Hemp Food | Your Customers’ Questions… And All the Answers!



As of 12 November 2017, Australian consumers have been able to purchase hemp foods in your retail environment.

Hemp foods previously marked for ‘external use only’ from leading hemp food brands including Hemp Foods Australia, Sani Hemp, EM Superfoods and Every Bit Organic Raw and can be suitable to be transitioned into your food categories now the national legislation has rolled out.

Preparing yourself with the right knowledge to answer expected consumer FAQs, will help you to educate customers and get hemp sales growing in the green! Here’s what you need to know.


How are hemp oil, seeds, protein powder and flour used as food products?
While they are safe to be consumed on their own, there are many delicious ways to consume the products by incorporating them into recipes.

Hemp Oil:

Use in baking, raw treats, salad dressings and dips. Hemp oil has a low flash point, so is not recommended for frying as it will start to smoke even at low temperatures.

Hemp Seeds:

Sprinkle into smoothies or on top of cereal, salads, soups or yoghurt to add extra protein, nutrients and a very slight nutty flavour.

Hemp Protein Powder:

Hemp protein contains all 10 essential amino acids necessary for optimal health and can be simply mixed with milk or nut milk, added to smoothies or even pancakes to boost protein intake.

Hemp Flour:

Not only is hemp flour a nutritious gluten-free flour alternative, it also adds a great nutty flavour to bread, muffins, cookies and more.

For further ideas and recipes to share with your consumers, we suggest searching hemp food brand websites or hemp recipe blog.

What are the health benefits?

Hemp seeds are extremely high in protein and are also a source of vitamin A and E, minerals, fibre, amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp seeds, oil and protein also contain very little naturally occurring sugars – less then 1g per 100g! All are ideal for consumers sensitive to soy, dairy or gluten.

Hemp seeds and oil are used in other countries, including in Europe, Canada and the United States of America, in a range of foods and it’s expected that Australia will follow suit and we’ll see an increase of hemp food innovation.

Hemp Food Australia

What are the benefits for the environment, farmers and the economy?

Hemp contributes significantly towards more sustainable farming in Australia, with the added bonus of creating considerable job opportunities for Australia’s farming industry and of course, further hemp food sales for your retail environment.

Check out the hemp food brands we sell – Hemp Foods AustraliaEM Superfoods and Sani Hemp and add them to your online order here.

Australia Legalises Hemp Food!


On 28 April 2017, the hemp food industry in Australia changed forever. The Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s (FSANZ) proposal to permit the sale of food derived from the seeds of low delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol varieties of cannabis stavia (hemp) was passed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). Now Australia and New Zealand are in line with the rest of the world.

While passed in April, the changes have just come into effect as of 12 November 2017.

The delay in the amendment taking effect was given to allow each state and territory time to amend respective legislation which is required to support the legal sale of low-THC hemp seed foods in Australia.

The changes pave the way for Australia to reap the nutritional, financial and environmental benefits of selected hemp foods.

These foods were previously marked for ‘external use only’. With legislation changes, healthy hemp foods are now legal for human consumption across Australia.

“In five years’ time, hemp could be as common as soy, chia and flaxseed because it’s nutritious.” Said Paul Benhaim, chief executive of Hemp Foods Australia. Paul is also predicting sales of hemp seeds to quadruple in the year following this change.


Hemp differs from other varieties of cannabis. It is not marijuana. Hemp is a woody plant with no buds. Historically hemp has been used as a source of fibre and oil in traditional medicines. Hemp has no or miniscule traces of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the cannabinoid associated with the psychoactive properties of marijuana.

Hemp is a highly nutritious plant and can be used to make food ingredients like seeds, flour, oil and protein powder. Internationally, the food market has seen a range of hemp consumables such as; hemp snack bars, pasta and milk, just to name a few. With more products being created every day, production techniques will evolve and get even better.


Hemp Foods Australia


It is expected that Australia will see the similar introduction of hemp food products over the next few years.


Australian states were given until 12 November 2017 to make legislation amendments to meet the Council of Australian Governments legislation. Some states made this change faster than others. While states were waiting for the legislation amendments, retailers were still able to sell hemp seed products for external use.

Find out more and keep up to date on this legislation change on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) website.


Check out the hemp food brands we sell – Hemp Foods Australia, EM Superfoods and Sani Hemp and add them to your online order here.

CLIF Bar and the Crocs!


