Naturally Good Expo 2017 Proves a Knock Out


This year Unique went bigger and better, bringing hundreds of brands and thousands of products to display. The team also offered hours of tastings and sampling, countless amounts of generous goodies bags and Dale (UHP Managing Director) and the team shared the wealth of knowledge gained from being in the industry for over three decades.

For those who were amongst the 6,322 who attended The Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, it was fantastic to meet you and discuss our industry trends and what’s new!

As the biggest trade show in the Southern Hemisphere for everything healthy we were thrilled to be surrounded by like-minded professionals.

For those who unfortunately were unable to make it this year, we’ll catch you up on what you missed.

Naturally Good 2017 is the ONLY place to see, taste, sample and order the newest, latest-trending and in demand products your customers want!

Every year we aim to bring Unique’s diversified, fun culture, expert customer service and strong business ethics to the expo. For those of you that have toured our Sunshine Coast headquarters, you’d know it’s not an easy task!

With over 300 exhibitors, it was one busy environment. We designed our stand specifically to create a space that was easy for our visitors to see, touch, taste and interact with our company and the brands we represent. From the green foliage to the clear signage, the space was designed to help our visitors find exactly what was needed while also understanding our natural origins and what we stand for.

We had every category covered: active nutrition, grab n’ go, healthy snacks and drinks, superfoods, natural remedies, pantry and body + hair care.

What was available for tasting and sampling?

Naturally Good Expo

Our tasting and sampling booth was a huge hit!
Top-selling brands travelled as far as Indonesia, Japan and USA to showcase their ranges of delicious, nutritious food and innovative natural beauty, body care and remedies at Unique’s Naturally Good Expo stall.

Products that were featured in our tastings included:

CLIF Bar – New Cool Mint Chocolate Bar
Little Zebra Chocolates – Sugar free chocolate range
Vego – The best vegan chocolate in the world
Monica’s Mixes – Protein Patty Mix
The Protein Bread Co – Low carb, high protein bread
Alps Water Filter – A consistent top-selling water purifier
East Bali Cashews – Sustainable flavoured cashews
Seaweed Superfood Co. – Spiced Turmeric Popcorn
2die4 Live Foods– Activated Tamari Almonds
Minor Figures – Award-winning cold-pressed coffee
The Ginger People – Gin Gins and Ginger Rescue
Pure Fields – Coconut Chips
Alter Eco – Fair Trade Chocolate
Bounce – Plant Power Balls
Zen Green Tea– Matcha Green Tea Powder
Natural Evolution –  Green banana flour and resistance starch
The Whole Foodies – Kelp Noodles
Alchemy Cordials – Kyoto Matcha Elixir
Golden Grind – Turmeric Blend
Nakula – Coconut Water

Products that were featured in our sampling included:

Acure Organics – Natural skincare
Andalou Naturals -Natural skincare
Amazing Oils – Magnesium range
Cellfood – Remedies
My Magic Mud – Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

What was in our goodies bags?

On top of all our tastings and sampling, generous goodies bags were given out filled with our top-selling and new products. Full sized products, sample sizes and brochures filled with information, they really had it all!

Brands that featured in our goodies bags included Little Mashies, Tooshies By Tom, Andalou Naturals, ACURE Organics, Nature’s Gate, The Whole Boodies, My Magic Mud, Alchemy, Redmond, Amazing Oils, Mingle, Comvita, Dr Superfoods, The Natural Family Co., The Ginger People, Epic, Power Super Foods, Protein Supplies Australia, Dr Organic, Hanami, Cellfood, Nuun, CLIF Bar, Bragg, Health 2U, Point Pharma, Amazonia, Skin B5, Giovanni,  Minor Figures and Essential Oxygen.

All the new brands and products received lots of hype in particular Upton’s Naturals, East Bali Cashews Granola, Chef Soraya, Monica’s Mixes Protein Patty Mix as well as the new Andalou Naturals and ACURE Organics facial wipes and My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste.

