goods that are both gluten free and highly nutritious.

Taking her skills from years of working alongside chefs from all over the globe, Monica began crafting a range of convenient mixes – Monica’s Mixes. Each created to be nutrient dense, gluten free, grain free, nut free, egg free and soy free with sugar free, paleo friendly and vegan options.

Monica's Mixes

Monica’s Mixes range has grown to include Paleo Flour, Wrap Mix, Pizza Base Mix, Muffin Mix, Flour Blend, Bread Mix, Chocolate Cake, Banana Bread Mix and the new Vegan Patty Mix.

Monica's Mixes

Today the brightly packaged, highly versatile, easy and very convenient Monica’s Mixes are loved by coeliac sufferers and health-conscious consumers not only nationally, but also across the globe.

With consumers increasingly living busier lives and seeking fast, healthy food they don’t have to create from scratch, Monica’s Mixes offer the perfect attributes to continue to be a consumer favourite.

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What ACO Means For Me?


ACO is a not for profit, fully-owned subsidiary of Australia Organic Ltd and with over 1500 operators within its certification system, it’s Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce.

With today marking day one of Australian Organic Awareness Month, as a retailer, you may be wondering how this month will affect you and what ACO means for your business. In the short – it’s all good news.

Australian Organic Awareness Month is Australia’s largest national campaign run by ACO celebrating certified organic products, across a diverse range of industries, including fresh produce, packaged food and beverages, skincare, cosmetics and more!

So tell me the good news, you say? The good news is that global demand for organic products is rising, which is said to be due to increasing health concerns and awareness.

Just over half of organic shoppers say the key factor that prompted them to start buying organic was ‘becoming more aware of the impact food, fibre or cosmetics had on personal health’.

ACO table

Organic industry revenue is forecast
to reach $919.2 million in 2016-17,
up 7.2% from the previous year.

This upward trending growth indicates that customers are increasingly buying organic and if you’re known for stocking organic, it’s your doors they’ll think of walking though first. That’s a win for the organic industry, a win for the environment, a win for your customers and a win for you!

When it comes to organic, trust has been identified as being a big barrier to purchase. ACO’s strict quality guidelines have lead their bud logo to become the most recognised and reputable organic logo amongst Australian consumers today.

85% of all shoppers say an organic
certification mark on a product
influences their purchase decision.

Read more about the certification process and compare the above growth statistics to last year’s industry growth here.


Throughout Australian Organic Awareness Month (this September), ACO will be running promotions, prizes and giveaways via social media, online media, print media, radio and TV, educating consumers and driving your sales of ACO products.

“It’s all about raising awareness and protecting the interest of the consumer, so our message for consumers is to look for a certified organic logo when you’re shopping – like ACO’s Bud logo – because that’s the only way to guarantee a product is truly organic.” – ACO.

To capitalise on the demand for organics and the extra exposure organics will receive during Organic Awareness Month, make sure you are stocked up with our most popular ACO brands including Power Super Foods, Protein Supplies Australia and Hemp Foods Australia.

Power Super Foods

Power Super Foods offer a large range of beautifully packaged superfoods, many of which hold the ACO bud.

ACO - Power Super Foods

Protein Supplies Australia

The Biopro range within Protein Supplies Australia’s sports nutrition range are all Australian certified organic.

ACO - Protein Supplies Australia

Hemp Foods Australia

The hemp oil, seeds, protein powder and flour from Hemp Foods Australia are all Australian owned, grown and certified organic.

ACO - Hemp Foods Australia

Some of our other fast-moving ACO brands include Eclipse Organics, Kombucha Max, Planet Organic, The Whole Foodies, The Whole Boodies, Biologika, Mt Retour Organics, Riddles Creek, Tom Organic, Wotnot, Nirvana Organics, Barnes Naturals, Nature Child, Sol Organics, Suvanna and more.

Read the full 2017 Australian Organic Market report here to discover lots most industry insights into the Australian organics market.

If you already have access to our online shop, log in and use the filters to find our certified organic products quickly and easily.

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Sources: IBIS World, 2017; Australian Organic Market Report 2017.

Aussies Hunger for Vegan Friendly Products


Ewa Hudson, Head of Health and Wellness at Euromonitor International, said that Australia is one to watch when it comes to the demand for vegan friendly products.

Between 2015 and 2020, Australia is projected to continue as the third-fastest-growing vegan market in the world at 9.6% growth. Not far ahead is United Arab Emirates growing at 10.6%, with China leading the growth at 17.2%.

In Australia, it’s Tasmania that’s leading demand for vegan options. Newcastle, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Canberra also make it to the top 5 locations most interested in veganism.
With demand increasing rapidly, Australia’s packaged vegan food market is set to grow over $60 million in value to reach $215 million by 2020.