Since 2015, CLIF Bar have been proud supporters of the trip, donating thousands of bars to keep energy levels high for the six-week period that our wildlife warriors are tracking, relocating and researching these historic animals.

“Once you learn about a species, you can protect them.” – Luke Reavley, Crocodile Research Coordinator at Australia Zoo.

The association and support of such an iconic organisation like Australia Zoo, further increases CLIF Bar’s positive reputation down under. While they may be American born, the brands roots are well and truly in our Aussie soil.

This is one of hundreds of sponsorships and events that CLIF Bar is involved in every year, helping the brand to stay at the top of your customers’ mind.

You can learn more about the Australia Zoo conservation trips here.

Unique are the exclusive Australian distributors of CLIF Bar. You can easy stock the brand by adding it to your next order online. If you are not a Unique Health Products account holder, get up and running here.

Trend insights for ‘BEAUTY’ sales!


Euromonitor International expects global sales to exceed AUD$166 billion in 2019, adding AUD$25.5 billion in value over 2014-2019.

What’s increasing in Australian consumers is their curiosity of what goes into beauty products, which is driving growth of greener and cleaner, natural and organic skincare ranges.

Skincare is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from 2014-2019, which is 1% higher than the average annual growth for the overall beauty category.

63% of millennial women believe it’s ‘very important’ to buy natural skincare products.

Consumers are proactively checking labels, ingredient lists and looking for products that contain natural or active ingredients. They know what they want from their skincare products.

Globally, the Asia Pacific region is leading the market in terms of revenue for cosmetic skincare products and is projected to hold its position as the leader from 2016 to 2024. This is being driven by the huge population in the region, as well as increasing consumer disposable income, rising demand for chemical-free skincare products and the changing lifestyle of consumers.

It’s now clear that natural and organic skincare ranges are the ones to expand, but with so many brands available, what makes a brand stand out? What else is it that consumers are looking for? Where are the sales growth areas in the category? Here’s what we’ve found to answer your skincare category questions and have you yelling ‘you beauty!’.


Skincare is so much more complex these day in terms or offerings. There’s a sense of indulgence that consumers crave during their skincare routine, using multiple products in their regime, as well as several assorted products for various times of the day, days of the week and even times of the year.

With this, there has been an increase in demand for products from smaller, niche players, particularly for those positioned as natural and prestige. Natural brands delivered significant growth last year in the prestige category, in fact they accounted for all gains in the category and this is expected to continue.

Brands with a natural and/or botanically derived clinical orientation now represent the largest combined share of prestige skincare sales.

The premium skincare market over 2016-2021, will grow with a CAGR of 3.6%, compared to 2.4% in the mass segment and the Asia Pacific region is again leading the premium market over 2016-2021. During this period, it is expected to generate AUD$8.4 billion in gains.


Experts are predicting that the future growth in the cosmetic skincare market will also be fuelled by continuous innovation and development of more effective anti-ageing and sun protection products.

This is expected to create prospective market opportunities for natural and active cosmetic ingredients including enzymes, botanical extracts, amino acids, as well as natural ingredients such as herbs, vegetables and fruits with anti-ageing properties.

Innovative natural brands that particularly tap into the brightening skin trend (that’s huge among the younger generations) are also expected to be snapped up in the Australian market.


The sheet face mask market is gaining traction in the beauty world and fast. From 2016-2024 this market will grow at a CAGR of 8.7% globally. The largest growth (60.8%) will take part in the Asia Pacific region. Again, this is said to be due to its huge population base with rising disposable incomes.

In dollar terms, this market will see a huge AUD$225.6 million increase from 2016 to reach AUD$430.8 million by the end of 2024.

Natural Beauty To Go

There are a few trends that are driving demand for sheet masks, including skin brightening and anti-aging. Performing the strongest in the category are hydrogel sheet face masks, many of which are natural and biodegradable.


ACURE Organics

Organic skincare products are expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.8% from 2014 to 2020. Acure Organics is on top of this demand, offering a huge range of organic skincare. They use on trend innovative methods, including fruit stem cell technology and natural active components to offer different product ranges for different skin concerns. With more pressure from consumers to be able to trial and travel with products, ACURE Organics’ travel packs and convenient cleansing towelettes are a huge hit with on-the-go Australian consumers. Read more about the brand values on the ACURE Organics website.