Golden Grind even won best beverage product at The Naturally Good Expo 2017!

The Naturally Good Expo

Trends that proved to be booming at the expo included vegan snacks, nutrient dense foods, healthy grab n’ go and healthy speed scratch.

If you did miss us this year, you may want to know – will Unique be back? It’s a definite from us!

We can’t wait to do it all again. Next year will be bigger and better again, and we look forward to bringing our new exciting products along for you to taste, touch, try and discover!

Naturally Good Expo is the one place where retailers can research  all the different products and trends in our industry in just two days. Even if you had to travel from the other side of the country, we highly recommend it!

Find out more about the Naturally Good Expo here.

Flash Mob Farewell

You’re looking at an amazing bunch of people that I am fortunate to call my adorable staff.  They contrived to stage a fake evacuation procedure that suddenly converts into a flash mob and is then artistically topped off with a spontaneous breakdance performance, by none other than the only person in the video that didn’t know this was going to happen.

Welcome to the world of Unique.  You see Pavel, our IT Manager, was leaving us on this very day after 5½ years of devoted service to our health product distribution business here on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia. It just so happens that Pavel is also a top Australian B-boy dancer.

So, a plan was hatched by Donna, Unique’s head of People & Culture and beautifully embraced by all 150 staff from goods receiving to customer service.  What followed was about six weeks of clandestine dance practise (all done after “Elvis had left the building” of course.

The result…..well, as you can see, it was quite simply awe-inspiring. In a world that is often struggling to hold itself together, this is a feel good story about a super nice soul and a bunch of friends who wanted to show him how much they cared.

Thank you.

Unique Health Products Founder

4 Paws Animal Rescue Fundraising


Our ongoing charity partnership is with the beautiful girls at Sandipani Muni School, but this time the good will was passed to our furry little friends at 4 Paws Animal Rescue.

4 Paws Animal Rescue provides refuge for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and beyond.

The local, non-profit organisation is run entirely by volunteers and relies solely on donations, both monetary and goods.

Over several weeks Unique staff sorted through linen, filled their shopping carts and emptied their pennies, all to help as many disadvantaged cats and dogs as possible.

The team were able to raise hundreds of dollars and donate baskets and baskets of needed goods including animal food, flea and worm treatments, towels, leads and more.

The 4 Paws Animal Rescue Team including adorable pomeranians Billy Ray and Miley Sue, accompanied by 4 Paws Animal Rescue founder Julie Penlington, came to visit Unique and collect the donations over a celebratory morning tea.


An Insight into APP


Australian pharmacy retail managers, pharmacists, pharmacy groups’ buyers, pharmacy assistants, industry suppliers, as well as national speakers all congregated to share knowledge and identify what’s happening in the industry.

Differing to previous years, this year the interest had clearly shifted in favour of natural alternatives and healthy snacks.

With trends identifying that customers are putting high importance on products with attributes such as natural, high protein/low carb, gluten free, vegan and sugar free – this is where the industry interest laid.

Protein powders, clean snacks, beauty2go face masks, charcoal toothpaste, active nutrition, natural baby care, magnesium oil, coconut oil and natural remedies, like the popular Martin & Pleasance range, all had lots of interest during the three-day event.

Consumer demand and health market trends seem to be the main reason for a shift in the increased need for natural products. APP surely identified the huge opportunity for pharmacy to expand into this category.

A little about the exhibition atmosphere.

Winning best stand award at the Naturally Good Expo in 2016 put the pressure on to go one even bigger and better for APP 2017. With a dedicated and trained expo and merchandising team, the Unique stand certainly pulled together a crowd, representing our brands and our dedication to the industry.

Retail managers and pharmacists took tips and photos of the merchandising and range to help them replicate it in their store.

Our stand featured an extensive display of our top sellers in the pharmacy channel. Product categories included: pantry (gluten-free and other diet-specific options), superfoods and remedies, healthy impulse-buy, active nutrition, eco-friendly products, natural baby and body care.