Vegan Friendly Products


Globally, this alternative lifestyle has been supported by high profile, mainstream celebrities like Beyoncé. Support has also come from the increased awareness about the health benefits of vegan options, as well as the increased need that Australians have developed for transparency in what the consume. The internet makes it simple for consumers to easily access information on veganism and farm- to-table practices. People want to know where their food comes from.


With demand increasing, vegan friendly products have only seen the opportunity to develop further in quality and taste. Veganism is hence losing its ‘hippie’ stereotype and becoming more mainstream everyday. People want good food they don’t feel guilty eating, both morally and in terms of health. Consumers are learning fast that vegan options are where they’ll get this.

According to Google, ‘Vegan’ is searched more in Australia, than anywhere else in the world.

So what products are seeing the most growth in the vegan sector?

In Australia, dairy-type products, worth $83.7 million come in as the most popular non-animal products in Australia. These are followed by sauces, dressings and condiments worth $26.3 million. Closely behind is biscuits and snack bars valued at $12.5 million, confectionary worth $6.9 million, breakfast cereals at $5.4 million, and then spreads worth $1.1 million.*

According to Australian Dietary Guidelines, appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthy and nutritionally adequate.

Vegan Friendly Products

Stock a range of vegan friendly products and share the benefits of veganism to get a slice of the growing category.

Check out the top-selling vegan friendly products from The Whole Foodies, Monica’s Mixes, East Bali Cashews, Power Super Foods, Protein Supplies Australia, Extraordinary Foods, Natural Evolution, Blue Dinosaur, GimMe, and Protes.


Source: Euromonitor International, 2016.

The Tribe Turning Beauty Basics Boodiful


At a glance, you can see why this brand is captivating consumers. Artistically designed packaging and clever copy combines to make these simple products pop on the shelf and all over the digital world.

But their beauty goes beyond the bright packaging and cheeky brand charisma. Take a visit to their website or Instagram and you’ll know what we mean
by charisma.

Each of The Whole Boodies products are crafted with rich, organic, vegan-friendly ingredients and complemented with an active marketing strategy and competitive price point.

Demand for organic beauty is predicted to grow to over $13 Billion by 2018.

With one of the categories main barriers to purchase being price, The Whole Boodies offer the perfect products for customers just transitioning into organic beauty. With the recommended retail price starting from just $9.95, customers won’t need to get a personal loan in order to better care for their body.

The Whole Boodies range encapsulates products across the hair care, body care and oral care categories using naturally cleansing and moisturising ingredients to offer quality products that are free from harsh chemicals.

Hair Care
The Whole Boodies Coconut Vanilla Shampoo and Coconut Vanilla Conditioner are an oasis for all hair types. They were crafted from the determination to discover the perfect combination of hydrating coconut with sweet vanilla tones. Infused with the right nutrient-rich ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, vanilla essential oil and jojoba oil, they promote healthy growth, provide deep conditioning, repair damaged follicles and leave your hair with a shiny glow.

Consumer selling points for this range include:
• Organic
• Vegan
• Not tested on animals
• Sulphate free
• Paraben free
• Synthetic fragrance free
• Affordable

Body Care
The Whole Boodies body care includes a Coconut Vanilla Body Wash and Coconut Vanilla Body Lotion, plus roll-on deodorants in natural lavender, zesty and vanilla fragrances. The brand avoids the use of synthetics to fragrance the products, using nourishing essential oils instead to create incredibly aromatic products. The deodorants are all free from the toxic metal, aluminium and instead use naturally antibacterial ingredients like aloe vera and witch hazel to ensure fast absorbing, long lasting protection, the natural way.

Consumer selling points for this range include:
• Organic
• Vegan
• Not tested on animals
• Aluminium free
• Sulphate free
• Paraben free
• Synthetic fragrance free
• Affordable

Oral Care
Wanting to create a minty fresh oral care range, without any nasty ingredients that lurk in some non-natural brands, The Whole Boodies used quality essential oils and naturally antibacterial aloe vera juice to create a refreshingly natural mint mouthwash and toothpaste. Removing all synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients, leaves the toothpaste with a smooth, natural aloe vera-like texture.

Consumer selling points for this range include:
• Organic
• Vegan
• Not tested on animals
• Sulphate free
• Fluoride free
• Mineral oil free
• Affordable

Dedicated to you, Australian consumers, the environment and animals, The Whoel Boodies tribe promise that each and every bottle they share is all natural, organic, cruelty free, looks good, smells good, works well, comes with a cheeky side of character and are all completely affordable!

Now? Your customers just have to resist the urge to share these boodiful bottles of goodness with their tribe.

The Whole Boodies is exclusively distributed by Unique. If you’d like to have the bold and bright tribe selling quick in your store, just add The Whole Boodies to your next order here and ask our customer service team for supporting POS material.

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