ACURE Organics Natural Beauty To Go

24K Goddess

The Perfecting Active Gold Eye Masks from 24K Goddess effectively provide a cross-over between the natural beauty market and prestige skincare. The single-use hydro masks are tapping into the sheet mask skincare category, which is expected to almost double in value over the next 7 years. The masks are also vegan-friendly, biodegradable, plant-based and contain prestige ingredients like real nano-gold particles. Discover the full list of their ingredients and what positive effect each offers on the 24K Goddess website.

24K Goddess Natural Beauty To Go

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals high performing skincare range is based on an effective and concentrated natural fruit stem cell science formula, with tailored products to address specific skin concerns. Identifying that consumers are investing more into single-use beauty, they pioneered the grab and go natural beauty market with the Beauty2Go range. The range offers single-use face creams, pod masks, fibre sheet masks and more. The Andalou Naturals Beauty2Go range is boldly packaged and packed with key selling points which is driving attention and captivating consumers.


Andalou Naturals - Natural Beauty To Go



As beauty offerings continue to expand, ensuring you’re on top of the trends will allow you to achieve ‘BEAUTY’ sales! Add ACURE Organics, 24K Goddess and Andalou Naturals to your next online order, or if you not yet a Unique Health Products account holder, easily get started here.

What Your Customers Know About Oxybenzone Could Affect Sunscreen Sales


Mainstream marketing campaigns tell Australians to ‘slip, slop, slap’ whenever out in the sun, but could consumers be second guessing their sunscreen?

Previously many looked for the highest SPF rating as an indicator of the ‘best’ way to protect themselves from ultraviolent radiation (UV). Today it goes beyond this. With more emphasis on ingredient transparency and environmental protection than ever before, customers want to know what it is that they are applying to their skin.

An ingredient that’s being shunned more and more is oxybenzone.

What is oxybenzone?

Oxybenzone is an organic compound that can absorb UVB and UVA rays. The pale-yellow solid is readily soluble in most organic solvents.

There is a growing concern with the use of oxybenzone and the hazardous effects it can have on the environment and possible impact on human health.

Hazardous for the environment:
There’s a significant amount of research that identifies the harmful effects that even the smallest amount of oxybenzone has on coral.

Oxybenzone can reach our reefs by washing off during a swim and washing down the drains when showering off sunscreen. It is also highly absorbent through skin and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says “on average, oxybenzone will appear in the urine of over 96% of those who apply it to their skin.”

The absorption of oxybenzone could be negatively affecting health, as well as the environment (when flushed into our waterways through oxybenzone contaminated urine).

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki found that it can be toxic to baby coral and can greatly contribute to coral bleaching at levels as low as 62 parts per trillion (equivalent to one drop in 6.5 Olympic swimming pools).

According to a 2015 paper published in the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, annually the world’s reefs are exposed to up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen.

Hazardous for health:
The US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health says that there may be potential adverse effects induced by UV-filters like oxybenzone.

As mentioned above, oxybenzone has been found to be highly absorbent through the skin, which is sparking concerns about it being hazardous to health, including skin reactions and hormone disruption.

Studies into the side-effects on health are few and in the early stages. More intensive research needs to be conducted before a conclusive stance on whether oxybenzone is unsafe for health can be concluded.

What is oxybenzone commonly found in?

Oxybenzone is most commonly found in sunscreen and can also be found in sunscreen moisturiser, sunscreen lip-balm, nail polish, fragrance, hair spray, sunscreen makeup, baby sunscreen and a range of other body, hair and cosmetic products. It is used in over 3,500 sunscreen preparations worldwide.

Is there a better alternative?

EWG (Environmental Working Group) said they agree with the Professional Association of Underwater Instructors and the National Park Service, who recommend using sunscreens that use zinc oxide and avoid sunscreens that contain oxybenzone.

Read more about EWG’s thoughts on oxybenzone here.

“ zinc oxide is not as harmful to coral as oxybenzone. So we could use these (and other chemicals) which don’t harm humans nor ocean creatures—or we could cover up.” – Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

What are the synonyms?