The stand also clearly displayed plenty of new product trends on show.

To ensure our top selling brands were understood by the pharmacy channel, we had suppliers including Bounce Bites, Amazing Oils and Wotnot providing demos and we also offered taste-testing of many of our top sellers.

Attendees enjoyed samples of CLIF Bars, Bounce Bites, East Bali Cashew Cacao Popcorn, Seaweed Superfood Popcorn Turmeric and The Ginger People Ginger Rescue.

We received complements for Unique’s large range of brands and best customer service in the natural industry with our sample bags being highly sought after.

Our show bags featured all the latest trending products in the natural health channel including My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, Alchemy Turmeric Elixir, The Ginger People Gin Gins, CLIF Bar energy bars, Wotnot facial and baby wipes, Acure Argan Oil, Andalou non-gmo certified skincare range, Little Mashies, Jack n’ Jill Gum Wipes, Protein Supplies Australia WPI and Dr Organic Hemp Oil Hand Cream.

What did we have on offer to help pharmacy retailers expand their natural category?

If you were one of the thousands that did attend, you would have had the opportunity to touch and try the products, to get more information about the complete wholesale service Unique offers to support your growth through sales tools, visits from our representatives, demos and more.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit us, contact us for our pharmacy range recommendations booklet and any information you need on starting or expanding your natural health product range in your pharmacy environment.

Attending APP 2017, we hoped to provide an opportunity for pharmacy to sell products that encourage healthy lifestyles and prevent disease and the chance to evolve from the traditional format of pharmacies into a complete health provider.

Natural health and beauty is one growing rapidly in all retail channels, so it is a great time for retail pharmacies to tap into the growth opportunity.

We are excited to be working with all retailers who support our industry and are now working hard to create even more excitement at our stand for the Naturally Good Expo in June.

If you would like to visit us at APP next year, we’ll be there with the same big size, but an all new and exciting selection of top selling products to show. Keep an eye out on release dates and information here.


If you want to expand your health product offerings at your pharmacy, you can easily get started here.

Hello Sunshine! Unique’s Solar Powered.


Unique Health Products’ state-of-the-art warehouse is now equipped with
solar power.

Within a couple of days, the good men at Todae Solar covered almost the entire roof of our dispatch warehouse with solar panels.

We’re now powered by 114 solar panels!

The solar panels will greatly reduce our carbon footprint. The system generates 33KWH, which is enough to power our entire dispatch warehouse off grid (where most of our power is used).

Further to being solar powered, Unique participates in and encourages all 135 staff members to follow green work place initiatives which include recycling and reusing, stocking all bathrooms with 100% recycled toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap, printing with vegetable ink and sustainable paper + more!

Did you know?
The sun provides more energy to the earth in an hour than is produced by all nations in a year.

If you’d like to discover more about our team and our unique culture, take a
look here.

The Unique Tribe Celebration


The wild hullabaloo was to celebrate the awesome and super busy year we’ve had together so far. With thousands and thousands of consignments leaving our warehouse month after month, every team member works hard to keep Unique delivering top quality natural, organic, eco-friendly and fair-trade products to all of our retailers across Australia.

We only continue to grow and place an integral importance on keeping our ethos and environment lively, happy and healthy for all Uniquers, as well as our wonderful suppliers and retailers.

Dale being the humble leader of the tribe, is always looking for ways to show his appreciation to the Unique team and boy was this one awesome way to thank us all.

The entire common area was decorated with streamers, posters, plants and all sorts of tribal nick knacks.

Unique Tribe

Everyone was invited to get into the spirit as a team and dress in a tribal costume, with family passes to Australia Zoo and numerous other prizes going to best-dressed. From elaborate headdresses, talking sticks and colourful wild bird wings,
to handmade animal masks and tribal face paint, it was a hard choice to select

The dispatch and picking teams went really ‘Unique tribal’ crafting costumes completely made from our packaging alone.

Unique Tribe

To fill the tribe, we were lucky enough to have a local, talented chef cater with a huge vegan spread prepared for the team using lots of our supplier’s
tasty products.