Oxybenzone can also be listed as 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone, 4-Methoxy-2-hydroxybenzophenone, Advastab 45, AI3-23644, Anuvex, Benzophenone, 2-hydroxy-4-methoxy-Benzophenone-3, BRN 1913145, CCRIS 1078, Chimassorb 90, Cyasorb UV 9, Cyasorb UV 9 Light Absorber, EC 205-031-5, EINECS 205-031-5, Escalol 567, Eusolex 4360, HMBP, HSDB 4503, MOB, MOD, NCI-C60957, NSC 7778, NSC-7778, Ongrostab HMB, Oxibenzona, Oxibenzona [INN-Spanish], Oxibenzonum, Oxybenzon, Oxybenzonum, Oxybenzonum [INN-Latin], Solbar, Spectra-sorb UV 9, Sunscreen UV-15, Syntase 62, UF 3, UNII-95OOS7VE0Y, USAF CY-9, UV 9, Uvinul 9, Uvinul M40 and Uvistat 24.

What is safer sunscreen?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) legislation only requires sunscreen products to list the active ingredients and the preservative system, but natural brands have opened up the transparency of their sunscreens, exposing all ingredients used in their formulations. This may help your customers more clearly decide on whether a certain brand is better for them.

For customers concerned about the effects that oxybenzone may have on the environment and their health, offer them natural sunscreens that use zinc as the UV filter instead. These include Eco Sunscreen (Body, Baby and Face),  Simple As That Sunscreen, UV Natural Sunscreen (Body, Baby, Sport and Lip) and Wotnot Sunscreen.

New to the natural sunscreen category

The newest product to the Wotnot Sunscreen range, goes beyond offering a natural, chemical UV filter-free sunscreen. The SPF 30 Anti-Aging, Daily Defence For Face is made with certified organic ingredients and is specifically created for the modern-day, fast-paced lifestyle that many women live.

It helps to protect, prime and brighten the skin, while the Cosmos approved plant collagen helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s an all-in-one face sunscreen that’s made with 100% wot’s good and 0% wot’s not! Another reason for your customers to love this new product is the super competitive price point.


Help your customers get ready for the warm weather ahead. Add a range of oxybenzone-free sunscreens to your next online order here. If you’re not yet a Unique Health Products’ retailer, it’s easy to get your wholesale account started here.

Merchandising Tips and Tricks!


In an environment where every inch could make you a sale, it’s important to take the time to ensure you’re effectively using every spare space in your retail store.
Not sure where to start? Take a look at these easy to follow merchandising tips for some super sales!

1. Embrace the Clip Strip:

Every break between shelves is retail space, so don’t forget to use it. Placing clip strips along breaks is a great way to encourage a companion sale or impulse buy.

2. Block Down:

Take advantage of customers’ product search patterns by merchandising specific brands vertically down rather than horizontally. If brands are merchandised across the shelf, customers often have problems finding what they are looking for.

3. Big Bottom – Small Top:

Try and avoid your smaller products getting lost and your shelves feeling top heavy and awkward by keeping your larger items low and your small items high.

4. Bring Brands Alive:

Help create a strong shelf presence by bringing brands alive and encapsulate consumers with the brands story and personality.

5. It’s All About Abundance:

Order enough stock to keep your displays abundant. Sparse shelves cheapens the look of your displays and when products are not consistently available, consumers will doubt your reliability.

6. Say Goodbye to Gaps:

Minimise gaps between shelves to create an abundant, organised environment. Although at the same time ensure there’s still enough room for shop assistants to face up and check expiry dates, and for customers to easily pick up the products.

7. Face Up More for the Movers:

Multiple facings help brands to further stand out. Allocate multiple facings for your high turnover products to make it easier for consumers to find and easier for you to sell.

8. Take a Double Dip:

Companion sales are a terrific way to increase your customers’ average spend. Think about what you companion sell and encourage extra sales by dual locating products that sell well together.

9. The Price is Right… There:

Most customers check the price before they make a purchase decision. If they can’t find it easily, it may certainly turn them away, so ensure price labels are available and easy to see. This goes for sale and deal prices too.

10. Give the Option For Impulses:

Utilise your register counters for impulse sales – ensure the products are relevant to the season and suited to an impulse purchase, like grab n’ go snacks or beauty 2 go sachets. Just remember to keep the area clean, tidy and uncluttered.

11. Off Location Displays:

Use off location displays to create themes around seasonal essentials, local events, holiday periods or on-trend products/ranges. Convey the message quickly and effectively by using large, clear signage and POS materials.

Merchandising Tips

12. New Needs To Be Known:

New product? Flag it with a small, but bright ‘NEW’ sign to let your customers know. It will help the product catch their attention and create excitement discovering new lines in your store.