Unique Tribe

Throughout the event we mingled as a tribe and played fun games as a full team. Lots of prizes were given away, including CLIF Bars and Alter Eco chocolate and lots of smiles were seen all round. It was a celebration well done, the Unique way! What an incredible team to be apart of!

Find all the photos from the day on Unique’s Facebook page.

The Naturally Good Expo Exceeds Expectations


Over 3,000 people flocked to Sydney’s Royal Hall of Industries to attend Australia’s largest business event for the natural products industry on 1-2 May, 2016.

It brought the latest innovations in natural, organic and healthy products, plus industry experts together to reveal what’s to come in the industry.

Occupying one of the largest stands at the event, Unique was so incredibly proud to have the space to showcase such a huge array of amazing products from hundreds of our brands including CLIF Bar, 2die4 Live Foods,  Andalou Naturals, Acure Organics, Alter Eco, Amazing OilsBragg, Blue Dinosaur, Bounce,  Cellfood, Chimes, Comvita, Dr Organic, Dr SuperfoodsEast Bali Cashews, Epic,  Eco Teas, Eden Health Foods, Extraordinary FoodsFood Matters, Gimme, Giovanni, Hope’s ReliefKombucha Max, Monica’s Mixes, My Magic MudNatracareNakula, Natural EvolutionNecta, NTS Health, Protein Supplies Australia, Power Super Foods, ProTingsPure Sports NutritionSchmidt’s, SilvercareSpreyton Fresh,  Teff Tribe, The Chocolate Yogi, Wholesome Chow, Wotnot, Yogi Tea, Zen Matcha Green Tea and lots more!

This year, thanks to dedicated staff
and suppliers, we were lucky enough
to take home the Best Stand Award.

For those who did come and visit the Unique stand, it was fantastic to see you. If you missed it, there’s always next year! With the event organisers promising it will be even bigger and better in 2017, we’ve already secured our spot and just like many that did attend, we can’t wait to do it all again!


Mark it in your calendars now, The Naturally Good Expo will be back 4-5 June, 2017 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. You won’t want to miss it!

You can find out all you need to now about next years event here.

Contact us with your photos and feedback – we’d love to hear from you!

A Day with James Aspey


With over 5,000 Facebook followers, 25,000 Instagram followers, featured stories on high traffic websites like Brussels Vegan and almost 34,000 views on his top YouTube video (Breaking My 365 Day Vow of Silence On Live TV), he certainly has a strong following.

James gained mass attention as an animal rights activist after his first large campaign Voiceless 365, where he didn’t speak for an entire year to spread awareness on animal rights.

When Dale, Unique’s Managing Director, announced that James Aspey was coming to visit Unique to personally share his story, the team were thrilled to meet him and hear him speak.

The thing about James is, his videos present him as a down to earth man, who’s passionate about spreading his message on animal rights and when we met James, he was just that; passionate and down to earth.

When James arrived, he toured the warehouses and met with every staff member, using his humour as though we were all old-time friends. It’s easy to say that he quickly got ‘adopted’ into the Unique ‘family’ and aligned seamlessly with our Unique culture.

His main message was clear from the beginning; he was here to share his story and inspire those he shared it with, to do better.

James quoted, “When we know better, we do better”.

He spoke clearly and fluidly, expressing every word with emotion and meaning,
plus a good dose of humour. He had the whole room’s undivided attention from start to finish.

The story began with seventeen-year-old James, who was fighting a hard battle with lymphoma and leukemia.
“I’d never suffered like this before” James told us.

After three years of chemotherapy, he was lucky enough to overcome the cancer and go on to better his health. With the help of a personal trainer, James lost the 25 kilos he’d gained during his cancer treatment and rediscovered his love for life. James didn’t stop here, but vowed to help others better their health, working as a personal trainer on cruise ships.

The story went on to explain James’s transition to a vegan lifestyle.