13. Move Onwards and Upwards:

Sticking to the same old day-in-day-out can be a drag, for you and your customers. Monitor sales and don’t be afraid to change things up if something is just not working. It’s the only way to grow!


Give these top 13 merchandising tips a try to find what best improves your sales. Having trouble deciding on what products to stock in your retail environment? Contact us and our friendly customer service team will help you to determine what products will best sell in your store.

How My Magic Mud Uses Brand Love to Capture Consumers’ Hearts (And Smiles)


Brand love is a real influence on ongoing purchase intent and My Magic Mud has this well covered. Creating a huge hype in Australia, with their unique retro branding, personality and quality, they are creating a cult-following and the die-hard fans are only continuing to grow.

My Magic Mud is the fastest selling natural oral care brand in the US (SPINS, 2017)!

What is My Magic Mud?

My Magic Mud Activated Coconut Charcoal Tooth Powder is an internationally used natural, holistic teeth whitening, detoxifying, cleaning remedy that everyone’s brushing with – like a boss!

My Magic Mud - Coconut Charcoal

The American-based brand even has industry professionals endorsing them.

“I am a Biological Dentist and My Magic Mud is a product I use being that it is 100% all natural, improves your oral health and makes your teeth brighter and whiter.” – Dr. Merrily M. Sandford, DDS

“My Magic Mud gives my teeth the look and feel of just having received a professional cleaning. After 2 uses my teeth were noticeably whiter. I am recommending this product to all of my patients!” – Stafford G. Conley, Jr. DDS

This dental hygiene revolution is backed by the amazing toxin absorption and natural whitening that activated coconut charcoal offers.

Activated coconut charcoal powder is a highly absorbent material with millions of tiny pores that can help to capture and remove up to 100 times its own weight in toxins. The medicinal use of activated charcoal powder dates back to 1550 BC.

My Magic Mud powder is a powerful natural combination of activated coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, organic orange peel extract and organic mint extract.

Discover the incredible story of how the brand was established here.

Understanding How Brand Love Brings Profit

Customers are falling for My Magic Mud, but what does this mean? And how does brand love help increase your sales?

Brand love is a concept in the field of consumer behaviour. If you stock products that customers have developed brand love for, then sales are more easily obtained and the consumers are more likely to be responsible for repeat sales as they fall beyond brand love and into brand loyalty.

How has My Magic Mud captured Australians and smothered them in the smitten state of brand love?

1. Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction is where brand love starts. Using quality ingredients and delivering a product that the market wants has My Magic Mud satisfying Australian customers. The raving reviews are living up to customers’ expectations and are leaving them feeling pleased with the purchase.

2. Emotional Connection

Customer satisfaction and loyalty mean nothing if a brand does not evoke memories, emotions and a relationship with their customers.

Over time, as customers remain satisfied with My Magic Mud, then this satisfaction begins to get transformed into an emotional and passionate bonding with the brand. This is done through My Magic Mud’s marketing including their social media community and viral campaigns, building memories and developing positive emotions with customers.

Key Selling Points Your Customers LOVE

Many natural tooth powders have a funky taste, not My Magic Mud – it’s a completely flavourless blend. This makes the products appealing even to kids.

My Magic Mud contains no fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate, triclosan, preservatives, glycerin or foaming agents.

For the budget conscious consumers, each My Magic Mud Tooth Powder contains a massive 150 applications. This makes it not just more affordable than harmful chemical-filled whitening treatments, but even as cheap or cheaper than regular toothpaste too!

My Magic Mud Toothpastes

If making mess (when brushing like a boss) isn’t your customers thing, but they’re still intrigued with the activated coconut charcoal trend and want a naturally whiter, healthier smile, My Magic Mud also have a range of toothpastes!

In the toothpaste range is four flavours – Peppermint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon Clove or Spearmint.

They all still contain activated coconut charcoal and bentonite clay, just blended into smooth textured and delectable tasting natural pastes.

My Magic Mud - Coconut Charcoal

Coming Soon to the My Magic Mud Range

In October the revolution will continue to evolve with My Magic Mud bringing Australia another cutting-edge formulation. Combining on-trend turmeric and antioxidant-filled cacao to create Polishing Tooth Powder in Peppermint or Spearmint.

The oral care powder is a first, helping to re-mineralize and polish teeth while soothing gums for optimal oral health. If these are anything like the original Whitening Tooth Powder, get ready for more My Magic Mud groupies!

Dental Revolution - My Magic Mud

Check out the My Magic Mud on-trend range here and contact us to start stocking it in your retail environment.

Could Keely Andrew Be Behind Your Sales?


You could be her biggest fan, or maybe you haven’t heard of Keely Andrew, either way – read on. This article explains why retailers should care about the relationship between CLIF Bar and Keely and how to capitalise on celebrity endorsements to increase sales. We’ve also added some extra info on Keely for those surfing fans!

Keely’s become a prominent role model for young women in Australia. She’s an Aussie girl in the spotlight to the millions that follow the World Surf Tour.

Keely Andrew competing at the 2017 Hurley Pro at Trestles, California.

Her high exposure isn’t just pushing the surfing industry in Australia, but her alignment with CLIF Bar is impacting the brand in a positive way.

“The CLIF Bars themselves are a good snack to have during a long surf session. They taste good and a single bar is so filling.” – Keely told us.

Approximately 10% of the Australian population surf – that’s almost 2.5 million.

It’s more than just a substantial number; surfing has become an iconic Australian sport since being introduced by Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku in 1915. Surfing plays a huge part in Australian culture and identity.

When a brand aligns itself with such a prominent sport and sports star, its ability to increase sales is highly anticipated.

Why is celebrity endorsement important to retailers?

You’re a fast-paced, successful retailer and time is certainly not a factor that’s on your side. Juggling your business and ensuring it’s performing at its best, while maintaining your personal life can prove a challenge. Why add extra pressure by stocking products that you’re not sure about?  You want brands that support your sales with marketing that increases brand recognition and ultimately ‘sell themselves’.

Celebrity endorsements are not a new concept and are based on simple logic – people idolise celebrities. If a brand can effectively align themselves seamlessly with a celebrity, then consumers are prompted either subliminally or directly to buy. What’s key here, is ensuring that the brand is well-aligned with the celebrity.

You wouldn’t necessarily see an increase in sales if CLIF Bar was to say align with a celebrity famous for creating ‘dramatic make-up looks’. It’s the wrong alignment. This would confuse consumers and create the opposite desire that a brand would want.

For CLIF Bar, outdoor, adventure-driven sports are the centre of the brands focus, so to align with athletes that share this passion is a perfect example of effective celebrity endorsement.
Reports from Marketwatch identified that just one endorsement can spell an increase in sales by 4%, almost immediately.

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

The brand value added by celebrities isn’t just immediate but also profound. Such partnerships add legitimacy to a brands identity.

While CLIF Bar is the number one energy bar in USA and Canada, breaking into a new market can always be a challenge. CLIF Bar can better build relationships with Australian consumers by creating these alignments with Australian athletes.
With CLIF Bars dedicated approach, it’s grown exponentially since launching in the Australian market 5 years ago. The last two years alone has seen triple digit growth!

Sponsored Athletes and CLIF Bar

It’s always been important for CLIF Bar to support amateur and professional athletes across the globe. They currently sponsor over 1,500 athletes across the world with several Aussie-based. One of course is the incredible young surfer, Keely Andrew. Take a look into all the Australian sponsored athletes here.

At just 23 years old, Keely has been competing for eight years and has been sponsored by CLIF Bar for almost two of those years. In that time, she has had some fantastic results in her field.

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

More about Keely Andrew

Like Unique Health Products, Keely is a Sunny Coast, Queensland local. Winning a World Title has been her focus but her journey to reach this goal has seen her already complete incredible achievements, including:
– 1st Port Taranaki Pro 6000 WQS 2015
– 2nd El Salvador Pro 6000 WQS 2015
– 1st El Salvador Pro 6000 WQS 2016
– 5th US Open Of Surfing WCT 2016
– WSL Women’s Rookie of the Year 2016
– 5th Roxy Pro Snapper 2017
– 5th Oi Rio Pro 2017

“I hope to represent strength and be a role model and inspiration to all aspiring young women in Australia and abroad.” Says Keely.

Lakey Peterson is also a CLIF Bar sponsored athlete and an idol of Keely’s. “I look up to Lakey most on the CLIF Bar team. She has amazing work ethic and surfs incredibly well.” Says Keely.

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

Keely’s relationship with CLIF Bar

“My favourite CLIF Bar product is the energy gels.” Keely told us, “When I’m competing I often have long days at the beach and so it’s always helpful to have a gel to boost my energy levels before paddling out for a heat.”