He spoke of his turning point. The moment he met an inspiring man on one of the cruises he worked on. James described the man as ‘Budda-like’ and spoke with the man everyday for two weeks. On the last day of the cruise, the man told James “Eating animals is bad karma”. This statement really resonated with James and encouraged him at first to take up a vegetarian lifestyle. He also began actively partaking in meditation and learning from documentaries like “Earthlings” and “Food, Inc.”.

What came next was James’s studies in animal rights and finally his active campaigns for animals which James referred to as ‘the voiceless’.

James spoke of his first few days of being vegetarian, “three days in, I had increased energy”, he explained.

And he shared with us the four main reasons that humans consume any animal products; taste, habit, tradition and convenience.

How he delivered his story, was extremely engaging.

James explained that he took the knowledge he had gained and grew a strong passion for animal rights. This is where his first major animal rights campaign came to light.

He vowed to be silent for a year, travel Australia to visit animal rescue farms and factory farms and spread his message.

His journey was incredible. He shared with us all the ups, downs and eye-opening situations he found himself in. From hand-raising a baby calf to cycling 5,000km from Darwin to Sydney, it was surely an adventure of a lifetime.

You can read more about James’ full story here.

When James broke his vow of silence, he spoke for the first time live on Sunrise.
Although it didn’t go 100 percent to plan, James is now thrilled with the way it panned out. Since his first campaign, he has seen tremendous support from people all over Australia and the world.

James finished up by letting us in on a couple more campaigns that he has on the way. We’ll just say he’s truly passionate about animal rights and has lots up his sleeve to spread his message far and wide.

Having James Aspey at Unique was a privilege and a pleasure, one that gave every Uniquer an unmatchable insight into veganism and animal rights. Thanks James!

If you’d like to see the whole talk, click here.

Learn more about James or ask him to share his story with your staff or customers by contacting him via email:

New Unique Website – Three Reasons We’re Honking Our Horn!


The launch of the new Unique website has had us all on the edge of our seat. Working with high end developers, our talented digital and design team are very pleased to share the new website’s launch. Why can’t we contain our excitement? The new Unique website offers more for you than ever. Check out the top changes to enhance your experience online with us below and enjoy exploring the new Unique Health Products website.

Clean, Clean, Modern Machine
The new website is visually engaging, clean and easy to use. To describe it best, we’d use the famous cliché ‘it’s more than a pretty face’. It is beautifully designed, but all pages are also designed with you in mind. The images are large and engaging, while the navigation is well-planned and clear. Whether you’re exploring the site to see what’s on offer or you know precisely what it is you want to find, the websites layout and search bar help you to clearing and quickly navigate to where you want to be. The website gives you direct access to the online shop, About Us page, you can easily sign up as a supplier or retailer, it has a Join Our Team page, Contact Us page and gives you access to our up to date, informative Blog and Brand pages.

Get Ahead With More Insights, More Often
With consumers becoming highly educated about how to lead healthy lifestyles, it’s more important than ever before to stay on top of what’s current in our ever-changing market. Staying in the forefront of what’s current sometimes presents a challenge, which is why we offer to be your trusted industry advisor. Our Team are constantly scanning the Australian market.Our Wholesale Catalogue Industry Insight has been receiving positive feedback, and we listened to your calls for even more relevant information. We have expanded on our quarterly Industry Insights and you will now have access to a blog that delivers continuous news on the health food and product industry, obtained from reliable, well-known sources. Our new blog page will be updated regularly.

Visit the blog page regularly to discover content on hot new products, trend alerts, industry news, recipes, product profiles, even get an insight into the Unique culture.

Keep an eye open for exciting, educational guest blogs from industry experts. If you have a topic you’d particularly like to see on the blog, please send your suggestions through.

Drop In Anytime – On Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Or Smart Phone.
The new website is designed and developed to fit with your lifestyle. It’s user friendly on all devices. So you can now easily scroll through the blogs, explore our brands page, apply for an account… do everything you could on your desktop or laptop, now on your smart phone and tablet also.