CLIF Bar supplies a full range of Bars, SHOT Energy Gels and BLOKS Energy Chews to Keely that she uses within her training and while competing.

CLIF Bar partnered with Keely Andrew early into her career as a professional surfer and looks forward to an ongoing positive partnership as the athlete shreds towards her goal to take home a world championship title.

What’s the World Surf League?

For those unaware of The World Surf League (WSL), they organise the annual tour of professional surf competitions and broadcasts the events live.

The league captures all the athleticism, drama and adventure of competitive surfing, bringing together the world’s best male and female surfers in the most remote and exotic locations in the world.

When asked what it was like to be a part of the Championship Tour in the World Surf League, Kelly answered – “It’s hard work but definitely a lot of fun. Travelling the world competing against the best female surfers in the world is pretty special.”

Keely Andrews - CLIF Bar Athlete

Find out more on the world surfing league website.

Get the most out of CLIF Bars exposure with sponsored athlete. Request posters for your retail environment that feature the sponsored athletes and help directly target your consumers and sell more.

Don’t already stock CLIF Bar? Add them to your next online order here.

If you’re not already set up with a Unique Helath Products wholesale account –  it’s easy to get started here.

What ACO Means For Me?


ACO is a not for profit, fully-owned subsidiary of Australia Organic Ltd and with over 1500 operators within its certification system, it’s Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce.

With today marking day one of Australian Organic Awareness Month, as a retailer, you may be wondering how this month will affect you and what ACO means for your business. In the short – it’s all good news.

Australian Organic Awareness Month is Australia’s largest national campaign run by ACO celebrating certified organic products, across a diverse range of industries, including fresh produce, packaged food and beverages, skincare, cosmetics and more!

So tell me the good news, you say? The good news is that global demand for organic products is rising, which is said to be due to increasing health concerns and awareness.

Just over half of organic shoppers say the key factor that prompted them to start buying organic was ‘becoming more aware of the impact food, fibre or cosmetics had on personal health’.

ACO table

Organic industry revenue is forecast
to reach $919.2 million in 2016-17,
up 7.2% from the previous year.

This upward trending growth indicates that customers are increasingly buying organic and if you’re known for stocking organic, it’s your doors they’ll think of walking though first. That’s a win for the organic industry, a win for the environment, a win for your customers and a win for you!

When it comes to organic, trust has been identified as being a big barrier to purchase. ACO’s strict quality guidelines have lead their bud logo to become the most recognised and reputable organic logo amongst Australian consumers today.

85% of all shoppers say an organic
certification mark on a product
influences their purchase decision.

Read more about the certification process and compare the above growth statistics to last year’s industry growth here.


Throughout Australian Organic Awareness Month (this September), ACO will be running promotions, prizes and giveaways via social media, online media, print media, radio and TV, educating consumers and driving your sales of ACO products.

“It’s all about raising awareness and protecting the interest of the consumer, so our message for consumers is to look for a certified organic logo when you’re shopping – like ACO’s Bud logo – because that’s the only way to guarantee a product is truly organic.” – ACO.

To capitalise on the demand for organics and the extra exposure organics will receive during Organic Awareness Month, make sure you are stocked up with our most popular ACO brands including Power Super Foods, Protein Supplies Australia and Hemp Foods Australia.

Power Super Foods

Power Super Foods offer a large range of beautifully packaged superfoods, many of which hold the ACO bud.

ACO - Power Super Foods

Protein Supplies Australia

The Biopro range within Protein Supplies Australia’s sports nutrition range are all Australian certified organic.

ACO - Protein Supplies Australia

Hemp Foods Australia

The hemp oil, seeds, protein powder and flour from Hemp Foods Australia are all Australian owned, grown and certified organic.

ACO - Hemp Foods Australia

Some of our other fast-moving ACO brands include Eclipse Organics, Kombucha Max, Planet Organic, The Whole Foodies, The Whole Boodies, Biologika, Mt Retour Organics, Riddles Creek, Tom Organic, Wotnot, Nirvana Organics, Barnes Naturals, Nature Child, Sol Organics, Suvanna and more.

Read the full 2017 Australian Organic Market report here to discover lots most industry insights into the Australian organics market.

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Sources: IBIS World, 2017; Australian Organic Market Report 2017.